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The Twilight Zone - Seasons 2 & 3: 1986-...
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Created: 10/27/08

Almost as Good as the Older Series...

I am Well Pleased to be able to say that this New Twilight Zone, (Seasons 2 & 3) was a WHOLE LOT BETTER than Season 1 was! Although I don't think this Newer Version of the Origional Episode is nearly as Good, it was ALOT Better than the 1st Season! This was WORTH the money spent to purchase, unlike Season 1! I am still a Bigger fan of the origional series, but, this is simular to the origional with the benefit of! :-) I don't think you will be dissapointed by purchasing & viewing these 2 seasons. There was one episode in particular that will leave you LITERALLY Laughing out Loud..(Cat & Mouse). For THAT Episode alone, it was Worth the money spent! Some of the stories are kind of dumb, but there are a few GOOD ones in this, & I also recognized some of the Origional Seies Stories that were redone in this Newer Twilight Zone Series. All in all, this isn't bad!

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Created: 09/03/09

The Twilight Zone - Seasons 2 & 3: 1986-89 (DVD, 2005)

This, the final series release of actual continued Twilight Zone episodes, is a less elaborate display of the "edge of your seat" episodes that were written by Rod Serling. All episodes still leave you anxious to watch the next one if you are a true Twilight Zone fan. I would definitely recommend this DVD set to anyone who enjoys viewing any continued legacy of Rod Serling!

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Created: 11/04/13

Gemstones from the 80's in a DVD set volume II

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This DVD set complements the season 1 set based on how the writers took on Rod Serling's theme of how the main character is not aware of what is going on. After Hours seems to be a good remake of Rod Serling's original version. Actors worth mentioning are Karen Valentine, Janet Leigh, Ted Shackelford, Susan Blakely and Shelley Duvall. This set is full of gemstones which viewers would have to watch in order to find them. There's always a good number of them that someone will like even though some of them may not be worth as much as others are.

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Created: 06/06/06

TZ seasons 2 & 3

One of the best sci-fi series gets an update. And unlike the movie or the recent 2000 series, this is an honorary homage to the spirit of the original series. In fact it goes beyond the simple 30 minute sci-fi standard of the original series, and went with stories that involved sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. There are some entries in the series that feel like the Outer Limits, and sometimes Tales From the Darkside or Night Gallery. It got unpredictable, even in time length as some stories were only 5 to 15 minutes. This allowed it to really open up its creativity. In this box set, the series comes to a close, as it was cancelled and resurrected in syndication in between 2 & 3. While not as many quality episodes as the 1st season, this still manages to surprise me with some episodes that hold a powerful message.

Some episodes to look out for are The Card, Shelter Skelter, The Trunk, and many more.

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Created: 02/01/09

The Twilight Zone Seasons 2 and 3

Seasons 2 and 3 of this series are far less creative and entertaining as the first season. Sad, because the first series had a lot of great stories, but as I said the creativity was lost for seasons 2 and 3 as well as the runtime went from 1 hour an episode to 30 minutes.

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Created: 04/27/08

The Zone

This Series is excellent. A good series that ending to soon. Great writing and really good acting.Rod Serling would have been proud! Highy recommended!

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Created: 01/05/16

twilight zone season 2 & 3 80's version

, i find it entertaining lot's of actors you don't see now.
i would recommend for anybody who love the 80's sci-fi shows.

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