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Created: 03/07/16

Game don't work

The game don't work at all. The screen just turns green

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Created: 07/16/11

Re-Playable; Colorful; Appropriately Challenging; Great Levels; Fun

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992) - European Version

I'm nearly 30 years old, and I recently re-bought this game because it has incredible re-play value and is great fun.

I had a brother and a sister, and we had several video games growing up; but as we began to get through high school and spend less time playing video games, we sold our systems and games in the late '90s. A few years ago, I got myself another SNES, and I have since acquired what I feel are the top few SNES games released. This is one of them.

It is one of a few games that carves an unforgettable niche in a young player's memory. The graphics are colorful, vibrant, and inviting. The music is lively and, for the most part, stays fresh. I find myself walking around humming the tunes to myself, now that I've been playing the game again. The control with the original Nintendo control pad is outstanding. Modern systems and games do no better than the level of control coded into this classic. The slightest nuances of how long and how hard you press a face button (A, B, X, Y) or a directional button are precisely reflected in the ways that Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi interact with the worlds around them.

Worlds is right. One of the reasons this game is so memorable and re-playable is that it is brimming with a variety of levels and worlds. There are numerous hidden levels, found through secret doors in the levels along the main path. There are secret paths through the stars, allowing quick access for experienced and adept players to the end of the game. Early levels are easy, but late levels are quite difficult. The challenge is probably just about right, though. Some spots demand practice, but are not really impossible. The challenge levels of the game are another thing that make it great. The designers did this right.

They did a great job with the level designs, as well. Levels are varied, presenting a wide assortment of challenges, roadblocks, and puzzles throughout the colorful world. They never seem to become dull, with new designs springing up every other step.

The music CAN become repetitive, however - if one plays the game hours a day. It's one thing about this game that ensures I don't devote too much time to it (which is good). Another occasional complaint is when a challenging level sticks its menacing head forward, preventing my pass. Sometimes, a level just has my number for a while, and that can be frustrating; but a game that is TOO easy is worse, and has LESS replay value. A challenge is a must for a game to demand for you to come back to it after years and years, and after having beaten the game in the past.

I feel that the Super Nintendo has been the greatest home video game system released for its time. It lacks the colossal processing and memory capabilities of today's machines; but for its time, its games were more fun and more playable and more RE-playable than games of today. Developers had to DEVELOP their games, instead of simply selling re-vamped graphics engines year-after-year.

In that early gaming world, Super Mario is among the best. Its graphics and sounds appeal to all ages. The levels are exciting, adventurous, and appropriately challenging. Unlike Mario games before it, it allowed players to save their progress in an expansive setting. It's huge, and its fun. You can become a giant; ride a fire-breathing, flying dragon; and defeat shelled beasts of almost countless varieties - and you can encounter staples to the Mario universe that were first seen here. Truly a great.

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Created: 11/27/07

One of the Best Reasons to Own a Super NES

Review For: Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992) - European Version

This is without a doubt one of THE best games on the Super Nintendo. When I first saw it I was completely blown away. Our story starts with Mario, Luigi, and the Princess taking a well earned vacation in Dinosaur Land. As they were showing off to Her Highness however, they returned to find her missing which can only be the work of Bowser, King of the Koopas. Off our heroes go to save her and kick Bowser out for good. On their jaunts through the whole of Dinosaur Land they'll meet new friends and several new enemies. This is the game where Yoshi, everyone's favorite, lovable green dino first made his debut and he's been a major player in almost EVERY other Mario game to date, even going as far as to have one of his own.

The first thing you notice when playing this game is the vastly improved graphics. From the cloud strewn skies of Yoshi's Island to the stone walls of the fortresses the scenery is top notch. The enemies all animate fluidly as does Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. From what I can see this game makes excellent use of the console's power.

