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Saw III (DVD, 2007, Unrated Widescreen)
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Created: 02/07/07

Saw III Posted By CK-Auctions

Review For: Saw III (DVD, 2007, Unrated Widescreen)

It's one of the most unlikely horror franchises in the history of the genre. In an era which saw the Scream film deconstruct scary, and the homemade epic annihilate the reputation of vampires, serial killers and zombies, Australian auteurs Leigh Whannell and James Wan have parlayed their experiment in suspense into a yearly excursion into death and dismemberment. While the Resident Evils stumbled and the Texas Chainsaw efforts wore out their remake welcome, the boys from Downunder, with a little help from Lionsgate and a collection of like minded craftsman, have managed to create a brand new terror titan – the cancer-riddled madman known as Jigsaw. After Saw II took off at the box office, earning $87 million, another installment was instantly greenlit. Naturally, fans wondered if the new film would compare favorably to the others, or just be a mindless cash grab for greedy distributors. The answer came when Saw III hit theaters last October. Bigger, bloodier – and most importantly – better than the sequel, something about this third go round really was the proverbial charm inside all the carnage. And like clockwork, an "Unrated" DVD has arrived to tweak your fear factors all over again.

As we left Saw II, Detective Eric Matthews was locked in the bathroom setting from Saw I, destined to die in the blood soaked Hellhole. He does something desperate in an attempt to escape.

In the meantime, Jigsaw (or someone assisting the murderer) is continuing his killing spree, leaving a trail of badly mangled bodies along the way. His failing health has his assistant Amanda worried, and she kidnaps a local doctor as part of a plan to treat her mentor. Lynn is a listless medico, married to a man she can barely tolerate and hating her job with obvious disdain. But once Jigsaw makes her a life or death deal, she reluctantly agrees to care for him.

Simultaneously, a man named Jeff finds himself inside one of the villain's evil experiments. Devastated over the death of his only son at the hands of a reckless driver, Jigsaw gives this determined Dad a chance to get even with everyone – witness, judge, perpetrator – who contributed to the case. His reward will be based on his ability to forgive, not his need for revenge. As Jigsaw's illness worsens, Amanda starts getting nervous. She is dedicated to this man, and doesn't want to see him die before their work is completed. As time slowly ticks by for Jeff, Lynn and our killers, it is clear that there is something more than meets the eye going on. When the links are finally discovered, it puts a cap on the duo's diabolical legacy.

Combining the best elements of the first two installments, Saw III is a success in every sense of the word. It wraps up this particularly complex three story arc quite nicely, ties up some loose ends left dangling after initial episodes, expands on all the characters we've seen – even one's whose place seemed minor in the entire Saw universe - and tosses in an amazing amount of gorehound loving grue. In fact, it is safe to say that Saw III (the theatrical experience) was one of the bloodiest, most ridiculously repugnant splatter fests in a long time. Picking up where the second movie left off, this frequently flawless blend of suspense and sluice, thriller and serial killer argues for Saw's permanent placement in the pantheon of terror.

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Posted by CK-Auctions

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Created: 04/01/07


Review For: Saw III (DVD, 2007, Unrated Widescreen)

Yes, the trilogy is complete. A third Saw movie. What are my thoughts? Well it was better than Saw II, but won't beat the original Saw. I miss the mystery. I miss the shockers.

Warning, I do talk about the movie below. I spell out things that happen in it. If you don't want to have a clue going in, read no further.

The story focuses on a doctor having to keep Jigsaw alive or she will die from a horrible bullet contraption around her neck. What complicates manners is that Amanda is around and gets emotional and jealous of this female doctor being around Jigsaw. She only has to keep him alive until Jeff, a vengence driven father of a boy who got killed by a drunk driver gets out of his personal maze of facing people who made his life miserable and having the opportunity to forgive. Yeah, he sucks at this. Vengence man pissed me off to no end. People dying before his eyes and he has the nerve to talk to them and taunt them, no less. What a selfish bastard. For instance, he could help a guy if he incinerates his son's stuffed animals and toys and finally lets go of them. He hesistates about this. For a good long while in my opinion. What the hell? They're toys. They won't bring him back. If you need stuff to remember him by, look at photo albums and watch home movies. He was so selfish that earlier in the movie he got mad at his daughter (yeah, he still has a child but is paying her no attention) for sneaking her brother's stuffed animal into her room to comfort her. He had so many opportunities to fix things for the better and he's a jerk.

