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Created: 07/06/10

Gut bursting funny.

This review is in memory of the late Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor III that died on December 10, 2005. In Richard Pryor: Here and Now Richard Pryor delivered one of his funniest Stand-Up jokes. He made jokes on black slavery/racism, Sex, drunk driving, drug usage and more including alot of cursing/profanity and obscene language in which he is known for. I personally do not curse or use profanity or obscene language but when somebody say them in a certain way it is funny. There is various jokes that made me laugh especially the joke about putting cologne on his testicles that had me laughing my head off until my stomach hurt. In his other Stand-Up video called: Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip he mention rumors of his death. Richard Pryor Rest in Peace until the Resurrection for you are missed!

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Created: 12/08/06

Richard Pryor-Stand Up (Here and Now/Live on the Sunset

There was never a comic exactly like Pryor. His insights into life, race, sex, drugs, the police... what subject did he NOT find uproarious humor in? Truthfully, if a comic ever deserved the title "GENIUS", it was Richard. Profanity abounds, so it's not a show to watch with kids (or mom & dad, the reverend, first dates, etc.), but you can't help but guffaw more than a few times at his viewpoints. Now performing nightly in some aferlife, his humor never suffered from the ravages of the disease that took him away. After viewing these shows, you'll never look at life the same again!

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Created: 10/10/09

It was an ok standup but his CD's are much better!!

I love Richard Pryor but the two stand up DVD's were not that exciting to watch. I enjoy the CDs a lot more.

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Created: 02/04/08

Stroll down memory lane

I love Richard Pryor's humor in this set! I also like that it's a double DVD set.
I bought it as a gift for a friend for Christmas, and it's just as I remember it when it was aired originally on HBO.

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Created: 09/30/06

Richard Pryor best ever stand up act

I can honestly say I have viewed this DVD & VHS because I own both about 40 times This was his stand out act, that launched him to stardom, get this DVD ONLY is you wantto laugh until you cry , your face will hurt from laughingiing for so long and you will want to watch it again when its over for the parts you missed while laughing out loud Richard Pryor became a start that night on the sunset strp LOL. Thi sdvd is great because it has his 2 est stand up routines on it. YOU wil love this dvd.

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Created: 05/28/08

King Richard

Richard Pryor is the greatest stand-up comic of all time and these two dvd's are the proof - a Must-Have if you are a Richard Pryor fan - enough said

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Created: 02/11/10

richard pryor is very funny if you want to have a good

richard pryor is very funny if you want to have a good time watch richard pryor on stand up you will see........................

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Created: 08/16/09

richard pryor the funniest of all time

richard pryor is the funniest comedian af all time . i laughed my head off watching both of these films .

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Created: 03/05/07

richard pryor - stand up here and now/live on sunset st

richard pryor is a comedian in all terms of the word. he can have you laugh at some of his jokes and a lot of his jokes revolve around his own experiences. i recommend that anyone over the age of 18 watch this. i am very impressed with mr. pryor

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Created: 08/03/11

It wasn't what I had hoped it would be!

No, I would not recommend this product.

I thought he was funny in my younger days and didn't think he wouldn't come across as not being as funny now and the reason for that is realizing how someone like him who had the talent to make people laugh could possibly become so addicted to drugs and ruin their life and then talk about it a in joking manner like he did in both videos.

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