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Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition  (Xbox 360...
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Created: 09/15/10

Resident evil 5 amazing.!!

I bought this game because I heard of how good it was. Well i would like to say that it is the best horror survival game i have played. Everyone should play this, it's a cheap game about $20 and it's a good deal. There were 3 new DLC's (downloadable content) that came out. The graphics were spot on, very good, the control is amazing, Chris and Sheva were detailed perfectly. But one thing is that when your playing solo as chris or sheva the computer decides to act a bit stupid once in a while. They won't move to the spot where you want them to move so sometimes there will be continuous deaths. But other than that the coop part is amazing. When people come and join your game it's the best. Also the xbox 360 community that play re5, are very helpful and they would help you start the game out right. Also, the achievements in the game aren't really hard to get. When you want to play the versus dlc that one is a bit hard. But on the retail version of re5 the achievements aren't hard. I am about 1 achievement away from getting 100% on retail version. Which is the first 50 achievements for re5. The game's difficulty are pretty easy until you unlock professional mode you like die in one shot, but can survive most. BUT YOU WILL NEED A REAL PERSON PLAYING THE COMPUTER WILL CONTINUOUSLY KEEP DIEING!!!

This is my review of RE5, Hope you like it and buy the game. Good Luck.

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Created: 05/19/10

I am very happy with Resident Evil 5 gold edition

I am a long time fan of the Resident Evil franchise. Since the very beginning it changed gaming and I fell in love with it. Resident Evil 5 gold edition is in my opinion, the top 3 greatest in the franchise! It like the very first one has changed the series of survival horror in many ways. The best thing about it is the xbox live play. It doesn't get better than R.E.5 GOLD EDITION!!!!

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Created: 07/10/10

Resident Evil 5 Gold

Fantastic game in every way. One of the greatest of all time. Gameplay is perfect, storyline is phenominal. The only real difference between this version and regular Resident Evil 5 is the addition of a side level that acts as a prequel. Good add on if you are a big fan of resident evil, but not really worth it if you already have a copy of the game.

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Created: 08/18/10

Great Game with Great Prices

For people who love resident evil and has an xbox360 this is a recommended buy + the price going on now is a better buy than the original copy since it includes all the dlc available and the dlc costs about 15$ or so and yeah i really recommend this game buy it while its hot!

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Created: 05/03/10

Resident Evil 5

Amazing game. Not quite the horrorfest of the previous titles in the series, but it has it's moments. Definitely a survival game though, and it does have its tense moments. All that being said, a very fun game, definitely a must-buy for people who are MATURE. 18 years or older.

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Created: 06/01/10

Resident Evil 5 (Gold Edition)

Great game for any shooter fan. Plenty of action, and lots of fun to be had with a friend while playing cooperative play.

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Created: 08/28/10

Resident Evil 5

great game. really enjoyed playing the game, great effects, storyline and character devolpment. if you like previous resident evil games you will like this one.

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Created: 09/22/10

Great Game!

I love this game so much!!! Favorite game series ever!! The game was great when i first got in on the release day and now that it is great with all the new features and added story lines!!!

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Created: 10/07/10

resident evil 5

well a friend of mine recomend this game and all i can say is absolutly great
graphics are fantastics is a god sequel from the original games i recomend this game to anyone thanks

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Created: 12/10/10

excellent tittle

I like the game because I had all the resident evil games and I wanted this one really bad but the only thing I didn't like is that it has downloadable content I didn't have xbox live but I was trying to get it.

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