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Spider-Man (Nintendo 64, 2000)
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Created: 07/05/08

A great super-hero game for it's time.

A great super-hero game for it's time, and a favorite of mine on the PS1.

Spider-man for the PS1 gives you a 3rd person game with fighting, switch-puzzles, hostage rescuing, and races that equal some great action!

What's good:
Cameo appearances. You'll see lots of marvel characters in this game, and not just the villains you'll fight. Occasionally quick cameo's will be made by characters like Black Cat and the Punisher. a nice treat for Marvel fans.
Lots of classic villains. You'll get lots of bad guys to go up against. The Lizard, Venom, and Mysterio to name a few.
Great Spidey-powers. Crawl on almost any surface. Zip lines to get you from floor to ceiling and wall to wall quickly. Webbing to tie up your foes, then trow them around. Web-gloves to power up your punches. Web domes to shield yourself and then explode like a bomb. This game did a great job at moving spidey-powers forward in game-play.
Lots of extra options. You get in-game suite and web power-ups. You also get a training mode with several options to practice your skills, and have single-player-skirmishes. You get other bonuses to unlock for you to view outside of the main game, and new suites you can unlock. Some of which come with extra powers so you can play through levels again with the upgraded outfit.
Corny one-liners are present. The comments coming from Spidey and his foes are cheesy, but cheesy like they should be. The voice acting is fairly well done, in the spirit of Saturday morning cartoon.
The sound is great and so is the music! The music will also change during the level as your situation becomes more intense then calms down again. A common thing now, but it was a relatively unused concept when the game was originally released.
Saving and loading is FAST!
The game-play itself. It's basically a 3rd person beat-em-up with a Marvel coat of paint, but it is fun. Spider-man looks and moves like he should. There's challenging moments, but not impossible moments. The tactics in the boss missions are varied, and the final mission has the uncommon twist in the game-play. At the time it came out, it was no doubt the best Spider-man game ever.

What could be better:
Controls are a little cumbersome (but not impossible). The controls make it hard to do sharp turns and aren't always the most accurate when you need to line up a shot. They're not terrible, but they could have been a little tighter. An option to control the camera would have been nice too. It is true you can go into a precise aiming mode that gives you a target reticle, and you can look around that way, but moving in between modes is a little slow, and you have to choose between camera control or character control.
Controls aside, the camera angles themselves can get in the way, and cause some disorientation. Again, it didn't make the game impossible to play, just a little annoying at times.
Although they mix up locations and nameless thugs you beat up, occasionally the combat does gets a little repetitive.

A great addition to your PS1 Library, and definitely one of my favourites for the system.

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Created: 12/10/10

One of the best Spiderman games ever!!!

I'll just flat out say it: Spider-Man for the playstation is a great game. Activision and Neversoft have created the very first PSX Spider-Man game and it's a great one at that. I actually consider it one of those ''must own'' playstation games to have in you collection, but I'm aware that not everyone is a fan of the wallcrawler. But even so, if you like superhero's even just a little, let alone in a videogame, Spider-Man is top of the line...web line that is.

Gameplay: 9/10

Spider-Man's gampelay mechanics never really got old for me. I loved playing as the webhead! It has some puzzle solving elements in it, regular beat-em up, and even a timed ''catch the badguy''. It's honestly a really fun game to play and it's one of the few playstation games that I've actually like playing through more than once. The bosses you fight in this game are fun to fight, and a lot of them are puzzle-esque as well, not just your typical run of the mill ''beat the bejesus out of him'' boss fight.

There is one rather tedious element to Spider-Man, and that's the repetition of enemies. They are all basically the same, just with different style. For example, for the first few levels you battle thugs. The next few levels you battle Lizard men, and then after that a bunch of symbiote monster creatures. The enemies never mix, instead it's just the same group of enemies for a specific group of levels. You may not think it's such a big deal, but after a while it tends to get rather tedious. A minor complaint though.

Graphics: 9/10

For the playstation, Spider-Man's graphics are great. However, due to the console's limitations, the detail can't get as in depth as the game does on the PC. Still, you can't blame the game for that. Also, there is always the graphical mess up that occasionally occurs. Over all though, awesome graphics.

