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Virgin Territory (Blu-ray Disc, 2010)
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Virgin T...Virgin T...Virgin T...

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Created: 10/06/08

Adventure & Romance in the Italian Countryside

I found the movie, VIRGIN TERRITORY, an enjoyable adventure, with an attractive cast (gorgeous Mischa Barton & other comely ladies) - and a lot of horseriding & swashbuckling. The really EVIL villain pursued Mischa and made the story go, before she was rescued from his wicked intentions. The scenic Italian countryside made a great backdrop for all the action and romantic comlications, and various comic bits lightened the drama. So here is old-fashioned movie entertainment.

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Created: 01/11/11

Virgin Territory: Quite Amusing!

I love this movie! Hayden Christensen does wonderful as a whimsy character (as opposed to his dark and serious Anakin), and the whole movie is deliciously light hearted. At some points you may be left wondering what is going on, but it does fit together in the end. The innocent portrayal of all matters sexual is quite refreshing, and I would consider this movie a "Princess Bride" or "Robin Hood: Men in tights" plus nudity. A+!

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Created: 08/15/10

New to me.

Great to look at, but quite disappointing as something to try to become involved in. This kind of comedy is a tricky business and this one doesn't make it over the hurdle

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Created: 09/20/08

Highly Enjoyable

I found this movie to be highly enjoyable. It was funny, surprising at times, and great swordfights.

This is one of those random, get to point B from Point A movies where you see all the situations the characters get into at the time.

This is NOT a movie for children, however, as there is a lot of nudity but it is definetly worth watching.

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Created: 08/10/12

Virgin Territory

No, I would not recommend this product.

Its not a good movie, but I knew that going in. It was incredibly reasonable and for that price I can look at the Matthew Rhys bits, over and over, and over..... LOL!

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Created: 07/13/09

Very Tacky

Well when I saw the trailer for this I thoght it would be cute in a three musketer meet american pie way but lol but what I saw when I got it was a cheep soft core porn that just happen to have three legit actors in it.Really the only thing I liked about this movie is the costume designs the people in this wore and the locations where they filmed this movie at.Everything else was very cheep and tacky.I mean literally for a while every ten minute you where seeing some random nun/whores boobs or ass or both lol and the sadesst part about this movie it actually looks like they acutally spent a good amount of money on this movie trying to make it good and it still turned out like crap.So if your not just a horney frat boy looking for a cheep trill with a very poor plot line I would very seriousely pass on this movie!

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