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Rome - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 (DVD, ...
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Created: 08/31/08

Authentic Roman

Friends were continuously telling me that Rome was a "must-see," so, finally, my wife and I rented the first season through Netflix and we were taken. You, too, will be taken by the realism of Roman life depicted in this excellent HBO production. Very believable, despite some fictional liberties taken. It gives a nutshell history lesson of one ancient Rome's most critical periods- the fall of the republic, the assassination of Julius Caesar, two civil wars and the creation of the first Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus.
Liberties are two fictional characters Vorenus and Pullo, who are both Roman soldiers and, in a style similar to Forest Gump find themselves a part of the most critical events of this historical period. They find the Republic's buried gold, Pompeii, who was on the run after his defeat by Caesar, and, later, Cleopatra. They are in Gaul, but also the civil war. Later Vorenus moves from becoming a magistrate to senator, who is called away just at the critical moment before Caesar is assassinated. These events all happen in only Season 1. I have just ordered Season 2 and look forward to summarizing it as well.
I am a history buff and my interest in the subject comes naturally. I had always wondered about the historical value of the film Caligula and so following our completion of Rome the first season, we rented Caligula. While Caligula may have been more historically accurate (event wise) and decidedly more erotic (or, actually, hardcore), my wife and I find Rome to be more believable. See the first episode, The Stolen Eagle, which was given a director's award, you will either be hooked or stop there. My suspicion is that you will watch the remainder of the series (only two years worth) because it is so easy and compelling to watch.

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Created: 09/10/08

Brilliant In Every Detail

I first watched the series when it initially aired on HBO. I was intrigued by the previews, but did not think it would be something that would hold my interest for more than a couple episodes. I was wrong. The series goes beyond entertainment. The dedication to historical accuracy, the depictions of social classes, the extremes in living conditions, the chaotic political climate, all of which are loosely unified and governed by a diverse array of pagan gods worshipped and feared by all. The series will pull you from the 21st century back into an ancient time where much of society appears comfortably familiar on the surface, but has its foundations deeply entrenched in belief systems that we cannot relate to. So, what first appears familiar, quickly deteriorates into what appears to be an unpredictably violent world. A part of you will want to run back to the 21st century. A part of you will want to stay.

I have read several books on Roman history since initially seeing the series because I needed to know more. As I watched the series on the DVD set, I have picked up on more of the extraordinary detail that they put into the production. Everything from the graffiti on the walls, the basic diet, slaves and their contributions to society, the structure of the senate, the role of women, the staggering number of gods, the social classes, the general pride in the republic and the fear of a king, the overwhelming power of the army concuring and policing outside of Rome, almost zero military presense within the city walls... all of these are meticulously depicted and have basis in historical fact that goes much deeper than can be explained on film.

Beyond the historical detail, beautiful costumes and set, and basic plot centered around the fall of the republic, there are several fascinating and well-written subplots. Although these stories are fiction, they are again based on the fact and flow seamlessly into the series. The actors are brilliant and the script is fantastic.

Believe it or not, I have done my best to keep this short. I could go on and on with praises for this show. If you are on the fence about whether or not you want to take the time to watch it, trust me, take the time.

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Created: 03/13/08

Rome: The Complete Seasons 1 & 2

Incredible!!! After visiting Italy for 2 weeks last year, my peak in Roman history has greatly increased. What a fabulous series!! Mostly historically accurate and the costumes and sets are unbelievable. Historically accurate in regard to the people portrayed in Rome. These people did excist, just remember that a lot of the relationships between some of these people did not actually take place. Great series. Totally fantastic!! Watched both seasons back to back..........will greatly look forward to going to sleep before 4 am! Will definitely watch again and again. Highly recommend the purchase of the 2 seasons. Oh how I wish further seasons would be produced in the future. This series is for a VERY MATURE AUDIENCE: Very violent, a lot of nudity, sex and graphic language. The acting is excellent. You are just pulled into this time period during the Roman empire. Atia of the Julii, Caesar's niece, is an incredibly powerful woman who will do anything and use anybody to get everything she wants. At times, she is the ultimate "Mommy Dearest", but her focus is always on what will be best for herself and her family. And, I cheered for Titus Pullo through out the series. The dialogue is fabulous in Rome. Atia of the Julii and Titus Pullo have some of the best lines in the series.

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Created: 02/27/08

Rome is a banquet, a war, an orgy - and one hell of a tale!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Absolutely the best, most accurate portrayal of ancient Rome that has ever been made.
What's so great about it? Where to begin? The writing, acting, directing, props, photography, research - everything works together in a way that is so rare that only a handful of efforts can compare. I'd put in the same catagory as Schindler's List and [Eastwood's] Unforgiven. This is the tale of real people, in a real time but it is not a kiddy-story. It overflows with violence, loyalty, blood, sex, betrayal, torture, lust, and, yes, even love.
The whole series is stuffed full of real historical details that may only get a second [or less] of screen-time and then only as background. Rats in the Forum, starving dogs on the Senate steps, graffiti everywhere - a whole seedy-looking [and smelling] world is laid out for us and often just flashed over. You could miss it if you blink. You can't treat this like regular TV because it isn't. Most TV you don't even have to look at most of the time nor listen to much of - frankly it's a waste of juice to even turn on the set.
Rome is not like that. It is worth concentrating on every word and every image. There's always something there. If you look away you could miss it - the glint of an eye that won't have meaning till three episodes later, a chipped marble collumn, a double-cross, a roasting rat, a death.
Rome is worth watching closely and worth watching again and again. Every time I see it is like the first time. There are layers of meaning and braidings in the intertangled lives that I don't think I'll ever get tired of.
I'm glad I bought it. I'm glad I own it. If my house were destroyed Rome would be very high on my list of things to replace.

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Created: 02/16/10

Great series. Highly recommended product.

I purchased the dvd's for a friend of mine. But before the final delivery I had the opportunity of watching both seasons, discovering a very interesting and different series. It capture my attention immediately until the last minute. Great effects, color and sound. Highly recommended and at the same time you will be able to review part of Rome's history. I'm in line for the next season.

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Created: 07/13/08




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Created: 01/05/09

Rome- the complete season 1 and 2

Rome was aired on HBO as we all know. The "NEW" look on the ancient times incorperated comedy with brutality. It also focused on the lifestyles of the every day Roman, men and women, not just the elite. Well written and well produced. The actors brought it all together in this updated series of the Roman empire.

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Created: 07/06/08

Review of ROME

Rome is a bit of history brought to life with lavish sets, realistic characters, and enough historical authenticity to make it entertaining as well as educational... I saw the whole series on HBO and am buying the DVD's because I want to watch it again with my wife who missed it the first time around...

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Created: 02/22/08

Great entertainment.

A new spin on an old story. Absolutely one of the best HBO series ever. The attention to detail is amazing. Extremely realistic. Be prepared...some scenes are very barbaric, but this is taking place in 52 BC. There is the obvious plot, but the sub-plots are the clinchers. I think you find this DVD one of the best HBO & the BBC have released.

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Created: 02/10/08

ROME _ The Complete Season 1 & 2 - DVD 2007

Tremendous depiction - Historically accurate - Painstaking details. A GREAT depiction of what Rome must have been like so many years ago.
Europe truly is the most advanced civilization (Spend some time in Paris, and tell me you dont think so). This DVD shows what the Powerful city of Rome must have been like during that time frame. Like a GREAT BOOK,you can't "put this DVD down".

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