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Created: 04/16/09

Resident Evil 4.5

To put it straight, RE5 is a solid action game that is worth playing
for the 10 hours.

However, the game fails to improve upon RE4 and repackages the same
level structures and enemy types (even bosses) with a few and minor
differences, particularly in how they are killed. It is appropriate
though, given the story is a continuation of the virus from the last
and wraps up this saga of the series.

What makes this game excel is playing co-op with a buddy, one of the
best 2-player modes on next-gen as of today. Unfortunately, the a.i.
during the regular campaign falters in a few aspects. When given herbs,
Shiva responds accurately in combining and healing when necessary, but
when in a few scenarios of the game, where the two are physically seperated,
it becomes a major hinder to playing as you are incapable of healing once
within immediate death and if not healed within a short time period, will
die regardless. On the positive, she does have 100% accuracy and if you
take the time to upgrade her gear as well, she can cover back, when you
need it more then once.

Interface is clumsy when switching between items, when you're rushed
to exchange as the interaction is in real time, leaving no room for
breaks. The limited inventory leaves you to focus on a few weapons
throughout the course of the game, but thankfully every time you reach
a checkpoint or die, you can gain access to your stock to interchange
and weapons can be hot-keyed to the d-pad for switching on the fly
during the action (4 maximum). Naturally, weapons can be upgraded
in all aspects and several makes of the same type, usually specialize
in either capacity, damage, or reloading speed for your playing preference.

The added challenge of the game overall is a nice welcome and is
sure to keep you on edge throughout without a moments pause. Enemies
will swarm you and are relentless, but suffer from closing in too fast
on your position, just to enter a specific attack animation which they
awkwardly back off just to turn around and re-enter the right attack
pattern. Aside from that error, the story is the typical, action
blockbuster, with its cliches and the ending boss fight was incredibly
the easiest, most ANTICLIMACTIC of all. (Think cheap imitation of Krauser
from RE4)

Which is a disappointment, because it seemed they lost all creativity
or interest in finishing up the series or saga in a better fashion.

+ 7/10

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Created: 09/03/15

avrage game, with fun aspects, i'd say pick it up ;)

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

good game, not as good as the fourth installment in capcoms series.
However it definitively as earned its place. perhaps if developers in general brought more to the table than the typical jumpscares and cliche zombie epidemic, then maybe i could give it a better rating.
Resident Evil as a whole needs to reevaluate their direction in the horror genre. too many games are following the same system, dead space, silent hill, fear,'s unfortunate that games such as Resident Evil have fallen victim to the copy and paste technique, using the same idea over and over again, no originality. And Resident Evil 6, is basically the case and point. Not by any means a bad game, but nothing special.

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Created: 06/25/09

RE5 Slipping away from tradition ?

Review For: Resident Evil 5 -- Collector's Edition (Sony PlayStation 3, 2009)

OK, I already know all the superfans hate the title I have given the review....but as a hardcore RE fan myself I expected alot from this latest addition. Was I disappointed? My answer is "a little bit". Here is why. When I got my first Playstation and Played RE2 for the first time...I must say I was witnessing an evolution in the video game. Hardcore violence, puzzles, cinematic cut scenes, stunning graphics....I could go on forever. And when RE4 came along I knew that the legacy was solidified....RE was destined to be the greatest of all video game franchises of all time, no question. Now we have RE5.... the great return of Chris exciting. Here we go, where are the genius problems and puzzles to solve to get to the next area????? Who's idea was it to turn tradition into a lead through, rather than a mind boggle....where is the reward in that????? I used to love spending hours trying to figure it out, in this edition, I did not get that challenge. That is my major beef with the game. Now, the graphics are sick and the gameplay is pretty cool, but the weapons purchase and upgrades is also a hand out...actually quite boring. I do give it props for the team play. Even though sheva shoots chris more than the enemy sometimes it is very handy to have someone around at all times to help out in tight spots. So I will wrap this up......Story 5 stars, Puzzles 1 star, Gameplay 3 stars, Cut scenes 5 stars, menus and options 3 stars. Just being honest here. RE5 is a good game, but I feel that the tradition is slowly slipping away and turning into an action franchise.

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Created: 04/09/13

Just not what i was looking for

No, I would not recommend this product.

I had read reviews and thought this game was to be similar to Left for Dead. I knew it wasn't four players but I thought it was to be a similar type game. I was wrong it doesn't play at all like L4D. I have L4D 2 but its not as good as the original. I really like L4D and was trying to find something similar. the game is probably good but it wasn't what I was looking for and only played it once.

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Created: 04/03/10

Resident Evil 4 part 2?

This game is what Resident Evil 4 would have been if it were released in 2008. Games often times evolve rather quickly and there is no evolution in Resident Evil 5, that said RE4 is still a decent game and so is RE5, but compared to other games this generation it just lacks...The story isn't great and the cover system is half ass, the main character Chris is bulky and slower than Leon. This makes the first part of the game sluggish. The games pacing is here in there. Sometimes you want to just quit the game and other times you want to finish to mission and get Trophies! This game would have been amazing if it used the cover system from Uncharted and faster gameplay, better character and enemy design (yes the African stereotypes are a minus)and a better story with gloomier environment designs. I think when we all played RE4 back in 2004, we couldn't see how they could perfect it, but as games grow, you have to re-perfect and refresh. This game is still good, but not a breath of fresh air.

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Created: 03/09/12

Great game but with some graphical errors

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Another game where I'm not used to using the remote to navigate and simultaneously aim and shoot accurately. Beyond that, the graphics are decently developed, although there is a lack of facial expressions. The zombies fulfill their role well and can sometimes be particularly violent, which will test the player's speed.

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Created: 12/23/13

Fantastic as a game, very poor collector's edition, only steelbook worths.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I buy the collector's edition bicause i'm a big fan of the Resident Evil series. The game is very good and you will play it at list two to three times to complete all the challenges of the game. A lot of action, good senario and fantastic atmosphere. What i did not like about the collector's edition was that it was very poor,the tricell messenger bag...useless, Chris Redfield figurine...very small and bad painted,the kijuju necklace...average,the BSAA patch...same average. The only good item inside was the steelbook with the bonus disc with the making of the game. if someone wants to buy the game just buy the steelbook edition.

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Created: 09/18/12

Not on par with RE4, but not the worst shooter out there

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

RE5 is a good game, but it's just not what most people want out of a Resident Evil experience. The atmosphere and locations are great and varied, but the addition of an AI partner just kills the game in a lot of ways, it's really very frustrating.

This game is NOT on par with RE4, so if that's the experience you're looking for here, nothing quite reaches that epic scale. It is, however, a worthwhile game to get into and kill some time with, especially if you missed it the first time around and want a sturdy third-person shooter.

I would recommend it to hardcore shooter and adventure fans, but that's about it.

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Created: 08/17/11

Mediocre at best. Doesn't live up to Resident Evil 4

No, I would not recommend this product.

Not enough puzzles in this one. This game is mainly an 'action packed' shoot 'em up. It doesn't include the wonderful puzzles that have been previously implemented into the Resident Evil serious. The partner A-I isn't too bad, but it can get in the way of some battles in the game. If you are planning on playing this game as a co-op shooter, then your game experience will be greatly better than that of a single player zombie FPS.

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Created: 01/15/10

ResidentEvil 5

Not as good of a game as I had wanted. I hate the fact that the character is not able to run and shoot at the same time. I'm new to the RE franchise. I got it just so i could play online with a friend. It's not my favorite game, but decent.

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