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Created: 10/25/09

Handy for Roleplayers & Sailor Moon Fans Alike

There are pretty much two ways you'll react to this book:

1) You'll love it.
2) You'll hate it.

If you do end up belonging to those in group number 2, chances are, you aren't much into Sailor Moon. If that's the case, you wouldn't want to buy this anyway.

For those of you who do like Sailor Moon, this is a great book. While it is a roleplaying rule-book, the technical elements of the book take about 25% of the actual content. The rest is in character bios, episode/season plot summaries (focused mostly on Seasons 1 and 2 as the successive seasons had not been dubbed in English at the time this book was published), cute pictures/screenshots of the show, and even some notes on Japanese culture.

By the way, it focuses mainly on the English dub (though it has supplemental info about the original Japanese version), so if you despise the English dub AND don't like roleplaying, you should probably pass on this.

As a roleplaying game, this is a superb example of why I love the hobby. The game is fast, flexible and easy to learn. Perfect for a Sailor Moon fan.

The system itself uses a fairly popular anime RPG engine known as the Tri-Stat system (as seen in "Big Eyes, Small Mouth"). Each character has three primary stats (Body, Mind, Soul) and four derivative stats (HP, Energy Points [MP basically], Attack and Defense). To build a character, you are given a pool of points to spend on stats and then various attributes and abilities your character has (including that of being a Sailor Scout). Building a character is actually quite a collaborative event with your GM as the system itself is very loose and requires their input on specific situations (such as the statistics of an animal companion).

Gameplay itself consists mostly of roleplaying. During particularly dramatic situations (combat in particular), you'll be asked by your GM to roll 2 six-sided dice (Monopoly dice) and compare the role to one (or more) of your stats. This will determine your level of success (or failure) of that particular action.

The system runs smoothly, easily; perfectly suitable for neophyte roleplayers.

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Created: 08/07/14

Amazing in depth information on the series, characters, etc.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I absolutely love this book. It's full of great information on the series, artist, characters, etc. Very in depth. The game itself is also written well and can easily be picked up by experienced role players.

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