Controls :8/10

The controls in Spider-Man are pulled off pretty good. I believe it was Neversoft and their Tony Hawk game controls that help out Spider-Man's controls in every way. They are very smooth, although you'll find yourself doing the wrong thing from time to time. Sometimes they aren't as responsive as they should be, but this is actually something pretty minor. The camera control could be slightly better, but it's hardly anything to really take note for.


I'm not going to rate the story. It's a comic book story at heart, full of that superhero cheesiness that we all know and love. However, I will say this, and this can be a good or bad thing depending on how you feel. Spider-man has a lot of unnecessary cameos appearing throughout cutscenes for virtually no reason at all. It's as though Marvel wanted to get nearly every major character to make a cameo just for the sake of showing off their characters on the playstation in 3D. No cameos by the Hulk or Iron Man though, but I believe Spider-Man does make some sort of witty comment about them in the game somewhere.

Which brings me to something else: the character of Spider-Man is brought to life on the playstation beautifully. Granted, it's not like the movie, but since this game was out before the movie by quite a long time, it's damn good.


Honestly, I'm not one to give out a score to the sound and audio. It's good. It has some nice music, and whatever. Need I say more?

I will just get to the point, This is a must have!

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Created: 11/06/10

It's Amazing,Spectacular,It's Spider-Man!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Story: This is easily the best story of any spider-man game the story is that Dr.Octopus' invention is stolen which is supposed to help mankind...yada yada,but spider-man steals it,guess who'd be in the crowd Peter Parker,Eddie Brock takes photos of the event and this Imposter Spider-man Brakes it he's pissed,so Eddies pissed so you get venom,there's a imposter spider-man and Dr.Octopus is a good guy?(Yeah Right).

Gameplay: The Gameplay is perfect Wall Crawling,Web Slinging,and moving around is easy with no Camera problems the fighting is simple but effective you have 4 ways to take down thugs Webs,Beating them with your fists,kicking them in the face,or jumping on top of them and pounding the crap outta their head (Grabbing).

Look: It's what you expect it looks good for a superhero game it looks comic like and the PS1 cut-scenes are great but the Dreamcast looks 10X's better and the N64's comic panel cut-scenes are fun.

Overall: This game is perfect for any Spider-man fan or comic book fan if you don't like spidey don't worry there's tons of Cameos from other Marvel heroes so I say pick this up over any other spider-man game

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Created: 10/05/07

A good super hero game? YES!

Super hero games usually get a bad rap - and rightfully so - especially if based on a movie. The exception seems to be with the Spider-Man games. This Spider-man game for the Sega Dreamcast was made to be an action adventure game on it's own merit - not developed for release along side the movie!

Spider-Man for the Sega Dreamcast is as fine as any of many mainstream adventure games to date, and as good if not better, than the Spider-Man games released that were based on the movies. This Spider-Man game is not tied to the movie releases so it is a stand alone action/adventure/platform/shoo​ter. Released by Activision a year before the other Spider-Man games came out, this one does not have to draw on the movie to get it's story.

Spider-Man (Dreamcast) sticks out for two main reasons, (and one little reason).
One, it does all the tried and true stuff correctly. The controls are solid, the graphics are very good. The feeling that you have a large world to explore is present. The foes are well created and yet keep in line with the Spider-man comics, the voice work is good, the script is decent....there really is not one thing to complain about. This is an excellent adventure game, done well on every front including the opening commentary by the guy who created the Spider-man character in the first place, Mr. Stan Lee.

The second main thing that sticks out is the dialogue Spider-man makes throughout the game. It is funny in a smart aleck sort of way and yet not too repetitive like many games can be. I found that I like the guy and could associate with his way of thinking. This, I believe, is called character development and if you can build a likable character that a gamer can appreciate, then you've created a great game.

A third reason, for me and my family, is the lack of spraying blood and gore. My kids play this and I don't want them to be exposed to the modern day refinements for extreme violence, gore, language, sex, drugs and stupidity. This game is rated "E".

The graphics are not up to the HD graphics of today but are right in line with any Dreamcast or PS2 or Xbox or GameCube game out there. I've read that this same game looks better on the DC than on the PS2.
UPDATE: We recently got Spider-Man for the GameCube that we play through the Wii. The graphics and environments and gameplay are all about the same.

