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TaylorMade R11 Driver Golf Club
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Created: 03/20/11


The new 2011 Taylormade R11 is everything and more that you would expect from the #1 driver in golf!

Every golfer has his or her own unique style and swing: the Taylormade R11 allows you to customize your driver in dozens of combinations to meet your unique and specific needs. So now you can either correct a flaw, accenuate a strength, or adjust to accomodate a challenging tee to green position.

Adjust the loft with Flight Control Technology (FCT).
Adjust the face angle with the new Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP).
Adjust the CG location with Movable Weight Technology¿ (MWT®).
Promotes up to 100 yards of side-to-side trajectory change and ±1,000 RPM backspin change.
New aerodynamic shape promotes faster speed for more distance.
White non-glare crown and black clubface for easy alignment.

The best part is you can do it all on the fly! Are the golf Gods messing with your game today and all of a sudden you've developed a nasty slice or hook? Whip out the Taylormade torque wrench and adjust the club face angle to correct it. Is today a windy day and it's wreaking havoc on your high loft drives? Simply adjust the loft on the tee box and keep it low and out of the gusts.

I recommend that when you do spend your hard earned money on a new Taylormade R11 Driver(and in my opinion it is definitely worth the investment) that you go to a reputable golf retailer such as Golf Galaxy or Golf Smith and take advantage of all those possible modifications: they will work with you in the drive simulator room and customize the R11 to your specfications at no charge!

I happen to have a naturally long drive in the low 300+ yard range with a personal measured best at 375 yards and I still get excited to see the ball launch off the face like a rocket and fade or draw at the way did I mention that you can adjust the R11 to fade or draw too?!?

I am looking forward to improving my personal best long drive this year with the new Taylormade R11!

To summarize the R11 represents Taylormade's latest and greatest technological improvements designed to allow the recreational golfer have more fun, make the good golfer an even better golfer and put the tour professionals squarely in the hunt for the top spot!

The only drawback I can see is that Taylormade will most assuredly continue to develop improvements in materials and technology and in two years (if it takes that long) a newer, faster, better, more technologically advanced driver will be introduced...but then again isn't that true of most "best in class" products?

Go get your new Taylormade R11 Driver and start seing better controlled, straighter, and longer drives immediately!

ML Long Island NY 12 handicap

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Created: 04/26/11

Very nice and adjustable driver.

The new TaylorMade R11 driver is well made and very easily adjusted for different golfer's swings. The loft angle on the 10.5 is adjustable between 9.5 and 11.5 degrees in half degree increments. The face can be set to open, neutral or closed and the club weights can be switched from neutral to draw bias. Very nice driver!

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Created: 05/08/11

Love the aesthetics and configuration options. Always consult an expert.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Long time golfer and have used TaylorMade drivers for a lot of years. I like the flexibility of the R11 settings, played with various combinations at first but wound up back at the standard settings. I find that the driver is pretty forgiving but can't honestly say there is a lot of difference between it and my previous driver, the R7.

The one thing I like about it is the white head. It definitely gives you a sense of confidence when swinging the club and watching the head pass through the hitting area. It "looks" like it is larger and therefore the perception, if not reality, is of a larger hitting surface. I have found that mishits do seem to adjust more to the target line than with the R7.

All-in-all, I would recommend golfers to try it along with all the major brands to find what is right for them. I hit the Ping G15, Titleist 910D2, Adams Speedline and Cleveland Launcher.

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Created: 05/18/11

I am a better player with this club.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Great product, it makes a difference with this new club. I feel that with the adustment capabilities of the Taylor Made R11 fairway wood, I can correct any possible condition that I face. Rain or wind is now a condition that is not a threat to my swing.
I highly recommend getting one of these to change your golfing experience.

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Created: 05/05/11

Top selling driver just isn't for me.

No, I would not recommend this product.

