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Some Like It Hot (DVD, 2009)
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Some Lik...

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Created: 03/23/10

Timeless Comic Relief

I can't think of anything bad to say about this movie!! Great screenplay! Great directing (Billy Wilder). Incredible actors (Lemmon, Curtis, Monroe, and many more). This movie will have you laughing for the entire 122 minutes! It's no wonder it won several Academy Awards for the year 1959. It closely parallels the story of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. I never realized it until I saw both movies back to back on a classic movies channel. Tony Curtis pays a respectable homage to one of his idols, Cary Grant, in a very funny scene on the beach with none other than Marilyn Monroe!! Watching this romp is a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours when you just need to get away from it all!!

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Created: 08/03/09

Some Like It Hot

Review For: Some Like It Hot (DVD, 2009)

One of the best comedies ever!!! Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis did a perfect job at playing two musicians hiding from a Chicago mob by crossdressing. Marilyn Monroe's most renounced films as Sugar Cane. The first of many brilliantly dark comedies by Billy Wilder. Highly recommend it!!!

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Created: 12/30/08

Some Like It Hot~Marilyn Monroe,Tony Curtis,Jack Lemmon

Review For: Some Like It Hot (DVD, 2009)

Someone loaned this to me a while back and I thought it was one of the most hilarious movies I have ever seen. So I bought a copy for myself and have watched it 5 times. One of the funnier seens is as Tony and Jack are dressed as women and Marilyn runs by and the train steams at her, and just make me really laugh. There is no cursing or sex scenes whatsoever! It's just good clean fun! It really is one of the greatest comedies of all time and one you want, want to miss. There is nothing I say bad about this great classic, besides I wouldn't have enough space......LOL...... Be sure and get this one, cause you don't want to miss Marilyn, Tony, and Jack at their best~!!!!!!

Will Trent

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Created: 02/19/11

The best in comedy!

Some Like It Hot has to be in the top 100 of classics.
The humor is timeless. Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemon and Tony Crtis should have won Oscars for this one!
The girl who keeps trying to tell the joke about the one legged jockey is Beverly Wills, daughter of the very funny Joan Davis. I wish she had done more
and had a more successful career before she died in a fire shortly after her mom died of a heart attack. She might have developed into a real comic!

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Created: 11/03/10

great classic movie

such a funny classic movie. jack lemmon and tony curtis were so funny. Monroe was classic. Joe E Louis was great. Can see this movie again and again. Not a dull part.

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Created: 03/18/09

"Some Like it Hot"

Review For: Some Like It Hot (DVD, 2009)

I've loved this movie for years! I wanted this 2-disk collectors edition as it also has "the making of" and the actors/directors commentary on it.
The premise of the movie is that Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis are musicians on the run from the mob. They end up dressing up as women to join an all female band on thier way down to Florida. Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis are hilarious as men dressed up as women and trying to keep in thier female characters so that they won't be caught out; difficult to do as they are surrounded by a bevy of beauties, which include Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn Monroe & Tony Curtis's characters are always given as the top billing, but I think that Jack Lemmon just steals the show. The last few lines of this movie will make you laugh out load! :)
This movie was shot in Coronado Island in California, which probably put the Coronado Hotel on the map.

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Created: 09/09/07

Some like it hot.

This is the third time I bought this movie. Every time I get the CD I tell people how funny it is and they want to (borrow) it. The results are they love it and lend it and I end up buying another copy, that is just fine with me. It is the kind of movie that can be enjoyed time and time agin. The last two lines by Jack Lemmon and Joey Bishop are the whole movie. Sugar is not bad either, have to watch it to understand what I mean.

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Created: 09/07/10

One of Hollywood's best comedies!

Review For: Some Like It Hot (DVD, 2009)

A must-have for true lovers of American cinema! A hilarious comedy from Billy Wilder, one of America's best directors. This edition is no longer in print, so you best get it on eBay!

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Created: 07/31/08

some like it hot

love this movie so funny is a very feel good movie. marilyn monroe is hot and jack lemmon is so funny. great story. i didn't stop laughin the whole movie.

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Created: 04/07/08

Some Like It Hot (2001, DVD)

I wish I could find this movie in color. It is one my favorite movies. I Marilyn Monroe movies...and I love Tony Curtis. The movie was in great condition and I didn't have to wait too long for it to arrive. I'm still a little hesitive about using my credit card on line.

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