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Three Days of the Condor (DVD, 1999, Wid...
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Created: 03/06/08

Three Days of the Condor

Review For: Three Days of the Condor (DVD, 1999, Widescreen)

It is hard to go astray with 2 stars like Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway. A taut spy thriller with enough turns to keep the viewer's interest. Max Von Sidow is well cast as the shadowy assasin of the hero's(Redford)friends and co-workers.. Although this is a good investment of time, the book is a better one. If you enjoy a good read, Six Days of the Condor will be the better choice.

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Created: 03/05/13

A psychological instead of physical Bourne flick...

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Three Days of the Condor (DVD, 1999, Widescreen)

I love this flick... great realism (I'd like to think) without our 'normal guy hero' becoming some sort of super shooting, expert knife throwing, ninja-butt-whoopin, super hero... the best thing he does is keep his cool and use his brains to keep ahead of the people that should have had him in minutes.

I'd hate to see a remake because hollywood today would likely have him creating improvised munitions to blow up people, and 12x the number of people would get shot. Oh, and don't forget, instead of a old bronco, the chick he kidnaps would have a Mustang or new Camaro so we could have a awesome car chase. (the car would get totalled and he'd have to swipe a new Ducati to get away... probably jumping a helicopter while he was at it.)

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Created: 01/02/11

CIA who dunnit

One of the best scenes is when Redford cuts loose Dunaway so he can go on by himself. He asks her to give him 24 hrs. before she goes to the police to report him. The look on her face when he says this is my all time favorite scene. Great movie even though it is dated. For us who grew up in the 70's it works. I'm sure if my kids watched it right now it would be "lame".

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