Meanwhile doctor lady, while a shallow and at times poorly acted character, does seem to want things to change in her own life. She had a moment before she got kidnapped where she chose not to take another anti-depressant pill. She was awfully squeamish for a doctor and not professional enough. If my life was on the line, I wouldn't mope around demanding time and time again that Jigsaw needs to go to a hospital when that clearly wasn't an option given to her. I'd be like, "Alright, this situation sucks but what do I have to work with in this room to get the job done?"

Let's see. Other low points. We have a surgery that isn't important to the plot and is just there and shown for a gross-out factor. Not vital to the plot. Immediately after this surgery, Jigsaw has a moment of flashback with a mysterious blond woman and they are happy together. Do they ever tell us more? NO. This is TERRIBLE. Don't put that in unless you're going to tell us all that he was happily married before and she had a horrible accident/tumor/bad donut and perished in an agonzing way. Don't waste screen time if it doesn't become important.

I wish I could be more creative and delicate but....Amanda is one crazy bitch. I couldn't come up with a better way to think of it. The whole movie I thought, "This is one crazy bitch." "What is this crazy bitch doing now?" "Oh, she so cuh-razy." She doesn't seem to have a clue who she is or who she wants to be in the grand scheme of things. Not very goal-driven anymore.

In the end, it all falls apart. Most of it ends up being for nothing because Vengence man is an idiot. I won't get into specifics but you'd think after all this time with things Jigsaw says being important that people would stop and LISTEN to the man. He gives you most of the answers or hints in any given scenario. This movie didn't have a lot of good acting or facinating plot.

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Created: 09/23/08

Saw III (2007, DVD)

Saw 3 does what most third installments don't do; it comes back at us with a tight script, super laden with mystery and yet despite all the loose ends that tighten, does not lose its power. Coupled with this are supreme images of ghastly terror within the modernized medieval type torture devices that we never get enough of.

Saw 3 picks up lightly where the 2nd one left off, but does not dwell there long. In this film, we're reintroduced to jigsaw yet again, but more of the focus is on his apprentice this time. Meantime, several characters, some strangers, some not, come into play. One of the "key" (no pun intended) members of this cast is Jeff (played by Angus MacFadyen). Jeff is apprehended by someone and soon finds himself in quite a predicament. The key (again, no pun intended) here is that unlike other victims of the vigilante/vengeance psychopath known as "jigsaw", Jeff is not shackled, bound or trapped. His quest is to take place throughout the industrial maze of brick, steel and cement landscape that has become a staple of "Jigsaw" hangouts. Jeff has not been paying attention to the family that needs him, but only because of hatred that has filled him over the loss of a loved one. Now he must play jigsaw's final game, to see if he can overcome his problems and in the process, simply survive the carnage.

Jigsaw's apprentice (Amanda, played by Shawnee Smith) has quite a past of her own as we soon discover. Despite the power you would think she would yield, we quickly learn how fragile all the seams of life really are. Saw 3 again shows great imagination and unique direction in the horror genre with such devices as the shotgun collar, attached body chains, ribcage reversal vest, the ice shower, pig guts vat, and another called "the rack". Jigsaw (played brilliantly by veteran actor Tobin Bell) has more tricks up the sleeve than you can shake a blade at. The writing of Saw 3 is superb as it intertwines multiple characters on a destiny soaked with death. The key again, is also its ability to not make to much of a puzzle of it as much as intertwine past events of the first two movies to make it come together with one final showdown. What will become of Jeff? What happens at Jigsaw's bed when the minute is up? Will the apprentice fulfill her mission or die trying?

Gore Factor of this movie is a 9 of 10. At times Saw 3 is able to freak you out with its nailed hands, ripped skin and breaking bones. The humanity and irony that surrounds some of its more special parts is often drowned out with glimpses of complete carnage so gory that you just better hope you saved Dinner for later.

Movie was mind blowing Keeps you at the edge of your set.....a must to own...
{Mrs. puman}

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Created: 01/29/07

Saw 3 -- Heavy on Gore, but...

Review For: Saw III (DVD, 2007, Unrated Widescreen)

This is important: If you haven't seen the first two movies, stop reading this and buy/rent those before you pick this one up. You'll get much more enjoyment out of this one if you have the back story...Trust me.

Saw III is a good sequel, but not a great stand-alone movie. This installment is NOT light on the gory content by any stretch of the imagination, but it left something to be desired. I am a avid horror film viewer and am willing to give anything a chance. When the first Saw came out, I reluctantly watched it and was immediately hooked. I suffered no such reluctance with Saw II or Saw III and went to see both the day they hit the theaters. I could have saved myself $7.25 on Saw III and waited for it to come out on DVD.

