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Created: 06/02/06

Onward and upward

As an avid Civilization III player it was with some interest that I greeted the release of the latest in the series, Civilization IV. In case you don't know, the Civilizaiton series of games are turn based simulations of the entire history of mankind. While there are a few games out there that encompass this or nearly this scope, the vast majority these days are real time simulations. The difference is that with a turn-based simulation you get some time to sit back and carefully consider your options. In Civilization IV this is a good thing.

Civlization IV is far more than an updating of Civ III. The graphics are of course in a totally different category. The quality of the graphics and the animations are a quantum leap forward. Personally, I didn't find that all that compelling. I'm more interested in the strategies than anything else so the graphics are not all that important. In fact I found it rather annoying that in order to play this game I had to buy a new video card for my relatively new computer. Luckily I got it on ebay so I got a good deal.

The strategies are what really makes Civ IV shine. One of the biggest innovations in Civ IV is religion. No longer is religion handled in the generic manner of Civ III. As you develop you will have the opportunity to found one or more of the world's great religions. You will also have the opportunity to spread those religions through your civlizaiton and to others as well. The effects can be profound. You will find that civs who share your religion are going to tend to be more friendly than ones who do not.

Another innovation is the new tech tree. Instead of being articially divided into eras, the players may choose to entirely ignore parallell techs and focus on specific directions at the expense of others. It is interesting to compare the traditional balanced technical growth of Civ III with the freer method of Civ IV.

Then there are the great people that you will develop as your civilization grows. These people will help you advance in tech, culture, religion or simply enrich the cities in which they arise. That's up to you. You can also produce missionaries to send out into the world to spread your favorite faith.

I could go on and on but I won't. Civilization IV is demanding and compelling. If you desire a challenge you can't go far wrong. It has many improvements over it's predecessors and since they were extraordinary games in their own right, Civlization IV can be nothing but another winner.

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Created: 09/01/10

Civ 4: Complete Edition

Review For: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition (PC, 2009)

Let's see, I have the original Civ 4 which I loved. So after reading the reviews for the two expansion packs, I opted to purchase the complete version. I have to say, I'm glad I did. I expected 3 separate CDs or DVDs, but the original Civ 4, Warlords expansion pack, and Beyond the Sword expansion pack were all on a single DVD. Nice!

Installation was very straight forward. I am using a Windows 7 Home Premium x64 edition on an HP Pavilion dv6 w/ 4GB RAM and 640GB hard drive, w/ an ATI 5650 laptop video card. The game loaded perfectly without any hiccups. Game play itself is stellar, and the random events (e.g., earthquakes, floods, intercultural marriage invitations) adds yet another bit of complexity that helps round the game out.

Granted, this game is very graphics intensive, so make sure that your desktop or laptop has the hardware to run it. Fans of the previous Civilization games will love this version (especially since it combines everything onto one DVD). The level of game challenge customization seems limitless since you have over 11 different cultures to choose from, infinite maps, the ability to make alterations through the World Builder, and basic trading of goods and discoveries, let alone the micro-management for those of us that are ultra-geeky.

If you're new to the Civilization series, then a simple summary of this game is that it's a turn-based strategy game where you are charged with leading a civilization through various eras through time in an attempt to keep your civilization alive and dominate the world through the use of intellectual discoveries, religion, governments, armies, diplomacy, etc. A single game can vary from a solid hour or so to several hours of non-stop play.

Overall, I'd say that if you're a Civ fan and don't want to wait until Civ 5 is released, then get Civ 4: Complete Ed. If you're new to the Civilization series, I suggest borrowing it from someone who has it...try it. If you like it (odds are you will), then grab the Complete Edition. You won't be disappointed.

Now...I can calmly wait until the release of Civ V. :D

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Created: 03/22/07

You can get the detail anywhere...THIS IS WHAT I THINK!

Would be the best game if it didn't take so much memory to run, causing some computers to pause, sporadically quit even crash a computer.

This version is much improved from the last (by the way I could still play Civ 3 forever). The units, graphics, options and city control are more improved. They got rid of some tedious or redundant features in the game. The game is like playing a new version of Madden, the concept is the same but it takes some getting used to.

