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Sony PlayStation 3
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Created: 08/06/10

You Will Not Be Sorry

First, I must disclose that my experience is with the 60GB model and not the 80GB. I also think you should strongly consider purchasing the 60GB model if you are buying used. I say this because this model had all the hardware bells and whistles that were taken out of subsequent generations. For those who backwards compatibility is really important for, the 60GB model contains the Emotion Engine hardware of the PS2 thereby making it fully backwards compatible. The subsequent 80GB model used software emulation to play PS2 games, which as I understand it makes some PS2 games incompatible. It also has flash memory card readers and 4 USB ports. Models released after 2007 had the flash card readers removed, the USB ports were reduced from 4 to 2, and backwards compatibility was eliminated. So, if any of these things are important to you, a 60GB model is your best bet. If the size of the hard drive is of concern, it can be easily upgraded by the user with any 2.5 inch SATA hard drive. My 60GB model now has a 500GB hard drive in it, which is bigger than any stock PS3 HDD.
With the hardware alterations aside, the user experience is pretty much the same from model to model. I also own an Xbox 360 so I will make some comparisons to it for anyone on the fence with these systems. Sony has done a good job of evolving the operating system which originally had some glaring inadequacies when compared to the XBox OS. Xbox social features are still better developed in my opinion and offers a better online gaming experience. If online gaming is important to you, Sony's Playstation Network is good enough but Xbox Live is a bit more robust in my view.

The graphics are phenomenal no matter what you're using it for. With this generation of consoles taking advantage of High Definition TV technology, games can look photorealistic at times. The PS3 also supports DVD upscaling to help your DVDs look their best and of course, the PS3 doubles as a Blu Ray player as well, which also works flawlessly. If graphics are a big concern for you, neither system really bests the other. You can often find online comparisons of games released on both the 360 and PS3 only to find the writers straining to find the tiniest flaws in either version. On 99% of games, the difference in quality is so insignificant that you probably won't be able to tell the difference. The Blu Ray drive doesn't really give the PS3 an edge in graphics or anything else (besides the obvious advantage of Blu Ray playback). Yes, it allows to store far more data on a single disc, but since disc costs virtually nothing to produce 360 games can simply ship with two or more DVDs if necessary.
The PS3 also works quite well as a Media Center. It's easy to set it up to stream content from your computer or to load your photos, video, audio or other data on to the PS3 hard drive to view on your TV. Additionally, the Playstation store allows you to download game demos, full games, previews, and rent or buy movies with a few clicks on your controller.

Conclusion: While the PS3 used to be prohibitively expensive and lacked a strong game library when compared to the Xbox 360, the PS3 has done away with both of these problems and the consumer can expect to be quite satisfied with either purchase. IF you are really in to online gaming though, the Xbox 360 may be a better fit. Other than that, the systems are pretty evenly matched in my book and you can't go wrong either way.

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Created: 10/09/09

Sony PlayStation 3

The good: Swanky design with quiet operation; all games in high-definition; PSP-like user-friendly interface; plays high-def Blu-ray movies in addition to standard DVDs; built-in Wi-Fi; 60GB hard drive; Bluetooth support for wireless controllers and accessories is coming; backwards-compatible with PS2 and PS1 titles; built-in memory card readers; online play is free; HDMI output with 1080p support; no external power supply

The bad: Pricey; first wave of games is somewhat anemic; doesn't upscale DVDs to HD resolution; no force feedback (rumble) support in controller; a USB port on the back would've been nice; no infrared port means non-Bluetooth universal remotes aren't compatible; glossy black finish is a fingerprint magnet; HDMI cable not included.

The bottom line: Sony's PlayStation 3 may be the most expensive next-gen game console, and its launch titles are not all that impressive, but its swanky design and bevy of features, including a Blu-ray drive, make it hard to resist--even at ?

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Created: 03/10/09

What is the difference between Xbox 360 and SPS3?

Sony and Microsoft, both notorious for pulling out all the stops, are going head to head with their latest game machines. Although not a gamer, I'm drawn to the PS3 and the Xbox 360 (and its new trimmings) as feats of hitherto unseen technological wonder. Both companies have bet recklessly on their platforms, and both see them as gaming plus a whole lot more. So while the gaming world has its own critiques — and while the Nintendo Wii continues to charm with its less performance-based attitude — my desire was to see what the Xbox and PS3 could do in the way of movies, music and other entertainment. I tethered both of them to a smokin' 46-in. Sharp 1080p high-definition LCD TV and let them rip.

