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Samsung Propel SGH-A767
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Created: 12/09/09

Samsung Propel SGH-A767

Pros: Aesthetic Quality
Damage resistent
Functionality in soft and hard wares

Cons: Incompatability with standard headphones
Limitations on personalization

The Bottom Line:
I recomend you BUY this product, because, not only does it meet the majority of ones phone related needs, but also because it's pretty!

Author's Review
Most people look to cellphones as accesories. To some, our phones are our doorway to civilization and society. But for those of us who view our phones as good function and good fashion, the Samsung Propel serves as the standard.

I have been using the Samsung Propel (In green,) for quite some time now. This phone has yet to dissapoint me in a way that would make me doubt the product. You should see, as I list the positives and negatives, what few there are, that the Propel is a reliable, buyable phone.

The Samsung Propel's initial pro is its appearance. While I would certainly agree that a phones shell may not always accurately reflect it's internal quality, I would contend that looks are important. Our world is built on aesthetic pleasure! The product was originally released in four standard colors: A deep red, A soft navy, A vibrant green, and a White and Red duochrome. The green phone; I speak of this color in particular, because it's sitting next to my keyboard currently; is backed with a simple, but interesting geometric pattern. The detail seems unecessary, but I believe it ads much deserved personality. Even if you don't like it, It gives those of us who spend a great deal of time taking pictures of ourselves, something to look at while the shutter snaps.

While we're on the subject of photography, I would like to discuss this phones camera. I was greatly surprised at the quality this 1.3mp camera produced. Not only were the images satisfactory, but the settings with which you can take a photo were quite pleasing as well. With timers, color and light filters, and a variety of fun extras, this camera will do the majority of your photographic endevors good justice. This phone served as my primary camera for at least six months.

Because this product seems to emphasize an air of quality experience, It is not likely to dissapoint in regards to programing. The Propel's operating system is an efficient one. Very rarely did I have any issues locating, adjusting, or studying any of the phones tools; This is particularily important to people who may share my disdain for unfamiliar, unfriendly softwear.

Just as the softwear sates the starving soul of the common cellphone owner, The hardwear is premium, as well as tasty! Thumbing at the keys, I am happy to find that the keyboard is set up similar to the standard qwertys. Letters and a majority of commonly used characters are in the proper corresponding places. The keys are spaced adecquitely, and the fact that the phone DOES have a full keyboard makes conversation through text and email proper, civilized, and timely. Thought, those characteristics are all subject to those who's thumbs type the words.

These keys are protected through method of sliding cover. The large screen slides down to protect the meat of the phone, as well as lock it. This helps to keep from accidentally presing buttons, and works quite well to put at bay the threat of an unitentional call from the pants or purse.

As far as data transfer goes, The Propel is equiped with an external microSD port. I've dealt with many a phone that required me to

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Created: 01/28/10

Great starter messaging phone

I've had the Samsung Propel for less than a week already and I like it very much. My previous phone was an LG Shine - a very competent phone itself - but I wanted a QWERTY keyboard that wouldn't break the bank. This phone has 3G, a MicroSD slot, a compact design, and of course the QWERTY keyboard. The screen is bright, the camera is adequate.
Call quality is great, much better than the Shine it's replacing. Even my MP3 ringtones are clear in quality.
The phone uses AT&T's proprietary software which is a bit quirky at times. Navigating the system is a bit cumbersome sometimes due to the number of keystrokes required, such as when sending an SMS message. Also, the contacts list only displays at most two contacts at one time which makes browsing relatively time-consuming. A saving grace of this phone is how you can customize it - the functions of the four buttons on the circular D-pad can all be changed, and you can really utilize the custom "My Menu" on the left soft button to circumvent a lot of navigating.
The keyboard itself is pretty good. Granted, it's not a Crackberry and it can get a little cramped sometimes, but you get used to it pretty quickly. Four days in and I'm pretty happy with it but I'm still not typing very fast yet. The trick is to use the tips of your thumbs for greater accuracy.
The phone is pretty solid. I haven't dropped it yet but I'd expect it to hold up okay, but not as well as the Shine seemed to. I will be getting a Body Glove case for this phone once my Shine sells and with that I'll be much more confident.
Overall, it's a great starter phone for those who want a QWERTY phone with 3G compatibility. If you do a moderate amount of texting like me, it's great, but if you're a heavy texter and phone-typer in general, you may want to consider a phone with larger keyboard and better internal software. But then again, you're looking at a much higher price than what you'd pay for this. It's great bang for the buck.

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Created: 06/03/09

Better than the BlackJack

The good:
Screen size
Full Keyboard
Can create multiple contact groups, and name them.

