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Titleist AP2 712 Iron set Golf Club
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Created: 04/27/09

Titleist AP2 5-PW Project X 6.0

I would have to admit I was a little hesitant to go back to a Titleist set of irons mainly due to the myth that they are made strictly for a low handicap golfer. Any 15 handicap or lower will benefit greatly from this set of irons. All of the hype and reviews from all of the major golf stores are accurate. This club has it all but it comes with a retail price tag almost as bad as a new set of Callaway Irons.


In my opinion this set encompases the best of both worlds. Simply put the AP2 has the weight of a game improvement club with a players forged head. The design promotes a higher ball flight but that can be altered depending on what shaft combination you desire. I have gained about 8 yards a club and was able to (save $$$) find a used set in my specs on eBay. I choose a set with the flighted project x 6.0 shaft because I wanted to be able to work the ball and vary my ball flight depending on conditions.

With all of that said you might be wondering why I stated that a 15 handicap of lower would benefit from this club? The club is not as intimidating as a blade or players club. The topline is larger and the tungsten cavity slot back provides forgiveness on most mishits. Unlike a blade most mishits with the AP2 stay on the target line with a slight loss in distance.

I highly recommend that you demo this set of clubs if you are looking for a transition club. I have been searching for the last few years for a club that would help me get back to forged players clubs. That search is over because this is the only forged set (besides the Bridgestone j36 Pocket Cavity) that I have found that is beneficial for a mid handicap player.

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Created: 03/25/10

Best Irons from Titleist so far.

I have been a loyal Titleist fan for years and have played almost every type of irons that they have produce and these AP2's (2008-2009) models have been the best so far. My previous set 690mb were great irons but I wanted more forgiveness and forged irons generally have the stigma of being very unforgiving and is usually geared towards low handicap players but these AP2's are made for the mid to lower handicap. (I am a 6 handicap.) Very forgiving on miss hits and solid contact shots feel like "butter". I chose these 2008-2009 models over the 2010 models because I do not play in tournaments and the feel is exactly the same. The only difference is the fact that the newer versions have the USGA conforming groves while the 08-09 models do not. So, if you are a casual golfer that do not play in USGA tournaments get the 08-09 models and save some money. The project X shafts are about 20 grams lighter and create a more lofted ball flight. Balls land softly on the green. Very easy to hit and clean top line heads with little offset create a very clean looking club at address. Overall I would have to give these clubs 10 out of 10. Performance is excellent, feel is outstanding, and the technology is far beyond expected. I am going to be playing these irons for years to come.

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Created: 01/16/10

Titleist AP2 irons Project X shaft

I am a 4 handicap golfer who has played Ping for the past 15 years. Last year switched to Titleist AP2's. Without a doubt the most stable club head I have ever swung. Line it up hit it, ball goes exactly where the club head comes through. Terrific out of the rough, very easy. With my Ping i10's I shot my first 68. I had always heard if you want to get more consistant yardages go to a forged club. So, I decided to try the AP2. So far my best round is 70, but I shoot a lot more low scores with these irons due to the increased accuracy. I had a tendancy to pull my Ping's even after having them bent. Maybe they were just too light (common issue with Ping), or the increased offset was the cause. My only concern with my AP2's is that with the Project X shaft I get the odd flyer. I mean 20 yards (6 iron = 180) more than normal 160. I have talked with 3-4 low handicap golfers who have the same issue with this iron. One even switched back to his old irons. I have wrote Titleist regarding this issue, NO response, No guidance, a bit frustrating. It could just be that this flyer issue is a fact of life with blades. Anyway I plan on keeping them in the bag, too many plus's not enough negatives to take them out. They also get a lot of looks because they are just a beautiful iron. I also think anyone who makes good ball contact, even a 10+ handicap can hit these with no problem.

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Created: 11/25/09

Great Club but make sure they are real!

These irons look and feel great and are a perfect addition to any golf bag. The club head is a very good size, not too big or too small. Very workable with the right shaft for your swing speed and desired ball flight. This club is great for all low to middle handicap ranges, and those players looking for more help should try the Titleist AP1.

I bought these clubs to go along with my 735cm set which I still own and can't part with.

However! you nust be very careful buying on the internet lately. I wasted $700.00 on the first seller from E-Bay who sold me fakes and could not get any help from E-Bay or Pay Pal since 45 days had passed before I got a chance to check them out(through my own fault). All attempts to try and reason with the seller were of no use and he finally threatned me with harrasment charges if I did not stop sending him emails.
I hope that all golfers will avoid the trouble I had with crazycorsica.

The next purchase, also thru e-bay was a true success and did actually reinstall my faith in the system.

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Created: 03/09/10

The ap2 irons are excellent irons for low handicappers

They have a good feel and nice ball flight. I believe I gained 5-10 yards on my long irons. They work great for me and I'd suggest them to any serious golfer, especially low handicappers.

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Created: 07/22/09

Anyone Can Use This Player's Club

I've had my Titleist 690CB irons for 5 years and had no intention of letting them out of my bag until I tried the new <A href="http://www.easygolf​​P2+Irons.html" target=_blank>Titleist AP2 irons</A>. Simply awesome. I had 3 shots with a 6 iron and went back to pro shop to get the rest. Short irons fly lower and more controlled, long irons fly further and higher. I have not carried a 3 iron for a couple of years in favour of a rescue, but even that has gone. The clubs are that easy to hit. The feel is super soft even with off-centre hits. A must try for all low handicap golfers.

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Created: 05/05/09

Not even close

This review was previously excellent expect now I found the clubs that I puchased are FAKE!!!! After a number of not quite right sounding shots I began to CLOSELY inspect the irons. White writing on the FORGED portion of the club along with only one serial number on the 6 iron should have tipped me off to begin with. I had it comfirmed that the serial number IS NOT a Titleist product. Be very careful out there!!!

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Created: 03/29/09

Super Titleist Irons!

I have been playing PINGS for the last few years and my PINGS are now in the closet where they have belonged for a long time. PING irons are very harsh sounding with very little feedback. I have been on the range now 3 times with AP2's with Dynamic Gold S-300 Shafts. Super feel when struck well with some forgiveness as well. Check the Titleist website and you will see that most Titleist players are playing the Ap2's with Dynamic Gold shafts. Best club I have ever hit.

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Created: 03/20/13

Cant go wrong with Titleist, love these irons

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

My info
8 + years of playing
Handicap - 8

Played 1 round with them, got Project X 5.5 shafts.(i swing smooth and controlled, also looking for higher launch)

Pretty looking club, good feel, easy shot shapping.

Very easy to hit, even though head is small it's suprising forgiving when not hit flush.

Great iron for mid handicapper looking to get better. (like me)

I was stuck between the Mizuno MP-53 and AP2s.

I went with AP2 based on the deal, looks and samller head design. Everything else was par or close to between the 2.

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Created: 04/22/10

Awesome Clubs

Awesome Clubs, great feel and super sweet spot. I am coming from the 804's and had no problem hitting these from the first day. Love the blade look from above with the forgiveness of a cavity back. Had no problem hitting various shots and enjoyed finding that sweet spot and watching the results. Would recommend these to anyone who can hit forged clubs who maybe arent ready for a true blade. Enjoy

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