Most gamers know that the PS3's delay was caused by its Blu-ray drive, and many suggest that the Blu-ray advantage isn't worth the price or the wait. Sure, movies on Blu-ray have a picture quality six times higher than a standard DVD, but the vast majority of so-called high definition TVs don't even have the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution (known as 1080p) to show Blu-ray's full glory. From a home-theater point of view, though, the PS3 was not only the first Blu-ray player to be priced well under $1,000, but the first to be introduced from Sony, the mother of the Blu-ray initiative. In other words, for anyone who already has a sweet 1080p TV, or is planning to spend $2,500 or more to get one, the PS3 is almost a requirement, being one of the only reliable sources of full HD video.

If you don't know about Blu-ray, it's because it's not the only successor to the DVD. A few companies, including Microsoft, support a different standard for next-generation movie discs, called HD DVD. The conflict between the two formats has made it tough for consumers to make any decisions, so sales have been miniscule. But now that Sony's Blu-ray is appearing in Sony's eagerly anticipated PS3, Microsoft's HD DVD format is appearing in, you guessed it, Microsoft's Xbox 360. Okay, not "in" the Xbox-an accessory drive that connects to the console via USB has just gone on sale for $200. That brings the total for Microsoft's premium high-def-movie playing system to $600, the same price as the premium PS3.

I'm a big fan of high-definition TVs, even the more affordable 720p sets, and I can vouch for the fact that whether they're on Blu-ray or HD DVD, movies look much better than they do on standard DVDs. Pop in the Blu-ray edition of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby that comes with the PS3, and you're blown away by the detail (and by how old and pockmarked Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly look up close). Likewise, load up the copy of Peter Jackson's King Kong that ships with the Xbox HD DVD player, fast forward to an action scene and suddenly, there are two T-Rexes and a gorilla duking it out in your living room. I can't spot the difference between Blu-ray and HD DVD movie; no one but the most finicky of videophiles could. So when looking at both game consoles as a source of high-def movie content, forget about differences in video quality and think more about your gaming preferences as well as the movies themselves, the Blu-ray and HD DVD lineups on or Netflix.

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Created: 03/24/11

PS3 review/guide

Disclaimer: I own both the Xbox 360 and PS3, and don't consider having a bias either way. This review is meant to educate potential buyers about the pros and cons of owning a PS3, and I will try to be as objective as I can - however, there is always some form of subjectiveness when it comes to writing a review...

If you are interested in buying a gaming console, then the ps3 might be for you! There are many things to consider though, like price, video games, graphics, and even the interface. Since I own the 160gb Uncharted PS3 - that is what I will be reviewing. I will be talking about how it compares to the Xbox 360, its performance, it's exclusives, it's interface, and it's apearance (again, i'm reviewing the 160gb "fat" ps3).

In my opinion, the ps3 looks great! The black with chrome touches, surprisingly work well together! Even though i'm not a big fan of gloss (it's a dust and smudge magnet), it just looks good on the ps3! The new slim design looks much worse in comparison. In terms of size though, it's a whole different story... It is gargantuan, hence why it's nicknamed the ps3 fat - the size isn't much of an issue anymore because of the ps3 slim, but I thought I would still bring it up. I also like the fact that you can easily swap out the PS3's hard drive for any other sata drive, unlike the Xbox 360, which uses a proprietary hard drive. On that note, I want to switch over to performance.

The PS3's graphical capabilities are astounding. In my personal experience, I have never had a game crash or freeze. The PS3 uses a special cpu called the cell engine, which is superior to the xbox's cpu. However it's gpu is weaker than the Xbox's, which pretty much evens them out. The true test of the system's
performance is it's games which is what I will be talking about next.

The PS3's game library has, over the coarse of it's lifespan matured and developed. There definitely is'nt a shortage of good games! The biggest problem with multiplatform games is that they tend to be developed on the Xbox 360 then ported over to the PS3. That usually makes them a little worse graphically. However, the PS3 makes up for that with it's exlusives. Sony has a lot of 1st and 2nd party game development studios, and as a result, there are more exclusive games on the PS3 than on the 360. Some really good examples are Uncharted 1 and 2, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Infamous, Killzone 2 and 3, Little Big Planet 1 and 2, and Grand Turismo 5 - just to name a few...

Now, on to the guts of the system. I have already written about the cpu and gpu, so now I will talk about everything else! The ps3 has an HDMI port, an ethernet port, wifi capabilty, a standard av port, and even an optical cable port. The wifi is a little slow, but other than that everything is golden! Now on to the interface.

The PS3 employes a special UI called the XMB. It is very easy to navigate and is arguably better than the Xbox's UI. Everything is smooth and it's really easy to customize. The dynamic themes are just flat out awesome! My only 2 complaints are that the XMB you access in game is much slower, and that there is no cross game voice chat. How hard can it be to implement that!

