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Created: 01/02/11

Best Game Of 2009. Period.

Hi guys, it's me again, masterofpuppets2009 and I'm here to review this piece of art.
Ok first, there will be 5 categories on this review.
Ok the graphics are great and are the second best I've ever seen, the first are from God Of War 3. The scenes look so real and beautiful and they pull you into the entire Uncharted experience Although some shadows are low-res and I don't dig some of the colours Naughty Dog has implemented on the landscapes. 9/10
The sound is just great, the voice actors are great and not just some guy that talks like he smoked 5 cigarretes a minute (Marcus Fenix, Solid Snake). The soundtrack is masterful and just compliments the overall great experience. 9.5/10
The Story is simply great, it's on par with Indiana Jones and outdoes many AAA movies. The characters are very varied and relatable, the locations are good and also varied. The writing and the form it is presented into the game, make it the second best game story I've seen, after Metal Gear Solid, but that doesn't take any merits from it. 10/10
Well if it isn't broken, don't fix it. That's exactly what it happened and it wasn't a mistake. Although it uses elements from a lot of games, it feels new and fresh, it mixes the shooter parts with crazy climbing and a LOT of action sequences, the helicopter parts are just frantic. The difficulty seems adjusted as well, and it is not as punishing as before. It also has many new elements like Grenade launchers and Riot Shields, that create many new possibilities. The Single Player trophies feel balanced and don't take long to get, so it's a good move in that aspect. Overall, it's great 10/10
Well, it's the SINGLE BEST MULTIPLAYER OUT THERE, along with Resident Evil 5 and Red Dead Redemption of course. What makes all three great is that they feel new and create new chances every time you play. It is fun as hell and it never gets frustrating, except for a few freezes sometimes, but my point is that it can't get any better than this. It would have gotten a 10 but those damned medal trophies are plain frustrating and require boosting, so that's where they failed, also boosters rock, especially "revenge". 9/10
So overall, a great game in every aspect and a must have.
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Created: 02/02/11

It is the best game of ps3 yet

As you know, when uncharted 2 released, it had a huge impact on video game world because of its graphics, gameplay and multiplayer features. Since this edition includes 35$ worth DLC's and additions, its multiplayer becomes more and more entertaining! New maps for multiplayer modes comes with this DlC'. They also include new multiplayer co op modes like fortress that you defend certain points in an fortress like place against many enemies.Also, the packages include new character skins like villains and heroes of Killzone, Infamious and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.These are what make uncharted 2: goty edition the best.
Sometimes, I spent 10 and more hours on its multiplayer! I recommend this game to every ps3 owner!

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Created: 11/19/10

One of the best this generation of gaming can offer.

Uncharted 2 is a landmark in today's video games. Developer, Naughty Dog takes 15 or so hours of fantastic script, intense action, & amazing visuals and packs it all into one Blu-ray (I heard they run out of room!). With everything from bonus material to a deep multi-player added on to of the main package, you also have one of the best values out there today.

The GOTY edition adds some nice extras such as the 2 DLC bundles for multiplayer, some MP skins, PSN avatars and a motion comic.
If you own the original, you may just want to buy the DLC online as it is moderately priced to begin with. Like most GOTY or special editions, you will only want to buy the Uncharted 2 GOTY if you don't already own the original or are a die-hard fan such as myself.

One negative is that the extra's come as a DLC voucher, so you still need to have an internet connection to download the extras. That also means that if you are buying used, the voucher may have already been used, so be cautious.

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Created: 12/16/10

Greatest game

I bought the first Drake and it blew me away. I dont get to play games all the time but after playing it, I found myself thinking about the game while I was working. I beat it three times and knew it was time to move on to the new Drakes Uncharted2. Once again it blew me away again. My kids love to watch since the story line is good. They love it as much as I do. The graphics is excellent....the game play is excellent. What else can I say.....the game is Excellent. Cant wait till the Third Drake comes out in 2011.

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Created: 08/29/11

Platinum and throw away.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I played the UNCH3 beta online and loved it so much that I bought, and platinumed number 2. This was such an amazing game. It is just as good as a 6 hour moive. The trophies are not impossible and pretty fun to get. The last trophy one should get is beating the campaign on crushing. see as it is very time consuming for most people. There is a cheat availiable. I did it, but it didn't award me the I beat the game for a 5th time not using any tweaks and finally acomplished it. So happy to get it done. and it was very fun at the same time.

There is an online play that isn't quite like the COD series. The reason being is that COD is very serious about its gameplay as with UNCH it has a more commical feel about it. You get to hang off walls and do different tricks to outwit your opponent. Not to mention the different modes of gameplay that it has to offer as well. The list goes on why UNCH2 and the soon coming UNCH3 are a must for the ps3.

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Created: 07/26/11

It's one of the greatest game of all time!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Uncharted 2 among thieves game of the year edition is a huge mega success. Uncharted 2 was like Sonic the hedgehog 1991. ( check out my review on sonic the hedgehog​Hedgehog-Sega-Genesis-1991-/57​95/r.html?_fcls=1) Uncharted 2 among thieves is like no other game. Uncharted 2 among thieves is about where Drake takes on his next adventure from new places and try to find out what is this anicent tresaure and what does it do, which this fuss is about in the game. It's like a war with only you and your team vs millions looking forward to get the tresaure Drake is carrying and kill Drake. But this game is worth it. From 1 out of 10, it's 10. And it includes over $35 bonus reddem code to unlock awesome stuff. Online expirence is like no other. I would recomend it. If you say yes you know about games. If you don't say yes you will be crying.

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Created: 08/11/12

An absolute masterpiece.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Great game, one of the best third person shooters I've ever played. The story is very engaging, and the action never stops. Uncharted 2 doesn't have a single dull moment. An absolute must buy for any PS3 owner. I beat the entire game in one sitting, that's how much fun it is!

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Created: 04/20/13

One of the best games in the world!!!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Put this in your Top 5 Games you must play before you die. Uncharted 2 is a game of history that changes the future of gaming. I give it a 10/10. The game is perfect. The number 1 best game on the PS3. There is nothing I dislike about the game. I loved it overall. I was already a fan of the game once I heard the characters talk. Great acting, motion capture, gameplay, etc. It was more like playing a movie which brings an experience like no other.

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Created: 08/05/14


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

one of the best games I've played, loaded with lots of action and an excellent story, buy this game he had played the first and liked it, but never thought I was going to like this game so much.

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Created: 05/04/11

awsome game thanks .......................................... .............

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

the game is excellent with a good price and many benefits, an awesome multiplayer.
games are very close to reality, great graphics, very good performance of the console. Sony forever

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