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Project Gotham Racing 3  (Xbox 360, 2005...
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Created: 01/25/06

Project Gotham Racing

If you're into fast cars and fast paced driving, this is the game for you! Bizarre Creations took an intresting approach to the racing genre with a game the blends realistic physics with a dash of arcade racing. The game still requires you to take a good racing line in order to be fast, however there are a lot of assists to help you maintain control in most situations, making you feel like you're in total control. The game has a decent number of cars, about 80. Mainly high class exotics, there's only one real muscle car which I wish they changed, but what can you do, but hey this is one of the few games that has the McLaren F1 LM road car! The awesome thing about this game is all the cars in the game are capable of having a top speed of AT LEAST 170MPH. The down side is you can not customize them, besides changing the colour of the paint. The main advantage of this is it keeps a level playing field in the online mode, so it's really down to picking a car that suits your driving style and your true skill. You'll find that the solo career mode is great for unlocking achievements but some of the challenges are pretty redundant. Hot lap, timed lap and even breakthrough are pretty much the same challenge mode, except in one the clock counts up and in the other the clock counts down. After you beat the solo career you'll probably find yourself on online career most of the time. This is where you challenge the best in the world and work your way up. You have a true skill ranking which is assesed by your performance in each rank letting other players know your relative driving skill, then you have a world rank which you progress through as you win races or do well against higher ranked opponents. Just like in Halo 2's ranking system your world rank goes up and down depending on your performance, your kudos ranking however keeps on climbing since you can't lose kudos. If you got an XBOX 360 and you're into driving games, you gotta pick this one up.

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Created: 06/28/06

REAL Car Fans look here

If you are REALLY into cars, this is the game for you. The attention to detail on each car and how it handles is outstanding. I was wondering how they could top PGR2, and I was expecting a SLIGHT improvement. I was shocked with hom much better PGR3 is. I see a much bigger difference in the performance, sound and handling of each car. The backgrounds are stunning. I love the sounds and how they move around the room as you pass over people. I like the way the fans on the sidelines become a blur with your speed. I was in Vegas a few weeks ago and I was shocked with how the Vegas road course truely mimic the Vegas strip including some of the bumps.
If I were to say one thing negative about the game its that it takes a long time to start each race. Since I have downloaded an update for it, it seems slightly better, but I am shocked every race at long it takes to start.

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Created: 08/12/06

Project Gotham Racing 3

Oh man, this game's graphics are so smooth and shiny, it's amazing! Online multiplayer games are so much fun, people make up their own game types, such as cat and mouse, last man standing, and all the other default game types are amazing as well! When you are racing you can use your right analog stick to see all the way around your car! A complete 360 degrees view while you are racing!!! You can take cool pictures of the cars in your garages, or while watching those high definition replays, which are a must watch after every race! If you're into career mode, there is definitely many many hours of fun packed in the career mode. You can upload your statistics to a worldwide leaderboard, and compete to be #1 in the world!!! GO BUY THIS GAME!!!!

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Created: 08/27/06

The Best

Pgr is the best racing franchise ever. It has the best modes and cars ever. The games graphics are brilliant and amazing . That games could literaly last for years. I like all the cars in the game, thay are fast and responsive. They upped up the realism in this game. Youc can also drive with the inside veiw of the car, which also has 40,000 polygons. The gameplay is amizng. The sound on 5.1 dolby is breathtaking, The value is forever.
What really makes this game next-generation? It's not really the gameplay. It's the graphics and presentation. Visually, PGR3 is set up to look absolutely gorgeous when in 720p or 1080i. It's still pretty in 480p, but it looks more like an Xbox game to be honest. The high-def setting makes a world of difference. If you don't have a High-definition set-up, look into it quick!

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Created: 12/14/05

What a beautiful driving game.

This game is the most beautiful driving game I've ever played. The cars look real nice, and on HDTV, WOW, it almost looks like I'm watching a race on TV. The scenery and backdrop is also just jaw droppingly beautiful. There are SPORTS cars from almost every meaningful manufacturer. You won't find Honda Civic Type R's or Mazda Miata's in this game. These are true race-bred sports cars only.

The absolute best feature of PGR3 is online play. I have played online using Xbox Live, and boy what an experience. It is tough, and the players out there are merciless with their bumping and gunning. You have to be both damn good and lucky online. The competition is 10X tougher than the single player AI, especially if you only play the medium level difficulty.

All in all, the best launch game for the Xbox 360, and the online play is superb. Players who are used to Gran Turismo might find that the cars feel looser and a lot harder to control. With practice, practice and practice, you'll get the hang of it. This is a must buy on the Xbox 360.

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Created: 03/31/06

I Never Knew Cars Could Be So Shiny

PGR3 is a fantastic all around game. It is the most realistic racing game out to date. The graphics are drop dead gorgeous whether you have an hdtv or not. Each individual car in the game (more than 80 since cars can be downloaded in Xbox Live Marketplace) has their own unique feel. There is so much to do in this game that the replay value is enormous. Besides having a huge offline career mode, the game also sports an online career mode, The online career mode is great, but you have to make sure you race clean, and be super careful because if you accidentally hit someone and they spin out, you will witness first hand how a 20 to 40 year old can revert to a swearing 5 year old in less than a second.

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Created: 07/20/06

Great Game, Great Fun

PGR3 is a great fast paced racing game. The graphics are beautiful, and I love being able to walk around my garage to check out all of the exotic cars I own. Since all of the cars available for purchase are capable of extreme speeds it definately is not a game you can play without complete concentration. Look away for a moment and you might have just lost the race. One note, take it however you want, it seems really easy to accumulate credits in the solo career, so it doesn't take much effort to get the top end cars. This could be a positive or a negative point depending on how you like your games.

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Created: 07/06/06

Excellent game

This game is addictive. The carreer mode is kinda short, but the online mode is great. It has 80 cars and it lets you download 14 more for only $7. The tracks are really nice and this game is the closest racer to real life that I've seen ever. The developers paid a lot of attention to visual detail (even dust on the windshield) and the incar view is sooooo realistic that its the best ever made. One thing you should know is that this is a simulator, like Gran Turismo, not an arcade game like Need for Speed. This is a 360 must have if you like racing sims.

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Created: 06/01/07

Purchasing PGR3 ( Project Gotham Racing 3 )

Really amazing game that keeps my friends and I going for hours. Love the online play (xbox live) capablility. Amazing graphics, great storyline, top of the line cars. I decided to buy it because I recently purchased and Xbox 360 with many added accessories and I have not regreted purchasing this game ever since.

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Created: 03/11/08

PGR 3 is great

i looked up info/reviews on this game before i got it but the info/reviews kinda makes you think twice. even though most people are currently playing pGR4 i got 3 before i get pgr4 any way its a great game looks good sounds good and is really fun to play i told my GF i would only play 30mins but ended up playing for 1 hour she likes the sountrack if you have not played this game or PGR4 try it.

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