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Sony PSP 2000
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Sony PSP...Sony PSP...Sony PSP...Sony PSP...

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Created: 02/25/11

psp 1001k

Everything you need for powerful multimedia excitement! From fast action games, full featured movies, the ability to listen to music and display photographs, this Sony PSP-1001K PlayStation Portable (PSP) does it all plus more! With a dazzling 4.3-inch LCD widescreen, games comes to life whenever you are. Store your digital photos and share them with friends and family. You can even download and listen your favorite MP3s or transfer UMD and MP4 videos anytime! This 802.11b WiFi certified portable player lets you communicate with other PSP consoles or surf the web wherever there is a wireless hot spot. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hands for hours of gaming and comes with all of the essentials for on the road entertainment. So go ahead and enjoy playing games, watching videos, viewing photos, and listening to music! Order this Sony PSP-1001K PlayStation Portable today!

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Created: 05/14/10

a handheld PS2?

PSP: what an amazing device, big bright screen, near-PS2 level technology in a package not much larger than the original Game Boy Advance! It has a micro optical disc drive and is capable of playing super games on Universal Media Disc out of the box, like the Monster Hunter Freedom series, Burnout Legends, Need For Speed Carbon, Wipeout Pure, Daxter, etc. With small modification ($20 invested in a Pandora battery and Magic Memory Stick) it can play most of my old PS1 games (Gran Turismo 2!), plus emulators for DOS (Doom, Duke Nukem 3D), GB and GBA (Pokemon series), NES, SNES, Amiga, Commodore 64, Neo Geo Pocket, Sega Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, and more obscure old systems. It can also play homebrew games developed for the PSP.

Each iteration has advantages and disadvantages, the 1000 series (Phat) is larger and heavier with slower loading times, but is easier to hack and capable of playing more homebrew games. The 2000 (Slim & Lite) series is thinner and lighter, faster loading of disc games, has composite and component television output, most models are easily hackable, some homebrew games will not play. The 3000 series (PSP Brite) is like the 2000 with a brighter screen and a built in microphone, but is much less hackable. The newest PSP Go is smaller, has a huge internal memory, but has no optical disc reader, and is not easily hackable.

The PSP can also play movies, MP3s, and has WiFi connection for internet.

I have a 1000 and a 2000, they replace my Sega Nomad, my Gameboys(O,C,A,SP), Sega Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and NES clones. Plus, I'm replaying DOS, PS1, Atari, and SNES games on the go. I thought it was a good deal when I first bought it, just for the commercial games, and I'd been considering buying a portable NES clone, and/or a GamePark 32, but I discovered that the PSP can do it all. Games new and old, movies, music, internet. It has to be the best gaming investment I've ever made.

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Created: 09/02/08

Sony PSP Daxter Entertainment Pack - Handheld game syst

The new PSP is 19% thinner and 30% lighter. Should definitely notice the difference as soon as its in your hands. Here are the pros and cons

+ Video Out to your TV. Watch your UMD movies and Games on your screen. This is the perhaps the best feature of any handheld.
+ Much lighter, feels really good in your hands.
+ The D-Pad has been upgrades. Fighting Game Lovers rejoice!
+ The analog nub also feels more responsive.
+ Buttons are raised making them easier to click.
+ The LCD is brighter, has a higher refresh rate and the colors are more vibrant.
+ UMD games load faster.
+ The memory has been doubled in this unit to allow developers to build caches they can then use to make games load much faster.
+ Even games that dont implement caches, load faster due to an automatic new caching done by the system.
+ Ability to eat less battery life.
+ Daxter Game is included! This is one of the best games for the PSP
+ 1Gig memory stick is included.
+ Family Guy freaking sweet collection UMD included.
+ Price. For $200 you are getting a lot. PSP system, a game, family guy compilation, a new color, and memory stick. All for $30 more than PSP slim black. I would definitely recommend getting the bundle.

-Yes the packaging is a bit cheap.
-UMD tray may not impress. It feels cheaper.

Hopefully you guys enjoy this little system. It really is a sexy looking thing and with critically acclaimed titles like crush and Jeanne d'arc and other games like Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core, Wipeout Pulse, and God of War over the horizon, you wouldn't be a true gamer without one. If you like your handheld games at the same quality as your console games then what are you waiting for. pick this up.

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Created: 03/30/11

Was good, but had issues, glad it was revised :)

I REALLY love this DEVICE and found it appropriate to say that this device did have like 10 problems at launch date.

