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RocknRolla (Blu-ray Disc, 2009)
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Created: 02/22/09


Features Acotrs:Gerard Butler,Thandie Newton,Idris Elba,Karel Roden,Tony Kebbell,Mark Strong,Jeremy Piven and Chris Bridges
Running time:115 Min.

Tom Wilkinson stars as Lenny Cole, an old school gangster turned businessman who’s made his millions in real estate. When two fellow crooks – One Two (Gerard Butler) and Mumbles (Idris Elba) – try to do the same, they’re unknowingly screwed over by Cole and then forced to return his part of the investment or suffer the consequences. Meanwhile, Cole has just inked another property deal with a Russian named Uri (Karel Roden) who needs help cutting through some red tape, and as a sign of his appreciation, he allows Cole to borrow his lucky painting until the deal is complete. When the money meant for Cole is stolen by One Two and Mumbles in an ironic twist of fate, however, the deal is forced into limbo. The situation is made even worse when Uri’s painting is stolen by a junkie rock star named Johnny Quid (Tony Kebbell), prompting Cole to send his right-hand man Archie (Mark Strong) after Quid’s former managers (Jeremy Piven and Chris Bridges) in order to track down the presumed dead RocknRolla.
If you’re not completely overwhelmed yet, there’s a good chance you will be as even more characters are introduced into the fold, including an untrustworthy accountant (Thandie Newton) and a pair of seemingly indestructible Russian thugs. Still, the story is never so complex that you won’t understand what’s going on. Those familiar with Ritchie’s work know that his films operate in a Seinfeldian fashion – with several smaller stories converging into one big story the further along it gets – and this time around, Ritchie doesn't waste any time in putting the gears into motion. The film is also just as funny, action-packed and thrilling as “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch,” but it’s not nearly as hyper-stylized. That isn’t to say that “RocknRolla” isn’t stamped with Ritchie’s trademark visual style, but he’s clearly matured in the way it’s utilized. There are no more fancy camera tricks just for the sake of looking cool, but rather more unique sequences (like one where he uses onscreen text to relay a muted discussion) that don't feel as out of place.

All the glitter and gloss in the world could be applied to the final product and it still wouldn’t make "RocknRolla" as appealing as its eccentric cast of characters does. This movie was boring from the begining, but does get more action the more you watch.I rented it hoping that with all the great actors it would be more better, but I felt dissapointed.Hope this helps you decide.Thanks for reading! :)

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Created: 03/22/09

Very Boring

Review For: RocknRolla (Blu-ray Disc, 2009)

Loved Gerry Butler's Acting, the Cinema Photography was outstandingly Creative & Artistic, it had a Good Plot.. Could have/Should have been at Least A Good Movie but WAS NOT.
RocknRolla bored me to tears, No character development, no fluid story line, elicited no emotion, jumped all over the place until I didn't even care to watch it anymore.
Sorry to offend any fans, maybe you have to be a follower of these types of movies to enjoy them??

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