Sound is also very nice although my only gripe with it is that the music is pretty much the same track but with different speeds and tempos. A minor gripe to be sure but it doesn't detract from its enjoyability. I more often than not find myself humming the underwater version of it quite frequently and the fortress theme as well. Sound effects are also done very well although I usually found myself humming too much to notice them. :)

Play control is for the most part flawless. I've played through the game many times and not once have Mario or Luigi ever been sluggish or too slow when it came time to jump to a crucial platform or avoiding enemy attacks. Yoshi controls equally well and nor have I had any problems with him.

For the most part you'll want to replay this game as many of the levels in the game have secret exits that lead to out of the way places on the map. There are 96 exits in the whole game and finding them all will take a little while. You could also replay it even AFTER finding all of them to see if you can find them all faster or using different means.

Overall, Super Mario World is an excellent game that has quite effectively stood the test of time. Almost all who played it have enjoyed it and if you enjoyed the NES games i'm sure you'll enjoy this one as well. You should as always make every effort to try it before you buy it as it may not appeal to everyone. If a friend has it see if you can borrow it from them, providing you've never played it before. If you have then enjoy it. Good day and happy gaming. ;)

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Created: 03/08/13

Super Mario World is arguably the Best Mario game of all time!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992) - European Version

Super Mario World is without question one of, if not, the best Mario game of all time. The graphics are incredible for the Super Nintendo platform, and make for a very fun and interesting feel to the game, not previously experienced in any Super Mario games. No game can ever be the same, as many levels include puzzles and alternate endings which make for one of the most entertaining gaming experiences you'll ever have.

Playing with a friend or by yourself makes for many hours of fun and entertainment infront of the television. I'm 20, and I would still take a day and play this game any chance I could. There is an immense nummber of levels and secrets in this game, that is really hard to believe considering that this game came out in 1990. It is still more complete than many of today's biggest franchise hits in comparison to game content.

One of the best things about this game is the addition of several different Yoshis with different abilities. You can get a Yoshi that turns blue and flys all the time, a Red Yoshi that shoots out everything it swallows into flames, and you can get a yellow Yoshi that likes to "slam" around. The fun you can have with Yoshi, and several new and returning Mario powers, including the cape, and flower power make for one of the most entertaining games of all time.

I can't say anything bad about this game. Do yourself a favour and get this game! It's even worth buying a Super Nintendo for!!

Happy eBuying! - Shawn H.

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Created: 09/19/08

The best game of my childhood

Review For: Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992) - European Version

I simply rejoice myself each time I hear the melodies of this glorious game. Th gameplay is just perfect, the levels are challenging, the powerups are rewarding, the enemies are so much fun to squash and it's Yoshi's first(& best) appearance in any game.
It's Miyamoto's 5th symphony! Everybody should play it or see it, at least as pop culture history.

You may want to try it on the virtual console, but I think that playing it on the original SNES is way better.

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Created: 12/06/08

Classic Mario!

Review For: Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992) - European Version

Super Mario World is arguably the best Mario game that was ever made. The game incorporates features from all of the previous Mario games and expands on everything.

Each level in each world is massive and riddled with secrets. Some of the levels have multiple exits which lead to secret areas or additional levels. The game also features a wide variety of power-ups such as the cape, which allows Mario to fly (like the feather in Super Mario Bros. 3). Mario can also get assistance from Yoshi, who he can use to eat enemies and spit them back out. In addition to the excellent gameplay, Super Mario World also features colorful and sharp graphics and an great soundtrack.

Super Mario World is a huge game (for its time) and is one of the best games on the Super Nintendo; a classic, and a must have game.

- Huge world with tons of levels
- Classic gameplay
- Secret levels/worlds to find
- Save feature

- None

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Created: 03/30/09

Super Mario World SNES

Review For: Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992) - European Version

This is a truly amazing game. It combines the best elements of the Mario Franchise with elements of an RPG. You follow the tale of Yoshi trying to rescue his friends. They have been kidnapped by an evil lord. Bowser is at it again. You help Yoshi either in one or two player mode and help to save Yoshi's friends. Great puzzle solving elements and hours of fun for the entire family. A must have for the SNES gaming system.

