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Saawariya (Blu-ray Disc, 2008)
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Created: 06/08/09

This Bolly-aholic could have passed it by...

I bought this DVD because I read so many positive reviews of the movie. None of those reviews, however, mentioned that the story takes place in a red light district and is narrated by a prostitute who spends her free time drinking alcohol in a bar. This was not the type of movie I wanted to watch with my mother, and she soon tired of it and went to bed.

I, unlike my mother, stuck it out and viewed the entire movie. We are both Salman Khan fans, but his character was absent much of the movie. Even when Salu was there I was rooting for the other guy, which proved futile in the end.

Liked: The acting wasn't bad, the stars were good looking, the costumes were OK, and some of the music was good enough to stick with me for a while. Disliked: The blue fantasy sets were just a little too unreal for me, but mostly I think I just didn't care for the place or the plot. If I had known about those two items, I would not have bought the movie. I would have been a few bucks ahead, and I wouldn't have missed all that much.

I didn't "love" anything at all about Saawariya. This movie is not a keeper, in my opinion.

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Created: 12/04/08


I originally watched Saawariya on Pay Per View and fell in love with it - only my second "Bollywood" movie - Bride and Prejudice the first and others followed now. While dance scenes were not as spectacular as other movies, meaning cast members in the scenes, they were excellent. The male star, Ranbir Kapoor is new and really steals the movie. Ladies, be ready to hit the rewind button when he does his sexy video. One of the Indian reviewers said he was one to watch in the future! It's a light, pleasant movie and one you will watch over and over. I even bought the CD - music is great!! Don't miss this one.

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Created: 12/02/09

A Visual Treat, Beautiful Music, A Gift for the Heart

Review For: Saawariya (Blu-ray Disc, 2008)

I was never once bored during this film. The way it was shot makes it a pleasure to watch. The set is unbelievably beautiful, the cast is young and fresh, Ranbir Kapoor's charm never wanes. The story will steal your heart as will Kunal Gajnawala's sultry voice as he sings Raj's story about the first time he's ever loved. Rani's performance, though not pivotal, is appealing as usual for her.

Saawariya is a film that you will not soon forget. It will steal your heart and leave you eager to love.

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Created: 01/09/09

Bollywood at its best

I absolutely love this movie. I had never seen a Bollywood movie before seeing this one and I was absolutely swept away.

The plot line is inventive enough to keep one guessing through the whole movie, yet predictable enough to be comfortable. I absolutely love the scenery and setting of the dreamy town where this story takes place. The blue and purple hues give it an ethereal quality that simply enhances the story.

The dancing was outstanding, especially Chhabeela. It was at that point in the movie that I knew I had to own this beautiful story.

The music is lively and romantic. Even though the lyrics are in Hindi (which I don't speak at all), they are still catchy and pleasant. The rich voices of the singers are dripping with talent and the music is hauntingly sweet.

Even if you've never seen a Bollywood movie before, or if you are a long time fan, you need to see this film.

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Created: 06/04/09

Why Ruin What's already Working?

I am a huge Bollywood fan,and so this films attempt to "cross" and be a mainstream flick was disappointing.Not that the acting was really bad or anything.It's just the film almost seems forced.Like a "we must make this film work" and well it didn't really.The story is good,the music is as well.The acting a little on the cheese,but I've seen worse.I just think maybe with a little more thought and effort the film would have done better then the bomb it was.Or maybe it's just the attempt at all to "cross".Why ruin a good thing that works perfect? Bollywood should stay Bollywood.Why does anyone want to Americanize India anymore then she already is? Most the movies already are emerging into franchise supported ad campeigns...making what I loved in Bollywood films,India,look more like America.Which on so many levels is just wrong.I love to see India for India not American assimulation.Do we Americans really have to touch everything? Ruin everything we come in contact with.But I seem to be the only one who wants Bollywood films to be Indian.The film is worth watching in any case.This was just one opinion.

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Created: 03/11/09


Is as much a story about the magical town that surrounds the actors as it is about the characters themselves.It becomes both “everywhere” and “nowhere” within India.This is one of those films that will take you to the magical world that exists within director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s fevered mind. It’s a love story taken to another level. Unrequited love never looked or felt so good. The film is spellbinding, heartwarming, and yes, heartbreaking as well.

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Created: 12/06/08

Enjoyable Movie

The set is really cool and the music is really enjoyable. Ranbir Kapoor is absolutely gorgeous, as well. Overall this movie is pretty good and I would recommend it to anyone who likes musicals and Bollywood movies.

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Created: 06/02/08

Splendid, Sumptous, Moving, Enthralling...

All these adjecitves and more describe Saawayira (Beloved). A sort of Romeo & Juliet story done Bollywood style. The songs will make your heart soar and your feet want to dance while the costumes, sets and effects will leave your mouth gasping at times. It truly is a feast for the eyes and ears and a treat for anyone not familiar with these two. A must-see and must-own for Bollywood fans. (**** out of ****)

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Created: 10/06/08


The Most Visually Stunning Bollywood Movie That I've Ever Seen And Best Overall: Writing, Music, Casting, Acting And Dancing!

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Created: 11/06/09

This is a wonderful movie, and arrived perfect

Great romantic movie! A must see!
Even having to read the subtitles did not bother me. The scenery is beautiful and romantic, the actors all Beautiful.........the plot........your almost wishing it goes a certain way.......but know that it has to end a certain way........I really enjoyed it......

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