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The Tuskegee Airmen (DVD, 2010)
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Created: 09/27/10

The Tuskegee Airmen

A very good example of how two faced the American people can be. It shows how american's especially the southern american still harbour the view that only white people have the commensurate talent and personal abilities to excel. Every other person especially those of african or asian extract are idiots and were put on the earth to serve the almighty southern white man. This movie showed what it was like for the african american in the army air corps during WWII and sadly my very own experience during Viet-Nam in the sixties showed that this attitude was still very evident. It also showed how people can still achieve their aims and goals throughout great hardship.

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Created: 03/06/09

Great cast Great story

When I watch this movie, I likened it to another movie of the same era "Go For Broke". However, the difference is that "Go For Broke" was made shortly after the war effort, I suppose to mend racial fences. Bravery, the power to overcome prejudice, and still fight for the country that inflicts such indignities on a race says a lot for these two movies. It is a pity that it took all this time to make "The Tuskegee Airmen. What I liked best about the movie is that it centered around the bravery and performance of these airmen and not as much the bigotry of the time. The characters, as did the aviators they represented, kept their primary focus on their mission. Great performances by all cast members. A must for everyones DVD Library.

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Created: 03/04/09

Tuskegee Airmen-A Wonderful U.S. History Teaching Tool!

When I teach my Juniors in High School about World War II - I always include "The Tuskegee Airmen". Students need to know what a difference an amazing group of African Americans made in the fight for our freedom. I rarely see any mention of these fine fighting men ever mentioned in our History book - and I feel they played such an important part in our victory in Europe. I also show "The Windtalkers" to show the important contribution a group of Navajo Code Talkers made in the battles fought in the Pacific Theater. The outcome might have been totally different if they were not a part of our history. I had the VHS but needed the DVD for better viewing. Would highly recommend for the History Teacher or a WWII History buff!

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Created: 10/30/08

The Tuskegee Airmen

A great movie telling the true story of the first African American fighter pilots in WW2. A great tribute to those incredible men and all the obstacles they had to over come. A great movie for those interested in history - it should be a must see for all school students.

For those offended by racist slurs, do not buy this movie. If the slurs were not included in the script, the historical accuracy of the film would have suffered and the ordeal these men went through would have been lessened.

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Created: 06/13/08

Great item. 100%

This Movie is fantastic. Especially the Surround Sound. It really gives that Rumbling Sound all around. It's hard to find this DVD in Widescreen. And I'm so glad I did. I love to watch World War II Movies, but only, if they are True Stories. And about this Movie? Not too many people have ideas how Colored Soldiers contributed excellently, in War Times. In 1 of my Collections is another Movie like this. Entitled: GLORY

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Created: 02/26/08

great movie

This is a great war time movie. This talks about the segragated airforce. Ths is based on a true story. The tuskegee airmen where probably the best pilots of the war. It shows that color doesnt mean anything that we are all equal. I recommend it to anyone who likes war time movies.

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Created: 12/25/10

Tuskegee Airmen DVD

Review For: The Tuskegee Airmen (DVD, 2010)

I absolutely love this movie. It shows how African Americans were being put down despite the fact that they wanted to fight for a country that hated them. Throughout it all, a few brave men overcome the hatred and prove to a nation that there is no color in war, only triumph.

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Created: 04/07/07

Tuskegee Ariment

As a United States History teacher, this is one of my favorite films to share with my students. During WWII, our servicement fought in segregated units. This film shows the determination, courage, and sheer will, that these soldiers displayed. It is an inspiring film to children of all races and ethnicities. The film is a little older so most of my students have not seen it but the movie is by no means dated. The film is very appropriate for high school students and they love the action scenes.

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Created: 11/05/12

This is a great movie, and should be seen by everyone. Excellent movie.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: The Tuskegee Airmen (DVD, 2010)

This is a great movie. Two of the original pilots in the Tuskegee program are from and still live in the city I live in. I am white, and grew up in the 40's in a mixed race area in a midwest city. I never realised how much racism existed until I was is the Army in the 50's and stationed in a southern state. We (black and white) are very proud to have had individuals that served as Tuskegee Airmen come from our community.

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Created: 09/09/12

True depiction of the treatment of Black Veterans during this period of WW2

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: The Tuskegee Airmen (DVD, 2010)

Great movie. What a great story. Too bad Red Tails fell a little bit short of the storyline. What a great cast that really brought the reality of racism and indifferance in our military during WW2. These men were not only great pilots, but were superior to their white counterparts. Hats off to the Tuskeegee Aimen who proudly served our country.

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