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SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini...
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Created: 12/08/06

Fun game for the family

Review For: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (Microsoft Xbox, 2003) - European Version

I bought this game for my four-year-old son, who had nothing to play on our XBox 360. This game is perfect for his age group and a little older. He enjoys being the characters and seeing the familiar surroundings from the show. The moves are easy enough for him to handle, but there are still elements of the game that require a little help from mom or dad. All in all, we enjoy to play this as a family. My son really likes it, because it is at his skill level. It is easy for little ones to go from board to board and the "missions" are easy to understand and execute. There is really no way for the characters to "die," which is nice for little ones who get easily frustrated. The characters have a few chances to reduce their life and then when they do "die," they simply wake up at the nearest checkpoint, so you can continue what you were doing. You also have to collect "shiny objects" which are everywhere in the game and are super easy to collect.

For a preschool age child, I would highly recommend this game. The characters and surroundings are familiar to the kids and this game has a real ease of use.

The only con I would list about this game, is that it may be a too easy for adults. My husband and I play it with our son and with our help, the game is almost completely beaten and we have only had it for about a month. If you are buying this for an adult, it may be too easy. The tasks are simple and are fully explained, so there isn't much to do except carry it all out. I would recommend it for the preschool and grade school age child. It is fun for parents too, but not as challenging as an "adult" game.

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Created: 10/10/07

A great Spongebob game that you can beat!!

I am an adult gamer and I thought I'd try this Spongebob game that my kids have. I usually try all the games they have.

The game is cute. I like the graphics and it's bold, vibrant colors. Spongebob moves pretty good in there. Slides, walks, jumps, floats & blows bubbles that disable the enemies.

You go through each stage to beat each level. Once you beat a level, you move onto the next. There are I think about 4 levels with about 6 rounds in each. Then there are bosses you have to beat. In each stages, you have to get all 3 spatulas to finish it. You also need to collect 20 crabby patties but that's optional.

Overall, the game is pretty challenging in some ways but that hard that you can't beat. They have you think of clever strategies of how to get around certain obstacles. Like for example, there was on stage where I couldn't figure out how to get up there. Then it dawned on me that I could blow the bubbles on the monster floating above me, this brings the monster down, then push him toward the wall, then jump on him to get over the ledge. This game gets you thinking of ways to do things. I like that in a game where it makes you think.

The game itself isn't hard nor easy. Just perfect. I also get lost easily as I have no sense of direction. With this game, there are different ways of getting different places then you need to go back to exit. Each level takes about 1/2 hour for me.

I recommend this game for anyone. But I'm speaking from an adult perspective as I know there are plenty of adult gamers out there. Great for kids as well.

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Created: 10/16/06

awesome game

this game is awesome.. my 3 and 4 year old can sit for hours if i let them playing jumping from level to level and game to game..tons of fun for the whole family even when grandma comes over she plays..(also myself and my husband) but the best part is the kids they absoulty love it.. and all the games are easy to play so even toddlers can enjoy the computer...the games also teach game is like a memory game turning over sewer covers to dfind a matching pair of spongebob and other characters fromt he show..
a must have tons of fun for any age!!!

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Created: 11/22/06

The VERY Best Spongebob Game

This is my favorite of all the spongebob games. That includes the newest game as well. This was the first spongebob game I had ever played. My little cousins were playing this game and I started watching them. Before long, I was playing with them. Very fun. I have since played every other spongebob game on Playstation 2 or Gamecube and this game is the very best. You have many things to do, it is very fun collecting socks and spatulas, you have several different moves. There is a lot to have fun with in this game and it features lots of characters. I would recommend this game to any person, any age, that enjoys adventure games, like Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank. If your kid is a spongebob fan, get this game. THEY WILL HAVE A BLAST, AND SO CAN YOU.

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Created: 09/05/06

Our must have game

Review For: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (Microsoft Xbox, 2003) - European Version

This game is one of my kids favorite games. In fact they played it so much when the old game got scratched I looked every where until I could find it again. They have been happily playing it ever since we got it again.

The older boy enjoys seeing how many spatula's he can get and looking for hidden socks and even the younger boy (3 1/2) is getting pretty good at the game.

The game is a little violent, the youngest now thinks it's OK to kill robots and is having to learn that hitting is only for the game not something we do to others, but they love the Spongebob characters.

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Created: 02/25/10

a real rarity! a tie in thats actually good

Review For: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (Microsoft Xbox, 2003) - European Version

this is a fantastic example of when tie ins go RIGHT.

batman arkham asylum.

the incredibles.

spongebob squarepants; battle for bakini bottom

spongebob squarepants the movie game

all are exxelent examples of fun tie ins. i highly reccomened this (as all the other spongebob games admitadly SUCK)

satisfying gameplay, incredible level design (seriously. shiggy myamoto must have worked on this thing. i love the levels!) all the standard charicters are there (as required by tie in law) the humor is there. it certianly loves exploring itself.

wanna go snowboarding on a shell?

go ahead!

want to blow the smitherines out of entertaining enimies? right behind ya!

want to play carnival games and search ACRES of gameplay for little collectibles (more fun then it sounds) nothing is holding ya back!

i wont spoil anything but the endboss is hilariusly awesome.

all three playable charicters (spongebob patrick and sandy) all handle vastly different and each are incredibly fun to tool around with.

i reccomend this game on all levels.

sure its only slightly older then HL2 but we're still playing that one aint we?

you CANNOT go wrong with this, go enjoy :)

(this was written by one heck of a hardcore gamer who despises tie ins. that is how awesome this game is)

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Created: 03/30/07


My seven year old son loves to play this game. If my seven yeard old (PS2 pro) can play it and has a hard time beating the game then it was worth every penny. I purchase all my Playstation 2 games for my son on ebay and always find a great deal. This was a good buy

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Created: 02/09/09

SpongeBob... the new Mario

This game is great. It's more or less a very well rendered Mario brothers style game, based around the fantastic undersea world of SpongeBob Squarepants. Everyone, young and old alike, love SpongeBob. This game will not let many people down. My nephew (5 years old) wasn't really impressed but he doesn't have great motor skills yet. My niece (9 years old) couldn't get enough. She actually played it in her new DS Lite and it took precedence over all the DS games she had on a recent trip... the whole trip. My wife got to spend a few hours with the game as well, after the kids' bed time and she loved it too. Great game, I will definitely try some of the other SB titled games.

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Created: 04/12/10


Review For: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (Microsoft Xbox, 2003) - European Version

This game is wonderful. It is full of imagination and suspense. There is also counting and colors to learn for those who are younger or just for those who just love to pick out their favorite colors. I also love the fact that it is full of the real life stuff of love and orneriness. This game is full of problem solving skills and when not acomplished you get to try and try until you get it right. How wonderful is that!!! Even the defeats are made funny. By defeats what comes to mind is the big hand. My grandchildren just thinks that is so funny. I think kids learn cognitive skills and what a friend is.
Does it sound like I love this game? Yes, I do and I'm just a grandma of 10 great grandchildren who loves to watch them play this game. Thank you, Betty

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Created: 09/09/08

The Battle fro Bikini Bottom PS II

Our child loves this game. We first played it at a friends house and that lead to the purchase. We bought it second hand but it surely would have been worth the full price with the miles we are getting out of the game. Many levels and fun for all ages.

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