CONS: I will get rid of the cons first because I find that they are the most tedious in this situation. People want to know what problems this may have, so I will just get them out of the way

Bulky: This PSP device (101K) is TOTALLY bulky. This was dubbed PSP brick, or BRICK HANDHELD, it was best dubbed that, and it fits.

WEB USAGE: This was later corrected by an SW update, but it seemed any website with an SD card, and with file cache all that off, and on, etc. It would say web memory filled. I find though that this glitch has been fixed, and hasn't been a bother to many because it still functions, and it's a gaming device, you aren't using a gaming device for the web.

Pros: This is also the most needed thing too, because people want to know WHY THEY SHOULD GET THE DEVICE.

The screen: I was like WOWOOWOOOWOWOWO, because it's so big, can be used for video usages, gaming, UMD VIDEOS, UMD MUSIC, sD card viewing. I used it for all of that, and never had a complaint. My uncle has had crashes in the SD video viewer, and sometimes UMD's load incorrectly, but he's mostly became an XBOX360 freak for the most part :)

The toggle things: Dang it I know what they are called, just cant think of it LOL, I am playing games tons on it, and I always find this to be responsive.

3.5 MM headset jack: YAY, if I'm somewhere I cant have loud games, and I want to have them, just put in a very easy to find set of headphones, and you are set! If you have any complaints with any of this, it is a very easy to use device. So if any issues found, just mess around with it, or contact SONY, I no longer own a PSP so I can't answer questions

But overall, really responsive and I love this gaming device.

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Created: 12/14/09

Gamers Choice

After roughly a decade at the top of the home console industry, Sony decided to tackle the portable system market--one heavily fortified by Nintendo's Game Boy Advance and DS. Sony sought to take down Nintendo by adopting the tactic that made the PlayStation 2 such a runaway success: by offering sophisticated, graphically intensive games and a heavy dose of multimedia functionality. The device is called the PlayStation Portable (PSP), and in addition to playing games of PS2 graphical quality, it can play music and movies (downloaded or via disc) and surf the Web. It may not be the best handheld media product on the market, and the games lack the innovation of ones on Nintendo's portables, but as an all-in-one device, the Sony PSP is king of the hill.
From an aesthetic perspective, the Sony PSP is a gorgeous device. It's one of those gadgets you immediately want to get your hands on but vigilantly want to protect once you set it down. Weighing essentially the same as the Nintendo DS (6.2 ounces, including removable battery) and measuring 6.7 by 2.9 by 0.9 inches (WHD), the body feels well built and solid in your hand. Although not a lightweight, it's by no means a brick, nor, we suspect, would it be especially durable in a fall; you'll want to treat the PSP just as gingerly as an iPod or a Palm-style PDA.
The centerpiece of the handheld is its especially impressive 4.3-inch wide-screen display (480x272 pixels, 16.77 million colors). The screen is flanked by controls that will be immediately recognizable to fans of past PlayStations: the directional keypad is to the left of the screen, and the familiar square, triangle, circle, and X buttons are to the right. We dug how Sony managed to include an analog "joystick" below the directional keypad. The stick isn't raised like the analog controls on a PS2 or an Xbox, but it conveys that multidirectional element that gives it a joysticklike feel.
In lieu of the PS2 controller's four total shoulder buttons, the PSP has two: one per shoulder. Ergonomically, the device is OK but not great; as with most handheld gaming devices, you'll have to do a little finger stretching every 15 minutes or so to keep from cramping up.
The PSP uses Sony's recently created "cross media bar" interface. You use the directional keypad to horizontally navigate through Settings, Photo, Music, Video, Game, and Internet icons, and each section has other icons attached to it on a vertical axis. All in all, it's a simple and elegant way to access the PSP's many features.
Games and officially licensed movies come on Sony's proprietary UMD (Universal Media Disc) media, which are housed in protective cartridges. The UMD drive is grafted to the back of the unit; you load it and snap it shut just as you would a camcorder. The top edge also sports infrared and a USB 2.0 port that you can use to link the device to your PC or Mac, though no USB connection cable is included.
The good: The Sony PSP is a slick portable gaming system highlighted by an impressive wide-screen display and PS2-like graphics. It also boasts built-in Wi-Fi, a Web browser, and the ability to play music and videos, as well as to store images.
The bad: The Sony PSP's multimedia functionality is underwhelming, especially for video, requiring expensive memory cards. The load times on the UMD games can be excessive.
The bottom line: The Sony PSP elevates portable gaming to the next level, but its multimedia functionality falls short of its full potential.