That about covers everything... If you have read to the very end then you are awesome and do not have A.D.D ( American Dream Denial, erm, I mean, SYSTEM OF A DOWN!!! Sorry about that...). I would go further in depth but I can't because of the stupid as heck limit cap.

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Created: 08/18/10

Love my PS3, very useful, No problems so far

I received my PS3 last year as a graduation gift for passing my GED, and it has not failed me yet.
I love that i am able to watch Blu-ray, and while the quality is slightly better when you use a blu-ray player i think it is satisfactory to just use my ps3. Playing dvds on it is also easy, i got the remote with my packaged set, and i find it much easier to skip the trailers when using the ps3 instead of a standard dvd player.
Gaming is fun, the controller is easy to handle, for me at least, and can be charged instead of using batteries so thats great. I dont really use PShome, i find it pointless and boring, but i do often browse through the playstation store. Some good finds in there if you are looking for a demo, or just buy a game right there, often times you can put it on your psp if you have one.
It IS a dust magnet though, so it would be good to keep a duster (I use a swiffer) on hand nearby to make sure it does not clog anything up. I also do the cleaning thing where it runs the fan super fast, once in a while to prevent any buildup inside that can lead to overheating etc. Its not in the manual,but you completely turn off the ps3, then while your are turning it back on (in the back) you keep your finger on the power button on the front, and keep holding it there it should beep, and start the fan very fast to help get rid of the dust inside. it takes maybe a minute or two, and i have never had trouble with it. I learned this trick from a game store manager, who repairs these machines often.

Overall, prefer ps3 to XBOX360, grew up with ps2 so i am used to it.i think it's easier to navigate, the xbox sometimes still confuses me, but many people prefer the 360 over this.

Likes; universal, region-free, useful, plays dvd/blu-ray, stunning graphics, menu is easy to navigate, good sound

Dislikes; Dust magnet, slow updates and installs(game), less variety for games

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Created: 09/05/09

Really... It wins.

The Sony PS3 is truly an innovative gaming and socailizing console which is highly customizable and versatile. I purchased the item for the console specific titles that have and will release and found myself more than satisfied; Sony has made a gaming console that is really a media-based computer rather than just a game system. It offers internal WiFi and an internet browser and free online play and the use of bluetooth headsets, keyboards, and mice (possibly even cameras, I'm not sure), which means you can use your already purchased computer/phone related accessories for your console. You also have the choice to watch Blu-Ray discs or regular DVD's, you can create virtual ps1/ps2 memory cards on the internal memory card for all your old games, and a memory card adaptor is offered to move all your existing save files onto the harddrive. Really, for what until recently was the same price as the 120GB Elite 360, you get so much more for your money.

The 360 requires that you buy wireless headsets that are only compatible with the console, and that you spend an extra $100 just for the possibility of wireless capabilities. The reliability is also definitely worth the money; about 25% of all 360's encounter total system failure within two years, while only about 10% of ps3's fail within two years. The 360 also requires you to pay a monthly or annual fee for online play and does not offer any kind of internet browser to make your 360-based entertainment center quite as well-rounded.

I give you this review as an avid xBox 360 fan and user of the system for several years; my home will always be complimented with the presence of the original xBox and xBox 360, as well as the ps2 and now ps3. I really do love the 360, but for financially-conscious consumers the Playstation 3 is the obvious choice for your home entertainment center and gaming needs due to its numerous features not offered by the 360 and the fact that most main brand games are released for both consoles.

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Created: 01/05/13

Incredible, attractive and extremely efficient, a true gamer's console.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

A fantastic system that had an extremely rough start. The prevalence of these systems even today makes me proud to own one. Why I prefer this over the newer models? Exclusively for the PS2 backwards compatible play. It plays 3 generations of Sony games, Blu Ray, CDs, and DVDs; it's a media monster! It arguably has the best design; massive, gawdy, yet attractive. It is noisy, however, and gets warm after about an hour of play. It has a low failure rate, but I would coax a owner in being gentle with it due it heating up quickly. Another issue some gamers may have is its 60gb HDD; which is great for an Xbox 360 but for PS3s and their mandatory installs means that a lot of space can be taken up from just a few games, some patches and updates. Still, 60GBs is a fair amount of space, but maybe on the short side considering there is a model that has 500GBs! System wise, I can't really see any faults; it's the interface and menus that Sony uses that will likely irritate. No point in beating around the bush, the PS3's XMB and menus are slow and it is hard to forgive how slow they are. Checking your trophies takes 20 or 30 seconds to sync, then several more moments of them loading when the 360 could do it instantly. Same can be said with the new PSN, easy to navigate but even slower than what it used to be. That said, try not to be deterred by this as the PS3, no matter which model, will serve you VERY well with its nearly limitless HDD space, wonderful exclusives, Blu-Ray ability, and it just looks so dandy as a colossal black console. It's there for the absolute hardcore gamer/media fanatic and, honestly, can be a justified buy just for Blu-Ray since you can also hook Netflix up to it, too.