This game takes a lot of time to master so I will use a Civ will be spending many nights, even DAYS playing this game. Its hard to stop playing and is so good that EVERYONE who plays it gets addicted to it AND admits it! I haven't met a single person that played this game that didn't make a joke about staying up all night playing.

You want some details. There are more cultures to choose from and some improved units but the cool changes are in the cities and civ controls. The city is more efficient and easier to understand (but harder to master). The fights are different and more interesting. The points of your position still matter but the chances of a come back win are greater.

There is a lot that can be said about this game. But the only statement that needs to be made is that this is THE BEST (turn by turn style) Strategy game.

This game is THE benchmark. I highly recommend buying it and then giving it to a loved one to hide from you will neglect your life with a computer game if you don't! lol Thanks

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Created: 04/08/06

How to each an old dog new tricks

I have been a player of civ since it came out in the days of yore, each installment has been an improvement over the last, and 4 is no exception, and, in my humble opinion, the best to date, keeping all the stuff you loved, removing much of what you hated and adding all sorts of new goodies.
For those who love to micromanage, you can still do that, for those who hate to, this installment remedies that greatly, much more streamlined and intuitive than all the previous games, a n00b can get into it easily, and vets of the series will quickly notice, and, probably love all the new stuff, vastly improved graphics, no more troublesome pollution, the addition or religion, better, more challanging AI, and, best of all, the part that really made the last game, they made the game much easier to mod, which adds infinitly to the already incredible replay value of this game, any strategy fan will love this game, be prepared to lose many hours planning the direction of your people.
The drawbacks are little from what I have discovered, and the only one worth mentioning is the with the increased graphics, the systems that you could run civ 3 on, will just sit and stare at the requirements for this one, but unless you computer is a fossil, you are probably ok, all the same, I have seen one complaint that larger maps crash, this is due to the fact that with more surface area, the computer AI will have much more to do, and therefore, to think about, whuch means, unless you have a better than average system, your computer will crash faster than a P2 trying to run Doom 3, not pretty.
In summary, if you like this sort of game (Strategy/Deity/control the world type stuff), get it, it's a very safe bet you will like it, if you already like the Civ series, why have you not bought this yet?, what's wrong with you?

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Created: 06/07/11


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition (PC, 2009)

This is a flippin' awesome game. Better than civ 5 because theres more units, religions, resources. Civ 5 uses fancy 3d engine graphics to cut out the fun of linking trade routes. And i believe Steam is just a way of advertisement that many people would just soon avoid.

But as for civ 4, it's a heap better than 3. The concepts the the ideas. And this is the last game in the series that let's you stack units.

Before you buy civ 5, buy this game and then play the holy you know what out of it. Try every civ, and every leader, it's a different game each time.

But this is just my opinion. I always have been a fan of Sid's Civ series. From MSDOS to Windows 98 to here and now.

I think Civ 6 will burst on the scene with great graphics and great ideas and units. A kind of "marriage" between Civ 4 and Civ 5.

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Created: 06/01/11

don't waste your money on this game

No, I would not recommend this product.

Sorely and terribly disappointed.

While the graphics are somewhat nice to look at, the actual gameplay is horrible. You are not managing an empire, you are loosely managing a series of city-states. The game is not realistic in any fashion nor is it enjoyable.
When founding a city, a player is forced to determine what type of city it will be. Either a city with a high cultural value and industrial base or a city that simply put in a place to acquire a resource.

If a city is located next to two or even three food resources, it cannot send excess food to another city that is lacking in food for development. The same is true if one city has a high potential for industrial but cannot send production, in the game, production is referred to as hammers, to another city to build structures like libraries, temples or other need buildings.

In one instance, I declared war on the Chinese before they had "discovered&a​mp;quot; the location of my empire's boundaries. I found them first. After I declared war, I watched their warrior head straight for my capital city. This leads me to believe that all a.i. players automatically know the locations of cities/empires so the player is at a serious disadvantage from the start.

I also seriously disagree with the ability to produce food. According to the game, there is no way for an empire to increase food production of a plot from ancient times with the exception of the medieval technology of irrigation until a player discovers the technology of "Biology&​quot; in the modern era which is pure B.S. as advances in farming an agricultural have occurred throughout history.

