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United 93 (DVD, 2009, WS)
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Created: 09/02/09

Lest we forget

United 93 presents in chronological order the horrific sequence of events that occurred on 9-11-01, which resulted in the World Trade Center Twin Towers collapse, the Pentagon strike, and the crash of United 93 in a farmfield in Pennsylvania.

(United 93 is the airplane that was hijacked by terrorists with the purpose of crashing it into the Capitol building (or the White House)).

The movie is very well done, presented in a factual manner with little Hollywood hyperbole. It takes the viewer from the hotel rooms of the terrorists (praying to Allah for success), to the air-traffic controllers who tried to make sense out of the events as they occurred in real time, to the boarding of the passengers of United 93, the hijacking, and the heroic, yet failed attempt to regain control of the plane by a group of United passengers. One can viscerallty sense the profound confusion and indecision of the air-traffic controllers and the passengers that fateful day. What was going on? How to respond to it? The communications between the air-traffic controllers, the military, and the President is shown to be confused and incomplete. Can United 93 be shot down by militry jets to prevent another major catastrophe? Our unpreparedness for this type of attack is clearly evident.

While air-traffic controllers struggle to determine what to do, we also view the evolving condition on the airplane. Step by step, as more information is obtained by passengers on furtive cell-phone calls to family members, they come to the stark realization that their plane is doomed, and that they must do something to prevent another disasterous crash.

As the plane speeds headlong into its final moments, with the passengers fighting for control of the cockpit, we see the ground rapidly looming up in the windows of the plane, exactly as the passengers must have seen. It is gripping and horrible. It feels like we are in the plane with the passengers: the fighting, the confusion, the screams, the plane lurching to and fro, the abject terror of the moment. Then all goes dark.

This production seems more like a documentary than a movie production. For instance, the names of the 37 passengers are not given, nor is there any significant character development. The viewer gets the sense that these 37 random people boarded the plane, knowing nothing about each other, and were forced to quickly 'unite", communicate, and then react to the developing situation. Despite the sparce characterizations, there is still considerable emotional impact, as the humanity of the passengers and crew is shown as they make calls to their loved ones to say a final "goodbye".

There is historical debate whether the passengers actually entered into the cockpit. However, there is no doubt that their actions in trying to retake the plane resulted in the crash, and saved Washington from a direct hit on a symbol of American government (the Capitol building).[...]

We are nearly 8 years removed from 9-11-01, when Bin Laden boldly proclaimed war on the USA. Although we are fortunate to not have suffered another homeland terrorist attack, Bin Laden is still at large, and no doubt has plans to strike us again. Watching this movie reminds me that the war of terror continues, and we must be continually vigilant lest we forget the past.

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Created: 09/10/06

United 93 - America's First Victory

We just finished watching UNITED 93, the true story of the brave passengers and crew that stood up and fought back on 9/11/2001, giving America its first victory of the war on terror. We found the film to be profound and deeply moving, with the actions of these heroes of 9/11 challenging all of us to a greater national calling.

On September 11, 2001 Americans saw thousands of their fellow citizens killed in a senseless attack on the United States. UNITED 93 puts the viewer side by side with the passengers as they face the monumental decision of life or death, of action or inaction. Factual, shocking, intense, deeply moving, and yes, highly inspirational, this film will bring you face to face with the complete brutality of the enemy.

We hope every American will see this film and be inspired, as we were, by these ordinary people who made the decision to do an extraordinary thing, in spite of the odds. Their actions are a vivid reminder of what the word 'American' really means.

Steven & Crystal Holt
Movie Magic USA

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Created: 12/28/06

Like it was yesterday

United 93 is perhaps the first movie I've seen pull of the near-impossible feat of using real people playing themselves recreating historic events. You really don't see the difference between the actors and the non-actors until the credits roll at the end. The revelation amplifies the catharsis provided by the real-time account of the hijacking and crash of United 93 into a field in Pennsylvania. With all the coverage of 9/11 for the fifth anniversary, I was surprised at the impact of watching people on the ground and in the air fighting to make sense of the change engulfing them. It was the first time in a long time that I was able to remember what life was like before that day, and what we lost that day that transcended the number of people killed.

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Created: 08/23/06


It was Thermopylae. It was the Alamo. It was like nothing that has happened before in human history.

