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The Twilight Saga: New Moon (DVD, 2010, ...
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Created: 06/09/10

Oh the drama!!

As with my review for the first one, this review is from a guy first of all, and also from someone who grew up
with the traditional Vampire/Werewolf rules. That being said, I loved this movie even more than the first one.

But not as much as my wife!! lol

The story picks up where the first one left off and thankfully the original cast has returned in full. I hate when
actors are replaced for ANY reason. This one centers around Bella and Jacob where as the first was all about
Bella and Edward. This is great. Jacob has matured a lot since the first film and so has the actor playing him.
Those of you who saw "Twilight" will remember Jacob's story to Bella about his tribe, and the Cullen Clan.

This gets played out very well. Jacob (as the trailer shows you) is a Werewolf. Finally discovering this, he now
has even more reason to hate the absent Edward. New Moon has some CGI involved unlike "Twilight" which
had almost no CGI at all. The CGI I'm referring to is done fairly well, the Werewolves look really good. Some
of the villains from the first movie return (duh) as well as a new threat to the Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle,
the Vulterie (did I spell that right?). The Vulterie are a group of Vampires who (in their minds) rule all of their
kind with an iron fist. How they are involved I won't tell you, watch and see. Lots of great characters, a good
original story and some solid acting make New Moon a must see, despite the critics' complaining. The music
is great, the directing, camera work, production, sound and everything in between are all very solid as well.

If you are curious about the Twilight boom of recent years then I highly recommend seeing what all the hype
is for. I recommend this title to the jaded fans who are bored with the same old Vampire and/or Werewolf tales
and who are need of something fresh. I also recommend this film to the love birds out there. In closing I would
like to say (without giving anything away) shame on you Edward for doing that to Bella, and shame on you too
Bella for doing it to Jacob!!! Shame, shame, shame!!! Now stop reading reviews and watch the movie!!!!!!!!

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help other eBay members see it. Check out my other reviews. I regularly review
Video Games, Manga, Anime, Horror & Pro Wrestling DVDs, so be sure to check!!
Want me to review something? Let me know!!!

Thanks everyone!!!

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Created: 07/11/10

The title tells you that there is more than just a DVD

I am enjoying the whole TWILIGHT SAGA phenomenon. I have all the books and the original TWILIGHT DVD. When I was looking for the New Moon DVD, I saw this 3 DVD set and it claimed to have a lot more than just the movie. The movie would be enough but I was curious as to what could possibly be on three DVD's .....To my surprise and total viewing enjoyment, in addition to the movie, there were interviews (including the of the Director and Editor, a 6 part documentary complete with behind the scenes of the filming and the filming of related music videos. There was also a film on the Fandemonium surrounding the Twilight Series as a whole entity. But the best was that out of 300 35mm film frames taken directly from the film, one was included in with this 3 DVD Deluxe set. And since I am on Edward's Team I delighted that now I own a frame of the movie with Edward in the forefront and in the background is his beloved Bella.....
Opening this package and watching the 3 DVD's included was like a Christmas Day all over again. The "presents" kept coming and coming.
This package was a pure unexpected delight!

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Created: 04/04/10

Fine Fantasy for the Entire family.

The reason I would rate New Moon as Excellent, is not necessarily because of its script, or the acting, but because the Director Chris Wietz did a fantastic job translating the book into a movie. New Moon has wonderful cinematography, plush warm tones, and very convincing make up. The chemistry between the characters is brought to life because the cast itself is very tight nit family. The story is driven by a wonderful score composed by award winning composer Alexandre Desplat, who added an amazing mood and melancholy to the scenes. Overall, this sequel continues the much loved story of Edward and Bella, bringing fans closer to the world of Twilight.

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Created: 09/29/10

The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD, 2010, Special Edition

It's license two disc edition with special materials on the second one. Perfect sound. Widescreen video. There are aviliable english and Espanol sound and subtitles on the main (movie disc) and on the disc with special features. The duration is 130 minutes. It's very nice choise for English learners for you can here and see the speach at the same time and so it will be more easy to understand for the beginners.
At the last you should pay attention to the region of DVD. It is 1. So if your dvd player is not multizone you will change it to this region and in future block it (so you could play only this regiobn discs). Therefore it will be useful to play it on multiregion players or to use special soft or firmware for PC devices.

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Created: 07/31/10


Was intrigued once again to see how the book would transform into a movie. This film was just as riveting as the first, keeping the viewers engaged. Didn't find the author, Stephanie Meyer. in a cameo in this one though unless I missed it. The characters were excellent, Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, once again, come together to form the perfect love triangle. All ages 13 and up would enjoy this film, not just Trihards!

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Created: 07/14/10

Twilight Saga New Moon is a must have!

New Moon has everything, the story, the romance, the action, the plot, the vampires and the werewolves, it truly is a great movie...doesn't get gory, carried away with the romance, it's a decent movie in that respect as many movies are no longer that way. It's just as good as the book and far better than anything (special effects) done in Twilight.

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Created: 03/24/10

Great Second Installment in the Twilight Saga

I love this movie! While the Twilight movie was so very good, I do believe this movie surpasses it. It has something for everyone: romance, drama, action, etc. The asthetic quality makes it highly enjoyable as well, as does the casting choices. There are also some great scenes in particular, (do not read this part if you are not familiar with the story!) the first scene that stands out is the forest scene where Victoria is running from the wolves, and the second scene is where Bella jumps into the water. Amazing scenes! The meeting with the Volturi is also quite enjoyable.
A great movie! If you are unsure of whether to see it, you should definitely take the chance, as you may be pleasantly surprised!

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Created: 07/10/10

Loved it! Kept to the book, better director this time.

I have this dvd and I'm buying this one for a friend. This is number 2 in the Twilight series. Better director this time. The film grab me from the beginning and kept me there until the end. Kept with the book all the way. I have read all the books and just saw Eclipse. Can't wait for the rest. No, I'm not a teenager, I'm 60 and love this stuff!

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Created: 05/03/10

The Twilight Saga's New Moon - Ultimate Fan Edition

very satisfied..absolutely loved it!
everything i was expecting and then some. very happy purchasing this product. Loved Twilight and now I own the second part of the saga... Love Robert Pattinson together with Kristen Stewart. Amazing!!!

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Created: 06/25/10

Entertaining sequal

This is a thrilling movie for all twilight movie fans. Like the first twilight it takes thebook and spins the story in a very Hollywood fashion. However the acting is 100% better this time around as the actors have had time to discover their new skins. The wolves are introduced in top notch fashion and their performance must be applauded. Another improvement is the accompaning soundtrack that puts to music the excitement, tension, lonliness, and passion that is exemplified in new moon.

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