Why should I have waited? This movie was simply not on the same level as the first two. I was disappointed by the lack of "games." Oh, there are the typical Jigsaw-esque games, but not like the first two. There are really only a couple of characters forced to play games, unlike the first two. Most of the movie is spent testing one character's ability to forgive the man responsible for killing his son. (don't worry, that's not a spoiler; you get that info right away.) The flashback scenes leave you slightly confused, wondering what this information has to do with the movie.

It has plot twists, gore and games...but I felt like something was missing... I liked the movie but it wasn't as good as it's predecessors.

IF YOU LIKE GORE, THIS IS THE MOVIE FOR YOU! All things considered, this is only average. They could have done much better.

This one's definately not suitable for the kids, though.

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Created: 02/26/07

Jigsaw is Back !! Unrated - Full Screen - DVD

Thats right !! Jigsaw is back and this time he has help !! With his new apprentice by his side he plays a bunch of new games with his victims. Saw III is a must see for any horror film fan. This one is the goriest Saw Movie yet. Starring Shawnee Smith, Bahar Soomekh, and Angus Macfadyen to name a few. I would have to rank it up there with the Hellraiser movies. You can buy this Unrated Full Screen Edition DVD on eBay now, so check it out.

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Created: 02/26/07

Jigsaw is Back with help !! Widescreen - Unrated - DVD

Review For: Saw III (DVD, 2007, Unrated Widescreen)

Thats right !! Jigsaw is back and this time he has help !! With his new apprentice by his side he plays a bunch of new games with his victims. Saw III is a must see for any horror film fan. This one is the goriest Saw Movie yet. Starring Shawnee Smith, Bahar Soomekh, and Angus Macfadyen to name a few. I would have to rank it up there with the Hellraiser movies. You can buy this Widescreen Unrated Edition DVD on eBay now, so check it out.

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Created: 01/24/07

Saw it Before

If you haven't seen the original two, I highly suggest you watch them first, as this movie would not have anywhere near the depth it has with knowledge of the preceding events.

That said, Saw III is quite a good sequel, in that it develops on the important events and subplots of the previous installments. It again contains clever traps and hair-raising situations that cause people to reevaluate their ethical beliefs, and includes the same multiple-twist style ending as the first two movies in the series.

I would not rate it quite as highly as the previous two versions, only because much of the tension is lost when fewer characters are interacting in the "games," and the connections between the characters who are playing the games are not revealed until later. It is not that the characters are two-dimensional, it's probably caused by the gradual nature of the revelations.

Nevertheless, the Saw series continues to be among the more intelligent offerings in a genre not traditionally known for its intelligence. Above-average acting, intriguing situations, and well-paced storytelling all contribute to making this film a must-see for horror/suspense lovers.

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Created: 02/17/08

saw 3

Review For: Saw III (DVD, 2007, Unrated Widescreen)

It's difficult to explain the plot in any detail without ruining the storyline, so instead, I give you small chunks. A doctor must keep Jigsaw alive. If he dies, so does she. A grieving father must decided what he will do when confronted with the people that changed his life for the worse. Saying anything else about the story line is just criminal.all and all this is pretty good for a 3rd movie

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Created: 08/08/07

Saw III is great, gory fun, but it's not for everyone

Review For: Saw III (DVD, 2007, Unrated Widescreen)

I like Saw III because it really explains a lot of things that happened in the 1st and 2nd Saw movies. It gave a lot more background into the story as a whole. It was brilliantly done, the acting was superb, and it was graphic enough for any horror buff! Although, if you are a bit squemish or don't like violence and disturbing images, this movie is most likely not for you. I bought it because I already had Saw & Saw II on DVD and I wanted to complete my collection! It was a good choice and I am happy with it.

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Created: 10/02/08

Great gore movie!

I am a horror/gore fan so its easy for me to love the Saw series. But even if you are not a fan of horror and only watch these type of movies rarely, Saw is great.

Saw is not just a run/chase, kill movie, it actually has a concept and a clear plot, every victim is a victim because of their own deeds; they are never murdered by some "serial killer," but instead kidnapped and given only two options, to choose life or death by their own actions. This may mean killing someone else to save your own life, or letting that person live and sacrificing yourself.

These movies are deep, and the elements for a great gore movie are present! I cant wait for the box set.

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