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Created: 09/22/08

Rainbow Six Vegas

By far one of the best modern shooting games ever. My rating 8/10 all together
The graphics aren't that good, there not terrible but could be allot better! Its almost like your back to the Play station 2. I think they could have done better.
A cool feature is that you have huge control over what your character wears and the colors and tons of modern day guns. You get to choose out f many different cloths and armor for each section of the body and you can unlock tons more. You can choose whatever you want, like light armor vest on the top, maybe huge shoulder pads and skintight pant with no armor and huge helmit and sunglasses and run around looking crazy!
You even get to customize your gun with different sights or stocks, etc...
GAMEPLAY: 7.5/10
Could be so much better but still playable, You move kinda slow and have a radar blocking part of your vision. It is a 1st person shooter but if you go against a wall (which is amazing!)you go into 3rd person and can hold down a corner and blind fire kill your enemies. Depending on the amount and type of armor you wear makes you slower or faster.
STORY: 7.5/10
Story mode if fun but does get boring at parts, fun to let you friend play with you to have some teamwork mixed in. Control over your A.I. Friends. You would be better off playing online though.
ONLINE: 9/10
Online has all the features as the story but different game modes or co-op story. You unlock stuff in the online just like story and whatever you unlock in either can be used in both. I played this online for almost ca year and loved all of it. The occasional laggy game. Long loader for both story and online. Still, one of the best online game ever and has voice chat!

If you have any specific questions on the game feel free to contact me! My Ebay address is ericheath06. Thanks for reading my review, the game is cheap and well worth it!

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Created: 09/03/07

awesome game. great 1 player and online.

I bought it for the PS3 because i never really heard about it for the 360, but i really cant believe that i never played it earlier then i did. the graphics are amazing, and the single player game has a good story line with a good variety of different levels. you start off in Mexico, move to the Las Vegas Strip, Fremont st, then to some vaults then multiple casinos (some real), then the Dam. there is also a single player mood called terrorist hunt which is where they put you in a map that would normally be a multi player map, and you have to go through and in any order kill all terrorist.

Online is also awesome, they offer a huge variety of online play, you can do multi player terrorist hunt, co-op, death match, team death match. you can can play until you die, or just set it up by re spawns and how much time you want each match to last. this game does have voice chat features, because some early PS3 games did not (like Cod3).

Bottom line: fun game, with a variety of levels, that has a huge amount of replay value. try online co-op, if you play with someone that has your same experience level its really fun.

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Created: 05/08/08

A good start to a great gaming series!!

ONe weekend I rented Vegas 2 and played it for almost 2 weeks before beating it. I didn't realize that I was playing a sequel to anything. I don't ever remember seeing the first one on the shelves, but it doesn't mean it was there. After bidding on a few Vegas 2's I gave a high bid on Vegas. To my favor I won it. It helped that I knew a lot of the controls already because the action started right away in Mexico. It took me a litle while to figure out whom I was after but eventually I kept playing just to get to the next stage. What I have always loved about Rainbow Six is the tactical capabilities. You can approach every situation differently. After I die in the game I do that anyway. Some of the technical aspescts well, there was an bad level balance in the volume of voices between logan and (the girl in the chopper giving directions). I play in surround sound and it is louder than anything else. The video levels aren't as good as Vegas 2, but that's what sequels are for right. I do not rcommend this for children under 18. Strong language and of course a lot of shooting. You don't have rankings to unlock weapons but get weapons as you find them. I do like this game a lot and plan on keeping it and getting another copy to link PS3's together and play my brother in laws.

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Created: 07/24/07

Definitely worth buying!

This 1st person shooter is placed in Vegas (Obviously!) and is a pretty darn good game. The game play is very realistic and surprising. You never know where they're gonna come from next. The graphics on the game are pretty good, nothing jaw dropping like Resistance or Ninja Gaiden but they definitely aren't a problem. Before a mission, you have the option to choose all your weapons, and even the type of scope you'd like to use. (Primary weapon, Secondary weapon, Sidearm, and 2 different types of grenades.)There are tons of them to choose from, and you even get to unlock a bunch of them while picking them up during the missions. Your options are Sub-machine gun, Light machine gun, Assault rifle, Shotgun, Sniper, and I think one or 2 more categories!!

The situations get a bit "hairy" though. Meaning some part can be rediculously hard! Even on the normal difficultly setting. It really doesn't take much to kill you. Only one good shot by the AI character depending on the weapon he's using!

The online player is very well set up! Much better than Call of Duty or Resistance. You get to customize your character from head to toe. You can choose to send him out there in a baseball hat and a tank top, or you can throw so much body armor on the guy, he'll look like he's the bomb squad!! The great thing is when you go to multi-player, you can use your custom character! So you can live MUCH longer than your friend if you choose the armor!! Lol. I haven't died ONCE in muli-player yet!! And you have about 20 different levels to blow people away!

-Realistic game play
-Excellent online
-Even better multiplayer
-Custom character
-Huge weapon assortment

-A bit challenging
-You die REALLY easily
-Graphics maybe SLIGHTY worse then most PS3 games.

