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Sony PSP 3000
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    Created: 04/17/09

    Not What I was Expecting from Sony

    When I first took it out of the Box, I was surprized on how much lighter it was than the 1001 model in fact I would say almost to light. The Wireless networking is way worse than the 1001. Were the 1001 would work anywhere in my house, with the 3001 model I have to be with in 10 feet of my router. That really stinks. I don't use the PSP online but to download updates so I can make do. The joystick is another place sony messed up no where near the quality of the 1001. It's a good thing I use this for videos and music more than anything. As far as the Video , real Nice, and sound is ok. I sure wish I would have looked at one before buying one. I would have stayed with my 1001.
    Much better quality.

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    Created: 08/31/09

    Cheap PSP for good reason.

    The PSP system itself had many non-fully functional things. Of course the back of the PSP popped open constantly and was in the description. What wasn't in the description was that the small joystick was broken. It would register as being in a down and to the right position, while not being touched. despite looking as though it was perfectly in the middle. It seemed also that the PSP was opened up to fix this because the screen was very dirty under the face plate, and the screws were stripped a bit. (I know this because I opened it up to try to fix and clean it). Operationally it worked fine. the software was good and functional. The back was easily fixed by bending the pin a bit so it would close and not pop back open, but as for the joystick, it couldn't be fixed with home tools or calibration. making certain games impossible to play.

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    Created: 11/25/10

    PSP Game console

    I have received a threating voice mail and email from this company. Because I was not satisfied I gave them a low rating and they have left me an email and voice mail saying they are going to take legal action against me for the low rating.

    I do not appreciate this at all. As an american citizen I can say anything I want to say it is my legal right.

    The pic they posted of the item had 3 games with the PSP and then when I did not get them they said they did not offer the games with the purchase.

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    Created: 11/19/09

    PSP1001 - not PSP 3000

    This item was a PSP1001, not a PSP3000. Old model: Slow load time, smaller ram, no mic, no regular tv output.

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    Created: 06/07/09

    PSP 3000 rachet and clank bundle pack

    I purchased for my son on 5/1/09 got it on 5/4/09. On 6/6/09 the game stoped working the screen has several lines in it. Not playable.

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    Created: 01/03/10

    Not that great

    The memory card too small. There is not enough room to support videos. The PSP does not recharge with USB like newer models.

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    Created: 12/08/12


    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    Es interesante el juego a pesar de que no era para mi,pero parecía más nuevo.Otra cosa creo no estoy seguro haberlo pedido en negro y me llego silver

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    Created: 04/05/11

    Product received not as advertised.

    Advertised as PSP 3000, received PSP 2001. Start button nonfunctional. Added value of extra games included. Returned all for 80% refund.

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    Created: 12/16/15


    Didn't come as advertised. Psp works great, just didn't come with the games or the color as advertised. Would return it If I could

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