Much of the power of United 93 is the knowledge that while people cannot realistically imagine themselves with the Spartans at Thermopylae or the Texans at the Alamo, just about everyone has flown in an air liner. Everyone seeing this film can imagine themselves among those brave but doomed passengers, fighting with the courage of desperation for the right to get home alive.

Though one knows what must happen in the film, one to the very last finds oneself praying for a different outcome, one in which the passengers seized back the plane and somehow flew it to safety at some nearby air field. But the film is real life, not Hollywood.

Every human being should see this film. It is a testament to the human spirit, of an indomitable desire, even in the face of death, to not go quietly into that good night.

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Created: 09/18/06

Everyone should see this one

This is the movie that was given a special screening for people who'd lost loved ones on Flight 93. Most were extremely moved by this movie. This is a testimony to the power of this movie and recommendation enough to see it.
I can't speak from the point of view from of someone who lost a good friend or family member (or anyone I knew) on that flight so I won't pretend to know what that is like. I CAN say that I found this a powerful and resonant and moving film, one that brought me to tears.
Most people reading this review will know what happened on Flight 93. In that sense, there is no surprise ending. But the recreation of what happened, as best we know it, is very intense.
So, however much you may not want to see a "serious" movie, see this one. Remember it. The courage and presence of mind shown by the people on that flight deserves to be remembered.

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Created: 09/11/06

Puleeeezzz! I was taken on this one, big time!!

Night before last I watched Flight 93, an A&E movie. This afternoon I watched United 93. There is absolutely NO comparison though they are supposed to be about the same tragic events on 9/11. The ONLY thing I found believable in United 93 was the Air Traffic Controllers, and POSSIBLY the "facts" that were listed after the movie ended. Most of the movie was centered around what happened in the airplane between the passengers and terrorists. How does ANYONE know what REALLY happened? They were ALL tragically killed! Flight 93 seems so much more believable. If you didn't see it and you get the chance, watch it. It deals more with the families and their conversations with their loved ones on board Flight 93. Boo hiss to United 93!!! Now I am beginning to wonder about World Trade Center? How believable is that going to be? My heart goes out to the families and friends of all those who so tragically met their fate on 9/11/01 and to sensationalize that horror is SO wrong!! God bless everyone!!!

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Created: 10/06/06

a touching story

This was a wonderful story about the only flight that didnt make its destination on september 11!
fair warning, if september 11 made you feel anxiety or bring out a fear of flying .... watching this movie will bring out the nightmares and anxiety all over again, very strong!
i personaly thought the movie might be controversial esspecialy for people who lost someone (someone is making money off of glamorizing the event) .... HOWEVER, i gave it a chance and watched it, it looks like its a good foundation movie, they used REAL people who were involved in the REAL 9/11 incident and had them re-create what they went through as they powerlessly watched the planes go down (air traffic controlers, security, etc) .... in the end the movie is dedicated to all who lost their lives in this even and it gives you a chance to donate to a good cause!!
i suggest watching it!

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Created: 04/06/07

United 93

This film was gripping. The actual flight flew above my hometown. There are no big name actors. In deference to the families,the passengers are portrayed as closely as possible to those they represent. The Air Traffic Controllers portray themselves...you see the real people who dealt with this . It is a part of our History now. Mistakes made by the Government are apparent, not covered up. You can watch it 5 times and still be saying..."Oh My God!"

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Created: 09/16/06

Remembering Flight 93

This movie was based on the story of the passengers of United flight 93. It brings more information to the viewers as to what really happened on flight 93 on September 11, 2001 there were so many news stories and rumors of what really happened and weather what should have been done was actually done. This tells a story of the heroic measures that were taken by the passengers on the fight trying to save there lives and the lives of the fellow passengers I thought this movie was a great way to remember the one's that lost there lives on September 11, 2001 and to actually get a inside look as to what actions the authorities were taking.

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Created: 09/08/06

Poignant, Gripping Drama

Riveting drama. Powerful account of the events of September 11th -- the chaotic, shocking, horrifying events that gripped the nation and the rest of the world. Hard to believe that this is NOT actual footage. The FAMILY & THE FILM in Special Features is a moving tribute to the heroes of United Flight 93. Very tasteful re-creation. A must see film.

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