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Sony PlayStation 3 Slim
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Created: 06/22/16

Best built PS3

Easy to use with streaming services like Netflix. Internet capable. Many games. Good graphics.

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Created: 06/14/16


Review For: Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (Latest Model)- 120 GB Charcoal Black Console

Working fine for a used machine, only complaint was the controller was really worn but had others of my own to use.

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Created: 05/24/16



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Created: 10/20/09

$299 PS3 FINALLY competitive with Xbox/Wii

Review For: Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (Latest Model)- 120 GB Charcoal Black Console

The new PS3 and price point really deserves a 5-star rating (relative to ALL previous PS3 console releases)... unfortunately this system is not ALL it could be, and with the equally reduced Xbox360 prices, the PS3 now only has a marginal edge over the next-gen market.

The Good: There's so much to say here--you get the SAME great hardware in the most recent GEN PS3 80gb--but with capacity increased to 120 GB. 25% starting price reduction. 30% lighter AND slimmer. 30% more energy efficient (and MORE than 50% more efficient than GEN1 PS3's). The same CPU/GPU power of previous PS3 consoles. You retain the ability to swap hard drives easily. New matte finish that is both scratch and fingerprint resistant. Added compatibility with Sony Bravia hardware--limited appeal, but a bonus.

The Bad: Two USB ports maximum--disappointing. Lack of memory card readers--not a big deal. Removal of the dual-boot Operating System feature--a slap in the fact to Linux fans. The refusal of Sony to bow to consumer demand and enable PS2 emulation at the software level--disgusting.

The Ugly: While the new matte finish is more scratch and fingerprint resistant than its predecessors, it gives the PS3 a MUCH less professional look. Most will agree that the new design is uglier, and rather bland (see logo).

Even with the most recent xbox360 price drop, Sony FINALLY has a leg up on the competition, in terms of price-to-performance ratio. The xbox360 is arguably equivalent, if not for the lack of a Blu-Ray drive, which is a MAJOR selling point for the PS3. At only $50 more expensive than the Nintendo Wii (without a price reduction planned), the PS3 may easily begin to siphon off sales from Nintendo come the Holidays.

The REAL difference between consoles is the ported games and system exclusives. Game ports between the PS3, Xbox360, and PC standards are pretty much a given with the majority of games--the Wii however will end up with watered-down ports in almost every case. At this point, system exclusives on all three systems are nearly equal in terms of quality and customer appear--each system has standout games, which should be used as the main criteria for console selection.

Favor the new PS3 SLIM if only because its hardware is superior AND features a built-in Blu-Ray drive with 7.1 surround... quite the nice perk, what with low-end Blu-Ray players starting at $150 now.

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Feature ratings

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  • Game selection
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Created: 06/07/12

Good System, a decent game selection

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

My cousins have been bothering me about getting one.
I own and mostly play on an xbox 360. (and i love it, sorry ps3, so my review might be a bit biased, i'm not afraid to admit it.) (also i do own a wii, its a paperweight most of the time)

Personaly ps3 never had any exclusive titles that interested me so its taken me til now to get one.

I do like that it has free online gaming vs the xbox. I still need to see if xbox vs ps3 servers are different in anyways.

I guess i'll list off pros and cons if i can think of any.

obviously online gaming is free (wii has this too but wii online sucks)
BLU-RAY PLAYER, heck yes. I have a pc with one but i've alway wanted one to have for my tv, now i have game system and a blu-ray
Clear graphics (actually for some reason when i see a ps3 game vs the looks of the same title on the xbox, its always looke clearer, or more clean)
maybe a few select exclusives (can't wait to see what bungie has in store though) and also whenever kingdom hearts 3 comes out i'm now prepared

Neither con nor pro (has features other have)
Most have the same game selection (if you want good exclusives you can't really go wrong with nintendo, and xbox has the exclusives i like)
Internet browser (cool yeah, but wii also has that, and so does everything else now, just xbox is a bit slow on it, e3)
To me the controller feels weird and light (but xbox user here so not a surprise)

now this is con for every system, accesories are always so freaking expensive.
usb charge cord, too short, i can't play like that easily.
... (now this one i don't own but still i want to right something on it) the ps move. WTF. Just an improved wiimote that looks weird. ... clown festival. (ok i'll say this too, kinect copied the ps2 eye toy thing, so borrowed ideas)

So all in all a great system with a few borrowed ideas and to me a better game selection then nintendo wii but not as good as xbox.