I bought this club based on the marketing, quality, use on the PGA tour. Unfortunately, I cannot hit it like any other driver I have owned or currently own. Sometimes the shaft and swing weight of a club just don't line up with a golfer's swing. It is a great looking driver, even though you have to get use to the white color. It has all of the adjustments you could ask for, it just doesn't work for me. I carry a 4.0 USGA handicap

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Created: 05/06/11

Excellent product, as advertised and hyped by the manufacturer,

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I hit about 100 balls on the range and then played a round of golf on two different days last week. The club was 10 to 20 yards longer than the Great Big Bertha that I had in my bag before. The technology is better than the 15 year-old Callaway club. I have a swing speed of about 90 and hit about 250 yards on a good day with a carry of 200-plus yards when I hit the ball flush with this club. I am 63 years-old and I hope that I can regain some of my dwindling power and distance. The R11 is more forgiving than the Big Bertha I had. Although I have not made any adjustments to the driver yet, I hit a draw easily and consistently with the R11. Now all I have to do is work on my swing so I don't duck hook it, pust it to the right, skyball my drives, or hit a weak shot off the toe or the top of the club. Then I can hit 250 yard gentle draws with good roll more consistently. The vendor I got this club from is a PGA pro at a major Florida country club. He is reliable, knowlegeable, and reasonable. I would use him again and again if I could get my price on golf equipment.

May 9, 2012 update. After less than a year, I noticed a rattling sound inside the club head. I called the factory in California, and after some confusion they were extremely helpful. They sent me a new R11S free of charge in time for a trip to Myrtle Beach. After such an extraordinary service from the manufacturer, I will ways recommend TaylorMade to friends and family. With the new R11S, that has the same specs as the R11 with even more adjust-ability, I am now hitting 55% of fairways, averaging 220 yards, and have taken off about five strokes from my game. I miss right and left about equally, and occasionally adjust the face to compensate my tendency on a particular day or week. Most often, the driver is set up for a slight draw, since this is my preferred flight path for distance. This is terrific for a 65 year old man who plays twice a week and is a 13 handicap. Now I can work on GIR and Putting and Chipping, since I have confidence with my R11S driver, R11 3 Wood, and R11 3 Hybrid.

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Created: 04/06/11

R11 Driver Rocks

This is great driver. I outdrove one of my fellow golfers sometimes up to 35 yards that use to outdrive me by about the same distance. Measured on drive with a GPS and was 285 yards! It seems to me that I hit the ball straighter without the big fade I use to have. A benefit I did not know about is that the black face shows where you hit the ball. The ball mark can be wiped off between shots allowing you to correct your tee hight to match where you swing.

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Created: 03/29/11

Easy to hit - Great Driver

I did not notice any added distance. But what was very noticeable was how easy it is to hit. You can work the ball anywhere or way you desire. I did not have to adjust my swing to fit the driver. Only half way through the basket of balls I knew this was the best driver I have ever used. I started with the R5 and have continued to stick with Taylormade, even though I tried other brands they never stayed in the bag. Now this replaced my old R7. Even though you can adjust it, I didn't change a thing from the way I received it. Will experiment at another time just to see about adding distance. I am very satisfied with it just stock like it came. GREAT Driver

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Created: 03/18/11

Taylor Made R11 Driver

The instructions for "tuning" the club are not very good. I am not a golf expert and as I adjusted the loft of the club it impacted whether the face was more open or more closed. Also, when I removed the club head to adjust there is also a setting for the lie angle of the club, but no instructions. I hit a bucket of balls tonight to try the club out. After getting it set up it did hit great! good feel and good sound. The white color takes a little getting used to. Grip is okay.

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Created: 02/25/11


I have hit Callaways and Taylormades, but this new R11 takes it to a new level! Unbeleivable performance and feel. You just know you are going to bomb it as soon as you line up behind the ball and the white club really makes it easy to line up correctly! Anyone who is currently using other brands need to try this. It will make you switch to Taylormade quickly!!!

Gary J.

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