The bad:
Can only text 10 contacts at once.
Battery doesn't last very long at all.

I coach Boys and Girls High school soccer. I need to be able to text 80+ people, or just one or the other team. Or just the team and parents. My Blackjack, would not allow me to select multiple, so I hated it. I had to save a draft, to be able to "Reply to all" or it would be 30 minutes of me entering names. This phone gave me the option of creating a ton of groups, but I found out quickly that it will only send to 10 at a time. So now I have to send 2-3 seperate messages just to get the word out to 25 players. I am still looking for the phone that will do what I want.

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Created: 04/04/10

Samsung SGH A767 Propel (AT&T)

We now own two of these phones. Love the style and look of phone. A little complicated in navigating around to find the point you want to be at and book isn't thorough enough on how to operate all functions of the phone but i'm sure we'll get it with practice. Works great. Has lots of features with instand access to messaging, contacts with one button. Wish buttons were a little bigger for the fingers, its harder for men with big fingers to use. Camera works well but wish it was made with higher pixels. would recommend this phone to others.

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Created: 02/03/11

Samsung Propel

I had this phone previously and broke the screen so I tried 2 other types before going back to this phone. I tried a Samsung Impression but it was too large, heavy and I didn't like having to use 2 hands for the touch screen, I like just pushing a button. I then purchased a Pantech dual slide, but the reception was not as good as the Samsung, the keyboard keys were different and everything was just too small. I went back to the Propel because I knew the phone and was happy with it originally. The reception and speaker quality are both good and although the button are a bit small, I can still see and touch them comfortably. This phone is not as up-to-date on its functions as new phones, but the quality is good and it does perform well. It is small and fits in a pocket, which is my requirement. This is not a phone for a person that likes to have the most modern technology, but it is a good phone for first timers or those who have a comfort zone with technology, as it does have camera and video that operate well and has internet capabilities, but it does require more steps to operate certain functions than newer phones.

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Created: 10/13/09

My Propel Experience

So far, after about a month, I still like this phone. I bought it as a replacement for a broken Blackjack 1. Very similar in feel, but with a hidden keyboard.
The good-I find the keyboard easy to use, even with my big fingers. Navigation is different than the Blackjack, but I'm getting used to it. Call clarity is good, and reception is good. My Blackjack was horrible at both. Internet is easy to use. Surprisingly quick w/o being Windows Mobile based.
The bad-battery life is awful. I figured Samsung had learned it's lesson with the complaints from Blackjack owners (they even made a bigger battery and cover for the Blackjack) Really poor planning here.
Another disappointment-none of my Blackjack 1 accessories work. Apparently they changed with the Blackjack II introduction. I was hoping to be able to use the car adaper, USB, maybe even the batteries. No dice. And the new charger is a PITA to insert in the charge port. The old one was a snap.

Still, overall, a decent phone.

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Created: 12/29/09

Samsung SGH A767 Propel (AT&T) cell phone

I consider this model as one of the most successful from Samsung family cell phones.
Reprogrammable shortcuts, ease access to extended memory card information. Attractive design enough internal memory. To be more demandable this model needs Wi-Fi and better media player.

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Created: 02/04/10

Great Phone

The phone is a great messaging phone, the slide feature makes it easy to access and there's no complication, it's a straight shooter, but there is a downside. The full qwerty keypad numbers? ARE SO TINY! I can barely hit a letter without hitting another one, it is a learning process I'm sure, because I am getting better, but that's the only downside right now. Oh and it doesn't come with any games to help the time pass. But, the phone is perfect for messaging, e-mail and it comes with cellular video at the 3G speed. I'm really satisfied with this phone.

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Created: 10/16/10

Samsung SGH A767 Propel (AT

With this Samsung SGH A767 Propel, you can keep in touch with your friends by IM - with easy access to Yahoo!, AIM and Windows Live, keeping in touch will be easy and fun! You can also send pictures and videos with added messages to your favorite people. It's easy to share with multimedia text messaging.

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Created: 09/22/10

4.5 stars

Good, solid phone for the price. Nice Qwerty keyboard, fair sized screen, and decent visual quality. Music play back is decent, and the sturdiness of this phone is excellent.

The call clarity on this phone is amazing, and battery life is much better then most phones of similar style. WONDERFUL purchase for the avid texter, occasional internet browsing/ music play back, and superb call quality.

Only dislike is it is kind of bulky, but it handles being dropped well, mine only sporting a few minor scuffs from my hard wear and tear upon it.

Only reason it didn't get a 5 star in my book is the camera quality could be much better.

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