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Resident Evil Outbreak File #2  (Sony Pl...
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Created: 05/14/07

Fun Game **Imagine RE Playing Online**

Now for those that do not know this is the sequel to Resident Evil Outbreak, the first Resident Evil ever to go online. The first game was quite popular so Capcom took a year or so and made the new one.

Gameplay: 8/10

If you have played the past Resident Evil's you know the basic layout of this one. Unlike the other Resident Evil's though in this one you pick one of 8 characters with different strength's and qualities. Then you pick one of 5 scenarios to play or you can pick a minigame that you can unlock.

The main part of this game though is the online. With the ability to go online and play a scenario with 3 others, it adds quite a bit of unique gameplay. Online there are special events that pop up once in a while to challenge the player even more but reward them nicely if they win.

Now there are several neat aspects to offline as well. This time around you can pick who you want as allies. You can also go try to find the many Special Items scattered across the scenarios, which will take you a long time to find.

Capcom has also added several new nice features. The most noticeable is you can now walk and shoot, just a little info though don't try to walk and shoot with a rocket launcher, that is not going work for obvious reasons. You can also pick up items while been on the floor crawling so you have a chance to heal yourself.

Graphics: 7/10

Their not amazing, their not horrible. There are several nice designs, like the zombies and the environments have several nice touches here and there. But of course graphics may make this game slowdown a bit more, and most people would agree that it is better for a game to run smooth with lesser graphics than a laggy game with good graphics.

Story: 7/10

Ok now some people may say that there is no storyline in the Resident Evil Outbreak series. But their partially wrong. You are one of the 8 survivors of Raccoon City trying to escape from the zombies and trying not to die. Now the scenarios may not exactly tie in witb the other ones, but that is because their scenarios, meaning they are "What If' situations. What If they went in the zoo, What If they went in the train station, etc.

Sound: 8/10

Not a lot of comments to make here. Resident Evil games have always been about eerie situations so expect some low tone music to keep you on your feet. The sound effects are quite nice too, not much to comment on here.

Replay Value: 10/10

Now this is where this game shines. In the first Resident Evil Outbreak game, I had over 100 hours online. Now with 5 scenarios and about 6 minigames to play offline and online with others, you can enjoy endless hours of fun. Not to mention a lot of unlockable costumes, pictures, music and the like.

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Created: 01/13/08

Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 B-Movie FUN!!


If you've played any of the Resident Evil series of survival horror games, you'll be familiar with the campy zombies and mutants you run up against! I am a HUGE Zombie fan!! But of all the RE games, this one is the MOST like playing a B-movie in the palm of your hand! I LOVE IT! Its a little bit like Redneck Zombies meets Vampire in Brooklyn and is the first game in the series that puts AA characters in the drivers seat!

Mark the security guard is an excellent character to play as and is an ABSOLUTE necessary back up 3rd player if you play off-line mode! [Whatever you do, DON'T take the reporter, Jim or Kevin as off-line third player back-up! They wander away constantly and are reluctant to help out when they're in the same room with you!]

Jim the Subway employee [the other AA character] I don't believe has an AA voice, and in that respect I am disappointed. He does remind me of the eccentric AA DJ from The 5th Element, and Eddy Murphys side kick from 'Vampire in Brooklyn'.

My absolute favorite levels so far are the ZOO and the Creepy hospital in the woods! GREAT FUN!

Pet-peeves: The NPC unlockable players you buy with points are new designs over the same character frame; so they are hardly different aside from their new texturing. But the biggest reason this makes me unhappy is because in the cut scenes you see have the original character acting instead of the new look you chose!! Also, their dialogue is the almost word for word identical to the original frame character. This takes alot of the magic out fo collecting the NPC characters for me.

There is also a 10,000 point mystery character, and I spent hours earning enough points to get it. MAN was I ever SORRY I did! >.< You wouldn't believe this but the 10,000 point mystery character is a series of colored [Reservoir dog rip-off names] STICK FIGURES with lollipop heads! If it was supposed to be funny, it's not! What a let down! I was expecting to be able to play as Wesker, or one of the other classic RE unplayable characters.

Personally I do not like the option to play online with other people, because I find you get harrassed more than people will actually play with you.
I prefer the classic two-player option so you can play with a friend or family member in the comfort of your own home and don't have to worry about being badgered for your age or having someone deliberately get your character killed for a quick laugh.

Parents please note, this game is intended for a mature audience of 15 & up, for graphic language, gore and violence.

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Created: 08/06/08

PS2 Resident evil Outbreak File # 2

I purchased this game a week ago, for my little Resident Evil Game Collection.
I've been a fan of resident evil ever since the first game came out.
The reason why I like the games so much is simply the Roll Playing thing,
And resident evil has done a good job of making this series exiting.
The thing that I didn't like about most of the games is the slow loading
Of the game when entering the any doors.
Currently I need The Nemesis, and the two Survivor games to complete my PS collection.

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Created: 01/04/09

A good improvment over the first Outbreak

People who have played the first Outbreak may know that it is the worst Resident Evil game on the market. But File #2 is an improvment that was needed. The environmenents are nicer and the developers got rid of all the add lib juck that was in the first one. A minor flaw is that some enemies are very annoying and never leave you alone. You could go through a whole level in the game having one single enemy chasing you around. But besides that fact it is game worth going out and buying.

Final Verdict- 3.5/5

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Created: 01/26/08

RE: Outbreak File 2

I thought it was a pretty good game. I just hate that it was taken offline! That was the whole reason I bought it! But other than that, it is good! Resident Evil is on of the best games out! Each game Capcom continues to make of RE gets better and better!

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Created: 01/06/14

Another Resident Evil game. Yeah, it's pretty fun.

No, I would not recommend this product.

It's another Resident Evil game. The gameplay of Resident Evil games are extremely fun, especially Resident Evil 2. Except for the Resident Evil Outbreak has the "oh my gosh" constantly being said by the female character which is highly annoying.

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Created: 06/20/07

Better than Outbreak 1

This is a vast improvement over Outbreak, the gameplay is much better and the storyline is as well. I like this game and it's pretty fun online too.

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Created: 10/01/06

Worth it

Not great but not as bad as the first out break. in order to get the full experience you must go on the web and get a checklist or buy the book. A bitchin' game in its own right, some of the stages are pretty cool and you WILL get hooked on it!

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