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Sony DVP-NC85H DVD Player
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Created: 01/31/09

Sony DVD 5 disc upgrade

This is a great item for upgrading your home theater system. If you have an HD TV and you connect this player with an HDMI cable you will notice a difference. The disc resume feature works great if you pause one dvd and want to watch another disc in the tray you can go back to the first disc and it picks up right where you left off. The player displays a wall paper screen related to your movie when you stop playback on a dvd instead of a product pause screen like the word "sony" on your tv.
The 5 disc tray is great for loading up a tv series box set, a multi disc movie like extended versions of Lord of the Rings, Movie trilogies like Star Wars, Back to the Future, or the Bourne Collection and any DVD that comes with a second disc for extras. No more getting up after the show to put in the behind the sceans stuff or the next movie. And if you dont make it through your movie marathon, just stop wherever and when you are ready to lock in again the Sony Player remembers right where you left off and picks up the show as if you never stoped.
This player also gives you the ability to adjust the video image quality and the audio output to your tv so you can customize the perfect look and sound for your video experience. I spent a few minutes fiddeling with these options and I am now getting way better picture and sound from my LCD TV than with my old dvd player.
The only negative thing I would have to say about this dvd player is that it does seem to take a little too long to load and read DVDs the first time you put them in, and it takes up a bit more space than other players. But the space thing is because you can load 5 discs so its a give and take thing there.
I would not spend Hundreds of dollars on this player, but if you cant afford Blue Ray and you can scoop this puppy up used for less than $70.00 I would say you have made yourself a wise investment.

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Created: 12/04/09

Dependable & convenient: A DVD-watching plus factor

I am a real believer in the merits of owning the Sony NC85H 5-disc cd/dvd HDMI player. I have now accumulated seven of them (in two homes) and each has it's separate duty. Several are devoted to CD useage. In the case of box sets, you can load up to five of the discs into the NC85H, click on the All Discc Repeat, and go about your business listening to each of the discs in the background, one after the other. The same is true of dvd box sets. If not box sets, one can load in five different genres of cd or dvd entertainment and be treated to a sequence of varying choices. It is very easy to navigate the remote control amidst a wide variety of programmable choices; I am particularly appreciative of the Repeat options and the Resume function (which allows you to stop a cd/dvd at any point and then resume listening five minutes or five days later from the same point at which it was previously stopped. I previously had a series of RCA vertical/stacked-disc 5-disc players, but found that switching from disc to disc or placing new discs in the player was vastly easier with the horizonal/carousal design of the NC85H. So the RCA's were replaced by NC85Hs and I've never regretted it. I can very highly, w/o reservation, recommend the NC85H. Who knows, I may get an eighth one.

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Created: 11/30/10


Five different disc formats: a commercial CD music album, a DVD movie, my music CD+R disc, my home video DVD-R, even my jpg pictures CD-R, all played perfectly via HDMI to my LED 42" VIZIO and audio out to my JVC tuner for the finest music, best video I've ever had. Menus are easy and logical. Remote has lots of features and easy to program. All in all, a fine investment, only $82 delivered. Highly recommmended.

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Created: 03/29/08

sony cd/dvd player

The sony 5 disc player is awsome. It is so nice to only need one component to play both dvd's and cd's. quality picture and great sound. Love it!

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Created: 02/08/10

Great DVD Player

This is a great DVD player. It works great and provides a high quality picture along with great audio. It is nice to have the five disc changer. Overall this is a great product and I highly recommend it to others.

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Created: 04/02/09

A Good Product From Sony

This is a great product for the price. I bought this player for two reasons. If you are like me you probably have tons of Cd's. You can just insert five Cd's at a time time and enjoy the music for hours. Second reason i bought this DVD player because i needed a DVD player with upconversion to 1080 for my HDTV and picture quality is close to an HD player. and plus it can play five dvd's so you don't have to get up to change between dvd's if you want to watch a whole season of any TV show.

This is a great product for music and usage of DVD player.

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Created: 07/07/08

Great features, quality at a low price

Bought this to hook up to a tabletop stereo system that has only a single CD player. Works fine connected to the tt system with a dual RCA-mini stereo cable. I will also use it to play DVDs on a small LCD tv, so it is very handy; great to have a dual CD/DVD player. Easy to hook up and use. A very nice player at a reasonable price. The only minor drawback is its size, but all 5-disc changers are a bit large. This one is no larger than most.

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Created: 11/10/09

Mutli-disc DVD player with upconversion

I was seeking a replacement for the same model that issue with HDMI connection. I like the features and easy to use menu of this model. This model improves the quality of my regular DVDs so that playback on the connected SONY HDTV is like WOW. This is a good entry model for use with a HDTV that is 720p. I recommend it the person that doesn't want to spend a lot, has a HDTV that is 32 inches or less, and is not ready for Blue ray.

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Created: 03/10/09

Good changer without Bravia Sync.

This DVD Changer is Sony's earlier model that has been replaced by the DVP-NC800H with Bravia Sync. The other main difference seems to be upscaling to 1080i rather than 1080p. Either one seems to be a worthwhile player. They seem much better then older models at playing scratched or burned DVDs.

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Created: 05/08/09

Had to buy a second

We have used this unit in our church sanctuary for the last 4 years and has worked flawlessly. It plays any type of CD or DVD we stick in it. When our children's church needed a DVD player they bought a cheap single DVD player from Walmart. Now, 18 months later, they asked me to buy them a DVD unit that will play all the different types of discs they have and something that it more relyable. This is the first unit I started looking for. Now they are very happy.

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