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Created: 02/10/09

PSP is superior

The PSP is amazing. You can connect wireless to the internet, use it as a podcast, read books, watch videos, download videos, listen to music, listen to online radio stations, watch pictures. Do all these things from the device's screen or connect it to your TV with an accessory cable. It has the largest screen and resolution of any portable video game today. Games can be played from the little disks (UMD) or from the memory stick (if you modify the built in firmware) One can run freeware software called hombrew making the device anything the software does. It can act as a graphic scientific calculator, universal remote control, PDA application-like, etc. You can even make on-line phone calls using SKYPE software and an accessory microphone. The internet is full of information to multiply the potential of this device. Accessories include GPS with maps, Video camera, Touch Screen, etc. If you want to just play games this device has the most powerful CPU, best audio and did I mention the screen's resolution? Games can contain up to 1.8 GB of data! compared with 256 MB of Nintendo DS (low CPU power, low screen resolution, low quality audio).
On the negative side. It's not a toy, don't drop it, don't apply pressure to the screen, don't seat on it, don't leave it under the sun or in the bathroom while someone showers. The screen will get scratched eventually. Variety of available games is not as big as Nintendo DS and game choices are more for adults than little children. Having said all these facts. My four year old daughter plays all the time and loves it. does not know how to read but figured out how to use all the basic features: games, movies, pictures, music. I don't let her take it to the daycare or outside the car or house. I bought my unit used from EBAY and we are glad of our choice.

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Created: 02/01/08

A Great Item. Super Pack

I decide to buy the Sony PSP Daxter Entertainment Pack because it is a limited edition and right now is not available in retail stores. The special thing of this pack is the silver color of PSP Slim and the fact that the pack also brings The Daxter Game and an 1GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo. Their respectively retail price are $25 for the game and $45 for the memory (in Puerto Rico). Hey!! don't forget about The Family Guy Movie

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Created: 10/10/08

Best Value for an Extra $40.00

Besides Daxter, this Entertainment Pack is well worth it. I've tried to make a customized Entertainment Pack by using this method: a new game, a new movie, a new 1GB memory card, and of course a new PSP Core, even used eBay for extra cheap prices, but with shipping and handling, the custom price was at least $5.00 more compared to buying one retail with tax. I have had my PSP Daxter Pack for over a year, and to be honest, it has replaced my mp3 player. I personally call it an iPod that can play games. I watch movies, listen to music, surf the internet, and of course play games; it really has became a part of my life. And as memory card technology is advancing, the storage space is also. Right now, I'm using an 8GB memory card and will be upgrading to a 16GB memory card very soon.

All in all, if you're looking for a gift, the PSP is great for the "mature" gamer but if they're still young, go with the DS. This is also proven by the games choices available to each handheld. And with the Daxter Entertainment Pack, with it's unique Ice Silver color (my friends are envious because they went with the core where you get Piano Black), Daxter game, Family Guy movie, and 1GB memory card, I give it a 5 out of 5.

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Created: 05/04/10

This is the ultimate Handheld system.

I bought this to replace my old one (it was old and worn out) but the years with my old one was great. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a handheld system. It has much more to offer then the Nintendo DS, such as music, video, and game storage. It also has a built-in internet browser that allows you to surf the web VIA Wifi. The PSP also has better graffics then the DS. The PSP's graffics are similar to the PS2's graffics, while the DS graffics looks like a old N64. The PSP also uses better technology for the games. The PSP's games are actual discs in a case that keeps the disc safe and allows it to be easily read by the PSP (this cuts down on damaged discs, which can be a problem), while the DS is still useing the old-school cartridge system (you would think that they would move to better technology by now....) All-in-all, this is the ultimate handheld system.

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Created: 01/23/11

PSP is a portable system that you can enjoy!

Best portable to have, play it anywhere. Whether to music, video games and, online (So-so internet connection). This is a must have system. Play your cards right and you can get you can bargined for. It's been a long time that these portables have been released and still runs great. I owned 2 of these and loving it! I can run homebrew with these portables (playing isos/csos games from memory stick). Make a right choice and get one of these! (or more!) Your going to feel good buying them. C:

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