Should you buy this game?
YES. You really have nothing to lose on this. Great graphics, great game play and a comfortable control scheme combined with a likable character and decent story make this an excellent choice. PLUS it's a super-hero game that doesn't suck! It does everything by the book, and it does it all very well.

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Created: 03/01/11

SPIDERMAN - an epic classic for the n64

Review For: Spider-Man (Nintendo 64, 2000)

this game brings backs loads of memories and the greatest thing of all is that i was able to buy it again!

The game is very enjoyable and very addicting, fighting was smooth and not repetitive, you can pull of tons of different combos from what i remember. And the swinging system was perfect.

The voice acting was great, the almighty narrator's voice is one that you'll never forget. The soundtrack was great, custom version of the spiderman theme i guess.

The games had many levels, that were all fun and different. Plus it had lots to offer, i remember there was a training mode of some sort, and as a bonus,you get to play as 3 -4 other version of spiderman, each with there own "special" ability, i remember one of them was called Spiderman Infinite or something and he could turn invisible when not facing a battle.

Is that cool or what?

All in all excellent game, must have if your not a fan of spiderman or if you are, its even better.

A good price for the cartridge alone would be to pay $3 - $5 (before shipping), if you are buying one CIB expect to pay around $13 - $15 (before shipping).

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Created: 09/06/06

Spider-Man for the Genesis is one to pick up!

Graphics: 4/5
Smooth comic book likeness and the fluid motion gameplay.

Gameplay: 4/5
Fighting all of Spidey's foes on the Sega Genesis still proves to be fun today for the fans of the comic book series.

Controls: 3/5
Standard controls for a game of this genre. You'll beat up Carnage at the end easily enough!

Sound: 3/5
The Sound is not the greatest and at time sounds like it is going to blow your speakers on your TV, though it is good for the Genesis Era.

Replay Value: 4/5
15 years later, this game still has a fun appeal.

Overall: 4/5 (B)
This is a game that is worth picking up on your Sega Genesis for old time sake.

This side-scroller is plenty of fun if you can sit for awhile. Spiderman is your typical, old-fashioned, jump-kick-punch game. Spiderman can crawl on the walls, ceilings, the sides of buildings, and through vents. You'll face six villains, including Dr Octopus, the Hobgoblin, and Venom. The graphics and sound are about average. This challenging game can get repeatetive, and you would have to play it in one setting, but as a 15 year-old game, it still packs fun.

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Created: 07/20/09


Review For: Spider-Man (Nintendo 64, 2000)

its pretty fun for a super hero license. spidey shoots and swings like int he comic. furthermore the story is told through with comic book pages and also voice acting. the graphics are feeble but the game is still fun in its own right. the fighting does get repetitive as the enemy ai leaves alot to be desired.

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Created: 10/13/11

Almost excellent, except for the need to get some old hardware.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

My entire family has a spiderman fascination and we're not avid gamers so right away there is a bias and perspective that would make this review useful to only a select few. That said, I love this game. I like the navigation-by-web approach to the classic first person action game genre. The controls, were not entirely intuitive, but then I haven't used a controller with this many buttons...well...ever. I also like that the good guy does not use a gun. That becomes more important when you're a parent.

You have to have an old Game Cube controller to plug into your Wii if you want to use this on a Wii like we did. I had to pick one up at a thrift store. It also needs a Game Cube memory card if you want to do any saving.

Haven't needed to save anything yet because I don't play very often and level one still excites me. I'm still trying to battle my way to Uncle Ben's killer so I don't have much to offer about bosses or levels other than the first one, but it really fit the bill for me.

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Created: 12/01/10

Great game!

Classic spidey for the ps1, great platform comic game with sooooo many easter eggs it has HIGH replay value!!

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Created: 08/23/09

Spider-Man for Nintendo 64

Review For: Spider-Man (Nintendo 64, 2000)

If you have an N64, or Nintendo 64, this is one of the better games to have in your collection. Plenty of voice acting and cut-scenes make it feel like you're playing a CD game instead of a cartridge. Good hi-res graphics, using the memory-expansion pak. Good controls and variety of attacks makes the game fun to play. You won't find this game on the Virtual Console for the Wii.

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