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Uniden TRU8866 5.8 GHz 2 Lines Cordless ...
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Uniden T...

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Created: 10/03/08

So glad I bought just what I wanted!!!

I had a Panasonic 2.4gh system that I had had for over 10 years. When it went south I wanted the same setup. I found the Uniden and decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did it's better than the old system. My old system if you dropped the phone it would discharge the battery and you would lose the call and have to recharge the handset before you could use it again. The Uniden has a plug that the battery plugs into so no loss of contact.. The Uniden stores more phone numbers. I don't have to have an answering machine as this one blinks when there's a message on my call notes which is great if the electric goes out because one of my lines is a business line. I also like that I can have more phones attached to the base unit than my last phone and that they have a waterproof one as well since I do have a pool. The base unit is smaller too so it doesn't take up as much room on my end table. The only thing that I don't like is that the phones that aren't the base phone don't have wall mounts. All of the Panasonic's did have this and I liked the phone that I had in my kitchen to be on the wall. Since this is the only drawback I'm very happy with my new phone and will look at buying Uniden again if it lasts as long as my Panasonic did.

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Created: 10/08/08

Uniden TRU8866 is a great cordless phone set!

I had previously purchased a TRU8866 with one additional handset. Due to an electrical storm surge, my base unit shorted out. I purchased the new TRU8866 base unit with phone and reprogrammed the original two phones to work with the new unit. No problem. The instructions were clear and concise. Now have three portable, cordless phones that work great! This is an exceptionally nice 2-line phone for someone who has a home business and wants the home and business phone number on the same handset. Individual phone numbers can be programmed for ringer tone level and individual handset can turn on/off the ringer. 2nd line also makes phone conferences with two other people easy.

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Created: 05/04/10

Uniden 2-line cordless phone

I needed a second line as I am working from my home. We have several Uniden cordless phones already and they work very well so I wanted to stay with the same line. This phone was refurbished and works great. I have set it up already but still need to reregister my other phones to work with it. I wasn't sure this model would work with my other phones but further research on the internet suggests that it will work with them. Just need to sit down with the directions and figure out how to do it. Setting up the phone to work with both lines was very easy so I am anticipating the deregistering will be almost as easy too.

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Created: 04/09/10

Great Phones

This is not the first time I have purchased Uniden phones., but it is the first time I have purchased the expandable phone system. Not only is it convenient to just plug it into the electric outlet and it works,but you also have all the choices of where you want to locate them. I love the fact that you can change the ring tone to whatever you'd like of the choices you have. They are so easy to use, and if you buy these phones used, you can download all the instructions off the internet. I have 2 separate phone lines in my home, and these phones are very reasonably priced compared to other makes. One of the best phone systems for the money!!

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Created: 05/07/09

New phone

Phone works perfect! No issues at all with this phone needed 2 line phone and it has fit my needs perfect, speakerPhone is a big plus on the base and hand set !

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Created: 11/06/08

Office ideal telephone for small companies.

Good, compact telephone on 2 lines. In a small office replaces a telephone exchange. Very comfortably to conduct a conference call.

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Created: 03/10/08

pleased as punch

multi featured compact 2 line phone base set that works well with the slave hand sets. after i read the initially intimidating directions, everything worked out extremely well. my old system consisted of 4 independent walk around 2 line units (2.8ghz?) and they interfered with my puter router signals and this frequency range does NOT. i am pleased as punch :-)

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Created: 09/02/12

Great phones.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

We needed a few extra cordless 2-line phones. We went to Best Buy, and they didn't even carry cordless 2-line phones. We had 2 of these Unidens and liked them, but they weren't made anymore. So we had the idea to look on E-Bay, and we found the same model, so we bought 2 of them. Thank goodness for E-Bay!

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Created: 06/05/09

cordless phone

I needed extra phones for my busines. when i recived the phones they wouldn't keep a charge so I had to buy all new batteries and now the phones work great.

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Created: 02/02/09

Great all around phone

This is durable, easy to use, battery life lasts for days, and a baby could use it! Highly recommended if you need a two line phone.

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