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Created: 04/02/10

A Great System with Lots of Potential

Review For: Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (Latest Model)- 120 GB Charcoal Black Console

I was an Xbox 360 guy for a long time. However, I have a handful of friends that are playing on PS3 so I started looking into making the switch. My initial thoughts of the PS3 were kind of, "So What?" But after spending a few days with the system and playing through some games (some I was familiar with from the Xbox, others are new to me), I'm really realizing that the PS3 is a great system with a lot of potential. A few of the perks above the Xbox 360 system for me are:

• BluRay - I'm a movie buff and this feature (while more of a bonus than a necessity) is really great and for the price of the system, it's better than a standalone player
• 120GB + Hard Drive Capacity - On my Xbox 360 Pro, I only had a 20GB hard drive. To upgrade to a 60GB would have cost me roughly $120 with the cost of the transfer cable. To go to 120GB, it would have been much more. The PS3 has more storage capacity and the ability to upgrade your hard drive at any time. What's even more likable about the PS3 is that Sony gladly provides the instructions on how to do this.
• Hi Definition - The Xbox has high definition, but the PS3 runs more games at 1080, thus increasing the overall appearance of the games. This isn't a considerable strong point for the PS3 over the Xbox, but it's noticeable (Final Fantasy XIII for instance).
• Age - Lastly, the PS3 is a lot younger than the Xbox 360 and thus has a longer life. It's my opinion that Microsoft has maximized their Xbox system and there's not a whole lot more room for growth where the PS3 still has a couple of years and the most expandability of the two systems.

The PS3 really does do everything and save for the 3.21 patch removing alternate OS support, it's one of the most expandable systems I've played. The online experience isn't quite as polished as Xbox Live, but it's free so one can't really complain.

If you're a gamer and a movie lover like myself, the PS3 is the system to have.

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Created: 01/31/11

Great system with a few faults...

Review For: Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (Latest Model)- 120 GB Charcoal Black Console

Growing up i was always a nintendo guy, but the PS2 had such great games and graphics i had to convert. Now, years later, it's hard to differentiate between what is a better console. Both the PS3 and the xbox 360 have great games and visuals, and the Wii has such a fun interface and niche of its own. The Wii aside, i think the 360 and PS3 both have pros and cons of their own. Ok but since this review is on the playstation here is a simplified breakdown of my personal opinion of it.

- Truly stunning visuals and graphics. At times leaves you in awe.
- Free online play
- A decent array of exclusive games
- Blu Ray player
- Fast processor
- Loads quickly and runs quietly

- Online play is not as good as xbox live
- List of exclusive games is alright depending on what type of games your into
- Controller feels cheap and outdated
- Home screen can be annoying to navigate

All in all its a great system but if your considering purchasing i would take a good hard look at both the PS3 and 360 before making a final decision. They are both very close but you really need to look at games and what kind of player you are before dishing out the dough. There are countless reviews for this system and comparisons as well but this is just my personal opinion. Hope this at least helped a little!

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Feature ratings

  • Ease of use
  • Game selection
  • Value for money
Created: 10/20/11

Games, Socializing, Blu-Ray, Music, Pictures. Media Center Powerhouse!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (Latest Model)- 120 GB Charcoal Black Console

This product is better than ever costing $200-$300. This is extremely affordable. With the wide selection of games from; Call of Duty to Little Big Planet, and Prototype to Mortal Kombat 9, etc. It's free to play online (excluding newly introduced PSN Pass needed games) and serves as the ultimate media player device. This plays Blu-Rays and regular DVD/CD formats. Has HDMI and Optical Sound options to enhance your experience. Sleek design that is MORE eco-friendly than its 1st debut model. PS Store allows you to trial and buy games as well as movies and customize your PS3. Due to the hack earlier this year, some key features are not available, but make up for great customer service. Service is a bit worse than Microsoft's Xbox 360, but this is free (mostly). Communication with friends is easy, being able to text and chat. It's interface is somewhat hard to use for people new to its hardware but will eventually become pros with the system.

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Created: 06/29/10

Sony Slim 120

Review For: Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (Latest Model)- 120 GB Charcoal Black Console

The video resolution is better than my other game systems. The Sony features are well appointed and the wireless works very well. However, like many of their systems and contrary to the reviews of less power consumption etc. this unit gets hot. I was nervous and bought an Intercooler to help control the heat and possibly prevent overheating. I do like overall the way the system plays, but when it heats up the fans are rather noisey (even without the Intercooler).

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Created: 08/28/10

Great Console, Could Have Been Better

Review For: Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (Latest Model)- 120 GB Charcoal Black Console

-more reliable hardware
-better processor
-blu ray (both for playing movies and having 3-6x disk space for games)
-servers for online on all of their games (as in 1st and 2ed party games)
-wireless usb chargeable controllers
-free online play
-ps1 BC

-no ps2 BC currently
-few ppl use mics on psn
-SLIGHTLY lower quality multiplats on average

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