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The Sandlot (DVD, 2006, Widescreen; Sens...
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The Sand...The Sand...The Sand...

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Created: 07/05/07

A slice of apple pie...

I bought this Dvd because I had the vhs, and beside that format being obsolete, the tape got ruined. I remember renting this movie with my older brother so many times that we actually probably bought the movie ten times over. Finally we purchased a copy for ourselves. This is such a great summer movie. It is very well done, the direction is great and the acting is superb; especially Thomas Guiry's performance. He is such a natural. While it is a typical stock character kid's flick, the characters are so endearing and humourous and each individual stands out with their own personality and story. Even if you did not grow up in the 60's, even if you did not play baseball as a kid, EVEN if you are not a boy, this movie speaks to you. It is centered around baseball, but really it is about friendship and typical childhood "coming of age" experiences. It isn't cheesy or overly emotional, you may feel as if you've "seen if before" because it is so relateable, but not because it is predictable and flat. I love this movie, and I am a girl, and I was born in the 80's (I did play baseball with my three brothers, however in our cul-de-sac). This movie reminds you of, at the risk of sounding trite, simpler times. It's a slice of apple pie of a movie that you will love. You'll be quoting it soon! Happy watching...

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Created: 07/28/06

Benny Rodriguez Lives and Breathes Baseball

Review For: The Sandlot (DVD, 2006, Widescreen; Sensormatic)

This is a classic movie. I can watch this over and over. Great fun and excitement. Truly team work. The neighborhood kids gather at local 'Sand lot' to play ball. Benny Rodriquez is just hooked on baseball. He gets the neighborhood kids to play every day. There is one kid, Smalls, who is clumsy as all heck. They're playing and the ball flies over the fence where they believe this killer dog / monster dog exists. It's quite funny and they are pretty clever. They also learn who Babe Ruth is as well as his friend George. A great movie to add to your collection.

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Created: 01/08/10

My favorite movie ever!

This is the best movie I have ever watched. This movie shows baseball the way it was meant to be played, with neighborhood kids at a vacant lot with random objects for bases. I personally love that kind of baseball and I wish it was still played like that. None of the kids in this movie are rich or have the most luxurious lifestyles, but all they needed was 9 friends with baseball gloves, a baseball bat, and an autographed Babe Ruth baseball to get them all in one big pickle. The Sandlot is very funny while being serious at the same time. Like I said, this is my favorite movie ever and if I could, I would give it a rating of 6. You have got to watch this movie.

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Created: 04/06/07

The Sandlot

I love the humor in this movie, and parts have always been an inside joke within our family and frieds. "You're killin' me SmallS!" This classic tale of a lot of boys trying to recover a signed Babe Ruth ball from Hercules, the gigantic mastiff next store. Its a coming of age tale that has me laughing and smiling the whole time. One of my all time favorites the whole family would enjoy.

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Created: 03/07/09

The Sandlot

I bought The Sandlot for my grandchild on his 7th birthday. This movie is a great gift for young kids and old. I watched this movie with my son when he was about the same age. It was one of his favorite movies. There is lots of excitement and great lessons to learn. All the boys want to do is play baseball, but how can they when they keep hitting the ball over the fence into the fiercest guard dog's yard. How would they know the dog is only protecting what he thinks is his. You'll smile with delight when you see how the boy's and the huge dog handle the situation of one last ball to play baseball with for what might be the last summer.

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Created: 11/09/08

"The Sandlt"

This is a great movie for kids, especially boys. It's innocent of any bad language, disrespect of parent/adults and shows the love of a sport. The natural ingenuity and adventuresome spirit of kids is exhibited with the way they strive to solve a problem. It is very entertaining and extremely funny, but, probably the most important example is set when the 'popular' kid befriends the shy awkward boy. he shows him compassion and friendship instead of treating him like an outcast. Because of his example, the rest of the group
soon count him as one of them, even though he isn't a very good player. All in all, a great movie for the whole family!

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Created: 12/01/07

"You're Killing Me Smalls"

This movie is a classic; I can't get enough! I loved it since I was a kid watching the Disney classic movies and no matter how old you are, you will love it. In fact, when I was hanging out with a few friends from high school, one of the people said, "You're killing me smalls" which is one of the many great quotes in this cute, fun, summer time story. If you like baseball, you'll love it, and if you don't you probably will still love it anyways.

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Created: 10/30/05

The SandLot

This movie is really good when it comes to baseball. It's about a group of kids that play baseball in a sandlot. One day, when a kid from the group gets a new bat, he slams a ball signed by "Babe Ruth" over the fence while a rumor about the person living on the other side raising dogs to bite kids. They try everything to get the ball back. Suddenly, another kid from the group bravely jumps over the fence to retrieve the ball and finds out that the man is actually very kind and the man kindly trades a ball signed by all of the members of the 1917 Yankees for their ball....

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Created: 04/26/07

Favorite movie

As an adult(no kids) I love this movie because it brings back memories to my childhood when my brother and I would get together with his friends to play baseball in our yard.
Yes I was a GIRL and allowed to play.
Best scene in this movie does not even involve baseball though but a swimming pool those of us who have seen the movie know what I am talking about.

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Created: 03/06/11

Family sports flick.

Review For: The Sandlot (DVD, 2006, Widescreen; Sensormatic)

The most EXCELLENT family baseball flick ever put to the big screen! History laden and factful events. No rubber arm teenage aces in the big league's here. Just good old baseball, hotdogs and chevrolet? Based from the 1960's and real kids stuff from "the Beast" to "Wendy" to the good 'ol "Bambino" himself!!! A must see for any sports afflicted family and a must have for the collection!

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