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Super Mario Kart  (Super NES, 1992)
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Super Ma...Super Ma...

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Created: 07/11/13

Great nostalgia, but it has not aged particularly well

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

It is nice to look back and see the roots of such a game-changer. Many sequels spawned and many Mario Kart kart ripoffs populated the game stores. But going through this title again, does it stand the tests of time?

Personally, I don't think so. While Double Dash may be my favorite entry, Mario Kart 64 was the one that modernized its control and established the franchise big time. Of course, the SNES could only pull off so much due to hardware capabilities. But here are some critiques of mine:

I can admire the game for going for a true go-karting experience, from the brevity of the courses and the controls. The stages are short and you race each one 5 laps each. But my first critique is the level designs. There are some very interesting ones (including Rainbow Road), but a lot of them repeat the same look and it feels lazy in that aspect.

Another issue I had was the controls. The drifting isn't too strong in this title, and turning too hard can screw you over. Much like real go-kart racing you need to ease off the brakes to cut into your turns. However, due to technical limitations, it can be difficult to telegraph your speed and the degree of your turn.

And finally, the physics. The physics can make or break a race. From how much you're turning, you can peel out off the track and drag slowly to get back on track. Running into green pipes and other objects (it'll happen a lot) will make you come to a complete stop. Getting knocked aside by another driver can also shoot you dangerously to the side, having to claw your way back onto the track. And it doesn't help when there is only one opportunity per lap to grab an item to redeem yourself.

While I may be harping on this title, I can appreciate it for inventing the true party kart racer. It is fun to play around with friends and good to get that nostalgic feel, but this particular SNES game has shown its age.

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Created: 06/09/11

Was more fun in the 90s

No, I would not recommend this product.

For it's time it would be a five rating but nowadays it's just an average racer. Fun but not as much fun nowadays as it was in the 90s.

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Created: 01/23/09

super mario cart

graphics are terrible. but, great throwback game. its kinda cute. makes me dizzy though playing it.obviously the wii version is so much better. but its cool to play the original though.

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Created: 08/22/09

hard to control !!!

if you are not used to playing this game, it can be difficult to control, otherwise , another great mario product

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