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Created: 09/18/08

All time Classic Game

Review For: Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992) - European Version

This is an all time classic game!There is nothing like the Mario bros games!There are so many different challenges and obstacles to overcome.The best part of this game is riding Yoshi!Yoshi is able to eat some enemies with his tongue, and can stomp on the rest!But, be careful, loose your footing and Yoshi will make a run for it!The good thing is if you can catch up to Yoshi you can get back on him!There are many secret levels, and of course after you get so far along the ghost houses!Make sure to take your time in the ghost houses one wrong move and you will have to start over.It will challenge you as you get farther along!
The next best thing to being able to ride Yoshi in this game, is that magical red cape!! You can fly, after getting a good running start! Even better if there is a certain enemy giving you a hard time just back up, start running, & fly over him!Another one of my favorite parts is the "jumping football guy", watch out for him, in an instant he will be jumping then he will start to charge right at you!One good thing is that you can jump on his helmet head and he will shrink down, keep steping on his head an he will eventually die!Overall this is my favorite game for my Super Nintendo, I have about 10 games and this is the one I always go for! You won't be dissapointed buying this one, it may just turn into you favorite!
You can usually find a good deal on Ebay or also. Hope this helps everyone to make a choice on this game.Thanks for taking the time to read this! :)

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Created: 01/02/10

Five out of five!

Review For: Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992) - European Version

This is one of the best Mario games I have ever played. I played it for the first time when my parents brought home a brand new Super Nintendo when it first came out, it included a free copy of Super Mario World. Twenty years have passed, and I still love playing it. This game never gets old. It's a classic game, but it's still quite challenging. There's a ton of levels to get through, including many optional secret levels. I loved the originality of the levels, I never got bored with them. Yoshi was a great addition, as well as the yellow cape, which allowed Mario to fly all over the place. It took me a couple of minutes to get used to it, but when I did, I had a ton of fun using the yellow cape in the game. Using the yellow cape is required to get some of the secrets in the game, so if you play it, make sure you master the use of the yellow cape. All of the extra levels you uncover will be worth the effort. There's even a star area in the game that acts as a shortcut between various areas. You have to unlock the star routes as you play the game, but it will help you backtrack to other locations faster if you do. What I loved the most about this game was the length of it. If you're into games that you can finish in twenty-four hours or less, then Super Mario World isn't for you. This game is available for the Super Nintendo/SNES and for Game Boy Advance/GBA systems. If you don't have this game, you're really missing out. I would recommend it to anyone.

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Created: 02/07/09

A classic that deserves only the upmost respect!

Review For: Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992) - European Version

This game is nothing short of pure perfection!!!! It was the first video game I ever played in my life. I was wowed by it's crystal clear sprite based graphics, it's simplistic (yet exciting) game play, it's beautiful musical score, and it's broad cast of wacky characters. It tickles me so much every time Mario saddles up on the back of Yoshi the Dinosaur, there was always this loud *POW*POW* noise, and then the music would start playing bongos and drums as you and Yoshi road off. The main thing I love about it, however, was after you defeated the evil King Bowser, and you officially rescue the Princess. When she gives Mario that warm, loving kiss, and as you're watching a love struck Mario turn beet red, you as the player feel warm inside yourself. I think what makes this game so beautiful, is that it's one of the first pioneering games that ever successfully portrayed the STORYLINE as well as the personality of the characters, both visually as well as conceptually. It gives the players the sense that all of their efforts to get to the end, and defeat the final evil, was not in vain. It makes people think they've truly made a difference. If only all games did that.....

A couple days ago I purchased copy of this game in mint condition off of here. I have another one that I got from some random dude but it has some scuffs and dings, so I wanted an extra one so in case the other one fizzles out, I can keep playing it and enjoying it to the fullest.

You know something, I have Halo 3, Call of Duty, Gears of War, all these new games in our current generation, but in the end, they pale in comparison to this little game from the early 90's. It's a true masterpiece, and if it weren't for this game, I wouldn't be studying to become a video game developer myself.


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