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Samsung Glyde SCH-U940
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Created: 02/22/11

No good

This phone was nothing like I expected. I guess Samsung is cheaping out on their non-smartphones because this phone was made with poor quality plastic (guaranteed to break if I drop it even once) and the first thing I noticed about it was that the on/off button is located on the outside of the phone. The phone would turn on and off spontaneously because of the location of the on/off button and it would ruin the battery life of this phone. Also only a 2.0 megapixel camera? The touchscreen was slow to respond too!
I'm avoiding "featured" samsung phones from now on and I suggest you do too.

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Created: 04/25/11

Very disappointed w/new cell, but would still buy Samsung products

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I ordered the same cell 2 years ago on Ebay and liked it, so I wanted another one. However, I have had to call Verizon 3 times to reprogram it. I am losing my texts & messages, and the battery keeps going dead. Just got it last week. I love Samsung products, and this is the first time I had a bad experience with it.

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Created: 09/04/10

Great Phone Unless you use bluetooth

The touch screen is responsive. But live most verizon phones, the web browsing is dirt slow. if you use bluetooth then stay away from this phone. playing music or having a conversation just wont work unless the phone is behind you or just really close to the headset like 1.5Ft close. it makes a great texting phone. The keyboard feels solid and has tactile

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Created: 02/11/09

Don't buy this phone

The touch screen on this phone does not work well. You touch a place on the top and a button on the bottom gets pushed. I took the phone into Verizon to get checked out and they told me that this is a major problem with this particular phone.

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Created: 06/10/11

Bottom line..Was not worth what i paid, would not recommend.

No, I would not recommend this product.

The Phone was purchased for my daughter, she really likes the phone, She states it is very easy to use and has tons of features. The battery life even in standyby was not very good.

The reason i gave it 2 stars was the connection between the battery, the connector and the charger is CRAP. I have to gently connect and fiddle with the plug in order for the charger to be make a connection and charge.

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Created: 02/04/09

Item received was not what it was made out to be

The phone itself is great! When I took the phone to have it activated they did an "update" to the phone to fix some of the little glitches that others have seem to have had, like the vibration and the touch screen. It works great so far. However, it was not Brand New as the description said. When I got the phone there was a scratch on the front screen, some small ding marks on the bottom corners, and some songs already loaded onto the phone. So it was not Brand New as the description claimed it was. Feel bad that I paid so much for a phone expecting brand new and getting one that is obviously used.

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Created: 08/04/09

Spaztic Touch Screen

The phone is awesome for texting, so if you like to text then this phone is for you! Unfortunately, after having the phone for a while the touch screen will go crazy on you. It will start to go into different programs within the phone when you aren't even using it. Also, sometimes it won't let you get to certain parts of the phone, when you touch it. Great phone for the first couple of weeks, then just loses its cool.

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Created: 11/20/09


This phone sucks. I mean, it's cute and small, but the touch screen is a nightmare. It's uber-sensitive and half the time does what it wants. I got a great deal on it, but I'm very disappointed with the phone.

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Created: 08/06/09

Not pleased

This phone has many weird quirks - turns on when not being used, doesn't react to the buttons when pushed, will go to a different location than the button pushed. After reading other reviews, we will go to Verizon and see if they can upgrade the software. Hope that helps - not worth the price we paid.

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Created: 01/04/11

Samsung Glyde U940

The Samsung Glyde does not respond to touch well. It can leave a person very flustered when trying to dial a number on the touch screen.

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