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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10  (Sony Playstati...
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Created: 11/10/09

Fun, many games, excellent online, multiplayer options

Much like the actual game, playing Tiger Woods 10 is seemingly simple on paper, but far more challenging in execution. It should be so very easy to pull the left joystick back and push it forward straight, especially after hundreds of attempts. Alas, it proves continuously difficult. And that is one of the reasons this game continues to entertain.

Tiger Woods 10 is my first golf simulation on PS3. I've seen many nitpickers complaining about differences between real play and this game, and they are all generally correct. It doesn't matter. This is a fun, addictive game with a great many entertaining features and options.

Although this doesn't matter much to me, characters can be customized on dozens of criteria, including thousands of variations of skin tone, hair length and style, eyebrow features, chin, aging, clothing, and on and on. Once created (or, once you pick one of the ready-made characters), you can gain skills and money via dozens of tournament challenges. These not only add money and skill, they open 16 courses for future tournament play.

A tournament calendar features dozens of tournaments if you prefer the 18-hole scenario to the shorter challenges. I recommend gaining skills in the tournament challenges first, then getting into tournaments. Otherwise, like me, you might find yourself 18 over after the first round! Yes, early rounds can get that ugly, and worse.

There are also a number of shorter games, like T.I.G.E.R., a golf version of horse. These are great to use with kids, especially those who think golf is the most boring game in the world.

Online play options are impressive. Engage a friend, or a complete stranger, in anything from a short 3-hole challenge to a full tournament. Play simultaneously, where you see the players ball paths but don't have to wait, or play the traditional one-after-another sequence. Capture and share particularly terrific, or horrific, shots using GameTracker. Play "alongside" actual PGA players in live tournaments. Engage in any of the weekly, daily or other tournaments, all grouped by skill. There are a TON of options in this game, and I've enjoyed learning many of them.

Negatives? I'd definitely change a few things. The absolute worst thing about this game is the commentary. The pair of announcers (Kelly something and a man, whose name escapes me, are grating at best, and erroneous or at odds with one another more often than makes any sense. "That one's on the green, Kelly." "Check again, Tom, that one's headed for the sand." Honestly, they correct one another more than a bickering couple in marriage counseling. Prepare for insults as well. "I've seen some bad putts, and that was one of them." I like the idea of commentators, but the execution of commentators in TW10 is annoying and unsatisfying. Also, I'd like to see some options for shorter Tournament Challenges. Many are 9 or 18 hole challenges, and if you miss by a shot - boom - back to the beginning. A quibble, but an option for some shorter challenges would be good.

If you like video golf, you'll like this game. Lots of solo and multiplayer options, both online and local.

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Created: 10/18/10

Best in it's class...

Tiger Woods 10 beats out it's previous titles hands down. You'll get the same great play as always with more everything. Better graphics, better Game Face, better controls and better gaming all around. What you won't get is the famous Tiger Challenges that we loved from the previous years. What you will get is better though. You'll be able to play head to head against the pros in real historical moments through PGA history. You'll earn points, pocket some dough and win prestige facing some of golfing's greatest moments. They've added a better skills system with a personal coach included. They've beefed up the online matches. They have also given you live weather on the courses to help deliver a unique experience during each round of golf. All you golf fans out there, PICK UP THIS TITLE!

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Created: 03/16/10

No matter what you're looking for in a golf game itsHER

Tiger Woods 10 is a golf game that seems designed to be all things for all people. For purists, there are 16 of the world's finest courses, club tuning options, US Golf Association rules, and a Tournament Challenge mode in which you can relive memorable achievements alongside pros.

There are also live tournaments that take place alongside real-world events, such as the US Open, and let you compete with pros on the same leaderboard and in similar weather. For those whose knowledge of golf is limited to having seen Adam Sandler's Happy Gilmore, on the other hand, there are items of clothing that dramatically improve your attributes, an extremely forgiving default difficulty level, and wacky customization options that include a pink rabbit suit and a biker jacket.

There are also laughable unlockable golfer animations and the ability to hit the ball significantly farther than any real-life pro--much like the hero of the aforementioned movie. Tiger Woods 10 is a game that anyone with even a passing interest in golf can enjoy, but it's unfortunate that its serious side and its Sandler side don't always play well together.

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Created: 12/25/09

Great Fun! Best Tiger Woods Yet!

Graphics, Game Controls are excellent! Can't find a down fault yet, I like the new putting and swing style, is a lot more realistic than other games. More players and courses in this one. The controls are much more sensitive and feels like you have a lot more control over the game. I look forward to the 2011 edition should be even better.

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Created: 09/23/09

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is excellent

one of the most realistio games of all time, live weather, all latest tournaments live, all of the best golf courses around the states, excellent game

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Created: 12/15/09

Tiger Woods 2010 PS3

Graphics are great and bettter than the 2009 in career mode option online and weather changes while you play really a game to by if you like golf !!!

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Created: 08/06/09

Tiger 10 Best Yet!!

Sweet game its like the real deal, very precise in the swing, gets you in trouble sometimes but its better then it being too easy like past years. plus you can download classic courses like the predator. It takes serious skills for that one. only thing is it cost extra.

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Created: 12/06/09

Best Golf video game ever!

Best golf video game every! Great putting system and physics simulation, example: you should aim slightly right (if you're right handed player), club will close when hitting the grass thus closing the clubface.

There's only 2 things I can think of that could be changed on the game to be a true simulation:

1. There should be a physical consequence when using the power shot (Keep on hitting x while on the back swing). In my opinion you're only allowed to use it a few times a round or else there would be some physical consequence. In real life you only hit it more than 100% a few times when needed, such as reaching the green in two on a par 5.

2. The power training (with the coach) should be tuned instead of just hitting a target, maybe it would be better if there is a certain yardage you need to exceed while being in the fairway (or green) to succeed. I sometimes over shoot the target and I don't get it if you are really just aiming for power. :)

Overall, I love the game!

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Created: 11/02/09

Possibly the greatest golf video game ever made,or 2 be

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf series by EA Sports, continues to be the leader in golf video games. The HD graphics and online game play are amazing.
If you want a more realistic game you can play on tour mode. On tour mode there is no power boost, extra spin in mid-flight, or a putt preview. Makes the game one of the most realistic and easy to play golf video games to date.

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Created: 06/29/09

Tiger Woods PGA 10 (PS3)

At 57 yrs old I'm not much of a gamer, but I do really like this game. I have had it in hand for a little over a week and in my opinion it is the best version of this product yet. I was suprised to discover the graphics were improved. It gives you the ability to practice specific tasks at a variety of courses, and the element of real time weather adds so much to the experience.

I only wish I could import my skills from the 09 version.I hate that all of that is lost. Also the layout of the program is a bit different and so takes time just looking around to find what I'm used to going directly to.

Over all I highly recommend this to anyone who likes this type of gaming.

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