The diplomacy is a joke. While an empire can rate you to other empires and can view other leaders view of other leaders, you do not have the ability to input your feelings to the game and show your approval to other A.I. players.

I cannot recommend this game to anyone for any reason as it is just too unenjoyable and in some cases, excruciatingly painful to play. I myself uninstalled it and put it away.

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Created: 02/26/08


The Good

* Intriguing new game play options plus even more-refined core gameplay
* Great presentation with powerful new 3D engine and great new soundtrack
* Much easier to fit into your schedule, but also offers many more strategic options
* Leonard Nimoy
* Warning: The highly addictive game play will make you lose sleep.

The Bad

* End games can sometimes still bog down, even though games are much faster to finish overall
* Faster pace seems to de-emphasize historical context somewhat
* Warning: The highly addictive game play will make you lose sleep.

If you're a fan of the incredibly addictive Civilization strategy series and haven't bought Civilization IV yet, you can probably stop reading now to go buy the game. Civ IV makes plenty of great changes and additions to just about every aspect of the hazardously habit-forming strategy blueprint that famed designer Sid Meier and his talented team have made famous the world over, from combat to diplomacy to research to production to winning the space race. And just like with previous games in the series, Civ IV's varied and addictive gameplay offers the same tantalizing siren's song that will tempt you to take "just one more turn." Fundamentally, this is a much-improved version of the same Civ games we've all been playing and desperately trying to put down for years. And that's far from a bad thing. In fact, it's an awesome thing.

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Created: 05/11/09

Civ IV expansions are excellent.

This is a Sid Meier's product. I have yet to play an inferior game of any kind made buy this guy...and I've played almost all of his.
The game itself is easily a 9.5/10 while the expansions are a 9.0/10; and hey, what expansion ever lives up to the original?
The graphics are great, the game controls are easy but I will warn you, if you have not played the Civilization series before, there is a learning curve.
The game has seven different difficulty settings from easy to darn near impossible. (I've been playing Civilization for a long time and can't touch the seventh difficulty setting.
You can play on-line against real opponents or just against the computer which is hard enough in my opinion. You control one of many civilizations (which you can choose)through production, labor resources, war, peace, diplomacy, trade, religion, and social programming. You can determine the level of control you want from not much to every subtle nuance of the game.

If you like turn-based situations with a reasonable real-time feel, or you just want to learn the complexities of government, this is the only game you'll ever want to play.
If you like turn based strategy games with a reasonable real time feel, this is the only game to consider.

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Created: 11/09/06

PC Game where you try to create the best civilization!

I decided to purchase this game because I am involved in and online gaming community ( has a group of people that play it. We play many First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as, BF2, and Unreal Tournament. The game can be learned easily by playing the single player mode but can also be played on-line against friends. What I like about this game is the various civilizations you can create and how each civilization can be created differently. Not only can you build up your civilization by creating cities with vast armies, but you can mine gems and metals, harvest crops and even trade goods to better yourself. You can create religion and spread it as well as wage wars. You can take over the other civilization or destroy them outright. There are so many particulars that it’s impossible to list. Warriors, Axmen, Spearmen, Horse Archers, Long Bowmen and others fight for lands and wealth. Build wonders to make your citizens happy. Conduct research to get armor for your warriors or boats to set sail to find new land. The possibilities are endless.

The only fall back is the addicting nature of the game. You can easily get caught up playing for hours at a time.

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Created: 06/05/06

Good, but not great

I've played all the Civilization versions over the years and this is my least favorite "improved" version. There are some new features that are great- such as religion, new resources and battle experience upgrades, but playability suffers from confusing informational graphics (terrain is difficult to discern without the resource icons turned on and the screen graphics become confusingly cluttered when they are turned on) and poor informaional display organization. While some of the drudgery of empire management have been streamlined or elimiated, managing production and resources are actually more cumbersome. The whole look and feel of the game interface has changed: better in terms of sexy animated graphics, worse in terms of playability. It is still fun to play and the new features are interesting, but I often found myself going back to playing the previous version instead. I suspect that another version will be following on the heels of this one that will clean up the playability issues. If you can wait until then, then you will probably thank yourself later.

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