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Created: 01/03/10

80 GB PS3 Goodness

This Model of the PS3 is pure awesomeness. (Model CECHE01) What makes it so impressive is that it has an 80 GB HDD, & it still has all 4 USB ports as well as the Multi card reader built in.

But were not done yet, this Version is also a great buy because it can play your old collection of PS2 & PSX games. And whats really nice about the backwards compatibility is that it up-converts the game onto your HD TV (720p, 1080i, 1080p). Granted the Graphics are still pretty much the same, but the clarity is great now (I can play my old PSX games & they've never looked better).

Also this unit has the ability to have a 2nd operating system installed on it. Simply use the default OS & choose install another OS in your settings & follow the on screen instructions (It Partitions the HDD so that you can run & Install the 2nd OS with Ease). *A Note to this is that you will need to know a bit more about Computer function to fully enjoy this feature.

Now aside from the Newer Model PS3 having a larger HDD (120GB to 250GB) There is nothing else that is able to perform better. The New PS3 is unable to Play PS2 Games (& most PSX Games), Has only 2 USB ports, no Multi card reader, can't install 2nd OS, Etc...

& One last note, the newer Model PS3's have 2 main issues that are still being worked on by Sony. 1st. Overheating - The new units are prone to overheating & shutting down (Especuly when playing a Graphically intense Game), and getting the dreaded "Yellow Light Of Doom" (AKA: YLOD). Once you receive this Yellow light you have no choice but to send your PS3 back to Sony for repairs, or a replacement. 2nd. Freezing - The new units are prone to freezing mid game, or even in a game movie scene. Again Sony is still working on the issues & I hope they are solved. (*It should be said that the New model PS3's will very rarely freeze while playing a Blue-Ray)

But for now I will Enjoy my Superior Model PS3 (CECHE01)

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Created: 03/04/11

Playstation 3 60GB (CECHA01) will be unique playing PS2

The only PS3 (besides the 20GB) that has backwards compatibility with PS2 and PS1 games without the hiccups, dropoffs and freezing that you get on some of the 80GB PS3 systems. The 80GB uses software for emulation which makes is glitchy and unreliable with some PS2 games. Even if they bring back PS2 emulation to all PS3 systems including the new slim models, it will not compare and will be hit and miss with PS2 software. The 60GB has the PS2 emotion engine (EE) that makes it 100 percent compatible with all PS2 and PS1 games. So if you have a lot of PS2 software that you love and cannot seem to part with this is the system for you. I played some Socom 2 and was suprised to see people are still online, probably those who are holding out on buying a PS3 since they dont have emulation right now. You also get the card readers which is always a plus since you dont have to buy it if you have a slim. You can use the USB ports on the slim but even that has been cut down to two instead of four on the 60GB, which is another plus. The difference between 60GB and 20GB is the wireless capability, which for some people is a must unless you have a house that is wired for CAT 5 cabling (newer houses have this as an option which is very convenient when it comes to hooking up to a wired house). So if your in the market for a used PS3 why not get the best one before they slimmed it and cut it down to what it was envisioned to be.

The unit is a power hog and runs hot which is why you see a lot of them suffering from YLOD and being sold on Ebay. If you are going to get a 60GB system make sure you get the Nyko Temperature Sensing cooling fan to exhaust hot air in the back and the CTA dual centrifugal cooling fan to force cool air in the front. This should almost eliminate the YLOD that plagues this system. Both cooling fans are hard to find so Good Luck on you purchase. Why do you think Sony made the slim, because they know its a common occurence on the older units and its also a marketing strategy (newer, slimmer eco friendly PS3) that is working wonders for them. So pick the right system for you.

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  • Game selection
  • Value for money
Created: 01/01/14

A great buy for those looking to keep a full PlayStation library of games!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The fully backwards compatible hardware in the 60 GB PS3 warranted it's purchase for me. I have PS2 and PS1 games that I'd previously used my PS2 system for. The PS3 has a ton of good games to play still and now one less system to have hooked up to the tv. Built in bluetooth, blu-ray drive, replaceable harddrive, tons of media ports, etc. Truly a one piece media hub for an entertainment system. With the release of the eighth generation of consoles, PS4 and XBOX One, the older consoles can be had at pretty reasonable prices. Some complain about the looks of the console, but it really is not that bad. It is a little bulky and you can't put anything on top of it really, but in it's own way, it is good looking.

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