I have fun playing this. I don't regret my buy one bit! I hope this helped everyone decide if they want it. Remember, you can always rent it first to see how you like it.

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Created: 06/30/07

Must have for PS3 Owners

I had this game on PreOrder for almost 2 months, and it was worth the wait. I have never played any of the Rainbow Six games in the past so I cannot compare this to the other titles, but this is a really fun game. This game combines strategy and a shooter together to make a very fun and difficult game.

The graphics are very clear and are everything a 3rd gen game should look like at this point. The sounds in this game is very cool when you hook your PS3 up to a good sound system.

The story modes and multiplayer make this games replay value very high, I will probably hold onto this game for a while because of that. I don't play on-line but you can build you character up the better you play and that looks fun. The map function in this game works well and you can navigate through areas easliy because of this. The game is really fun when you have your team with you because you can order them around and it helps you stay alive in the mission. The enemy AI is really good, and its tough to get through the missions without being killed.

Flaws: some flaws in terms of gameplay. I noticed a few gliches or flaws in the programing. You can only maintain one story mode per user-which sucks if you have someone else who wants to start a story mode-you have to log off and switch users. Vegas in not the setting for a some of the gameplay, so don't expect to rome up and down the strip in the story mode. The on-line has lots of flaws but a patch should fix it in the future.

Should I buy this game?
In short yes. As of right now the titles on PS3 are still slim, so this is an elite game for this system. Tons of games come out over the summer and into the holiday season but few I think can/will be as fun as this game. The game is worth buying if you have a tight budget on games because you can replay it with friends or on-line if you beat the story mode. If you have money to blow on games you already have this game or you should go get a copy.

Overall this game gets an A
It was everything the early reviews said about the game and more.

Have fun-hope you enjoy the game.

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Created: 10/15/07

one of the best first person shooters

This game is one of the best first person shooters out there! You get some very unique play control including a corner view for shooting around corners, a duck and cover button where your player hides behind cover, repelling ropes that let you latch onto railings and descend down buildings, and most importantly, you get thermal graphic and night vision goggles. There are some really great places where you can throw a smoke grenade down and then using the goggles, see the enemy by their body heat!

The weapons are very customizable so you can even get a fully automatic silenced sniper rifle. You can pick up any dropped weapon you find so the environment is very fast paced and there is more action than in any of the other Rainbow Six games.

After a couple hours of playing this multiplayer, I was completely impressed. This game has everything a First Person Shooter could dream of. All those little things you wish the other games had, this has it and more. Shooting around corners, repelling down the side of building, peeking under the door with a camera, thermal vision, lootable weapons and ammo, and even NPC that swear during the campaign! (if the game maturity setting allows)

I don't think I need to say any more. Just get it!

PROS – Completely unique perspectives and game play controls in a brilliantly designed world.
CONS – Steep learning curve to get used to the feel of the game, takes nice hardware.

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Created: 04/13/09

great tom clacys game

The stakes are high when the world's most elite counter-terrorism unit enters Las Vegas, where over 36.7 million men, women and children visit each year. "Sin City," the home of the famous Las Vegas Strip, flashy hotels, high-rolling casinos and world-famous celebrities, becomes the setting for a terrorist threat of global proportions. What happens when one of the world's most famous cities is held hostage by terrorists?

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Created: 05/05/07

Rainbow Six

This is number 6 in a series released by Tom Clancy and puts players against terrorists who have taken the city of Vegas hostage. Players 1-2, and 16 online. Graphics are the same as splinter cell, Tom Clancy's other PS3 release. This still reminds me of Counter-strike for PC, but everyone kinda judges this game in there own opinion. You either like it or you don't. In my case this a game worth buying.

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Created: 09/06/07

Rainbow Six is worth the time

This is the best Rainbow Six game to date. The game graphics deliver a great game feel. The sounds and audio affects are spot on. The game is a squad based shooter with tough realistic AI. The online play is not nearly as good as offline. The maps are not designed well, each seems to faw a major flaw that really ruins the overall experience. The online character feels slow and not fluid when moving. Overall a very worth while game that really shows its might ofline.

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Created: 01/31/08

Great 1st person shooter B+

I like the fact you can take cover behind walls in this game. Unlike other games where you just had to duck behind stuff, in RB6 Vegas you can literally put your back to the wall and hang out from corners (more realist).

I recently beat Call of Duty 4 Modern Warefare and that is still one of my most favorite shooters of all time, but Vegas definately ranks in my top 8.

Graphics are great, although its hard to see the terrorist you are shooting at sometimes. I think its because this game allows you to see a long distance and maybe I just kill people from too far away.

I played some other Tom Clancy Rainbow 6 games in the past and I didnt like the way you had to setup your "route of attack" for your crew before playing a map. In RB6 Vegas you control your crew as you go thru the map. Much improved over previous verisons.

The co-op multiplayer mode is great. My girlfriend is half retarded when it comes to video games and she picked up Vegas and learned the controls within an hour or two. Now we blast terrorist together after dinner! Its great.

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