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Super Troopers (DVD, 2002)
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Super Tr...

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Created: 09/28/10

Super Troopers (DVD, 2006)

Broken Lizard, a comedy group formed by former students of Colgate University, wrote and star in the enjoyably lightweight comedy SUPER TROOPERS.
They play state troopers who preside over a quiet stretch of highway in Vermont. The low crime rate allows them time to pursue their own interests--mostly playing elaborate pranks on each other and on the hapless speeders they stop. Their captain, O'Hagan (Brian Cox), asks them to settle down for a while, because the governor (an amusing cameo by TV's former WONDER WOMAN, Lynda Carter) is thinking of cutting off their funding and turning their precious highway over to the jurisdiction of the hated local cops, headed by the sneaky Chief Grady (Daniel Von Bargen). The wild and not very bright troops are unable to stay out of trouble, so they'll only keep their jobs if they somehow manage to crack a big drug case. Director Jay Chandrasekhar (who also stars as the smartest trooper, Thorny) does a great job of keeping things quick and light, and the easy camaraderie of the Broken Lizard troupe gives even the grossest humor in the film an appealingly playful quality, harkening back to the innocent days of movies like STRIPES.

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Created: 03/22/11

Super troopers

Review For: Super Troopers (DVD, 2002)

This comedy I think is one of the best comedies ever, its timeless in that I have watched it many time, probably around 25 times, and it never gets old.

I find the comedy troupe: Broken Lizard really struck gold with this film when it came out, it probably only covers a focus group of maybe males 18-50, so its not for everyone, but I find it hilarious.

The plot follows a group of highway police, facing a possible shutdown, their rivalry with the local police and the shenanigans that ensue.

If you have not seen I highly recommend it.

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Created: 08/22/08

Super Troopers review

Review For: Super Troopers (DVD, 2002)

I decided to buy this DVD, because i really love Super Troopers, which i think is one of the best comedies ever made. The Broken Lizard troupe did an excellent job of putting together such a hilarous movie with all of the great characters like Thorny, Rabbit and Favra and plenty of great quotes to recite. It`s a great movie that will appeal people like myself who enjoys good comedies that`s rude, crude and fill with a lot of good dumb fun.

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Created: 02/24/11

Littering and..littering and... littering and...

One of the funniest movies to watch especially if you are from the New England and you have dealt with similar situations. The opening sequence alone is worth watching the movie, and it gets better from there. The movie goes through what "really" happens with the local Vermont State Troopers, and how the mess with people on the road and have jurisdiction battles with the local police. They finally reap what they sow, and are about to lose their jobs, until finally they track down the dope dealers, and save their station, and their jobs. It is hilarious all the way through.

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Created: 07/31/08

One of the best comedies....ever

Not many movies keep on getting better and better as you watch them for the 5th, 6th or 7th time, especially comedies. The first time I saw this movie in the theater it didn't blow me away, and most people I know who have seen this movie only once do not rate it very highly. After seeing it a few times I rate this movie as high as Fletch and other classic comedies, probably higher.

There is so many worthwhile jokes that I think it must have taken quite a while to write - if you don't have a similar sense of humor you would probably think they had written it all in one night which clearly wasn't the case. There is not a lot to complain about with respect to the acting either - their style suits the movie perfectly.

Remember that it is a comedy first and foremost - if you are looking for an clever story you have the wrong genre. Criticism of the movie being a series of sketches or jokes is really irrelevant - one look at the cover or preview tells you exactly what kind of movie it is. Regardless, there is nothing wrong with the plot and if you appreciate/comprehend the jokes the movie flows just fine.

If you are going to watch it, watch it 2 or 3 times.

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Created: 02/24/09

Super Troopers

Review For: Super Troopers (DVD, 2002)

Very funny! I'm a big fan of Police Academy and Reno 911! I am trying out to be a State Trooper here in NC and can only imagine if life were actually like this, just how much fun my job would be!

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Created: 10/24/09

Super Troopers = Super Fun

This is one of the best lower budget movies ever made. It's got a great cast and is extremely funny and surprisingly quite action packed at times, the addition of a good storyline on top of this makes for a very enjoyable film. If you're looking for a funny police movie that can be watched and enjoyed over and over, look no further, this is it! Buy or rent? I would have to say buy, you won't regret it. 4/5 all the way!

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Created: 09/21/09

A comedic masterpiece!

Review For: Super Troopers (DVD, 2002)

This film is perfect for that time of day that you just want to laugh. The cast of "Why the hell are they" cops are hilarious, and the perfect example that there's not a thing on Earth that you can't laugh at. 4 stars.

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Created: 12/05/07

Just plain laugh out loud fun

Review For: Super Troopers (DVD, 2002)

A great comedy with all kinds of "unpolitically correct" inuendos thrown in. If you like comedies that do not stick to laws of today's "correctness", then this film will be for you. Alot of fun, your sides will ache, and you'll watch it over and over again.

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Created: 08/29/07


Review For: Super Troopers (DVD, 2002)

I think we all wish that we had State Troopers in our own state. I know I do. Being a Police officer myself, I have tried the Meow thing ( If you haven't seen the movie I don't want to give it away, but the those of us who have) It is the funniest thing in the world. Until my Sargent found out.. LOL WATCH THIS MOVIE... NOW

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