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Pok�mon: Ruby Version (Nintendo Game Boy...
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Created: 12/22/05

Pokemon: Ruby Version

I, by no means whatsoever, like Pokemon.
I do however, LOVE this game. It was a gift for my 4 year old daughter, and like most of her games, I played it myself.

This is the only Pokemon game I have played, so I cannot compare it to others. (I know I'll be getting the others as well).
I have read about (Pokemon) different games, however, and can say that this one has had a facelift from the others. It has updated graphics and weather effects, better sound, and 200 different Pokemon with 100 new species.
Like the others, you can choose to be a boy or girl and choose your name. It has an internal clock, so it records your playtime, and you have a Pokedex to keep track of your stats.
You main goal is to beat all the Gym Trainers and become a Pokemon Master. What my child and I find appealing about this game, is that there are three seperate "starter" Pokemon to choose from. You can complete the game in it's entirity (which has taken me 25 hours of seperate playtime as according to the internal clock per character...but, I "play around" and often rematch characters and play in the arcade there, and etc.), and then you can start again with a different Pokemon with completely different fighting tactics and abilities.

My favorite thing about this game? Press "save" at any time; there are no passwords to remember, and you can shut it off, and return later to where you left off.

In this one, you can now have 2 pokemon fighting on your side at the same time; you can tag team them against an enemy. Also in this one (which I read is different from others), is that the berries you collect, you can go and blend them together in a Berry Blender and make a "super smoothie" to feed your Pokemon. It will keep them amped, and also enhance their best advantages if you choose to "show" them in the regional contests (can get ribbons for "Best of Show" which will unlock additional contests.)

And lastly, it is a multiplayer game, if you want it to be. (Meaning, it is also single player..but, ) You can trade Pokemon with another player (with a link cable, of course), and can even have battles with up to 4 different friends (with link cables.)

I still cannot find the Pokemon cartoons or collector items appealing, but, my child and I do enjoy the games. Young gamers can enjoy it (it is esy enough for them to get the hang of), but, I'm sure even adults would have fun with this game. Pokemon fan or not.

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Created: 05/17/10

Great game...replayable....lots of hours of play

This game can keep you busy for hours. And by hours I mean upwards of 100 hours of gameplay if you get into all the details of the game. There are many different factors that go into becoming a master of this game. No two pokemon are alike, even if they are the same level, gender, and the same pokemon. They have different abilities and stats that make them all unique. If you truly want to master this game you need to look at all of these factors in creating the ultimate team of pokemon. I still play the game and I bought it because it is a classic. I used to own it and got rid of it, but now I realize I should have never gotten rid of it. Great value for whatever price you pay for it because of the replay value. You can play the game over again with a different starting pokemon and go about your approach to the game from a complete opposite train of thought. The game gets an A+ from me on almost every level. Recomend this game for anyone who likes RPG's or just the parent looking for a good game that will keep them entertained for a long time.

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Created: 04/06/07

Another great pokemon game.

Ruby is the much rarer brother of Pokemon Sapphire. In order to catch all 386 available pokemon for the gameboy advanced you will need to get a hold of this game to catch those pokemon exclusive to this title(Zangoose, SolRock, Groudon, Seedot, Nuzleaf, Shiftry, Mawile, Latios). You can play as May or Brendan as you battle through the Hoenn region in your battle with Team Magma. Upon completing your initial quests there is still tons of side quests and battles to take part in that will easily take hundreds of hours to complete everything. I personally I loved planting and harvesting berries through out the area.
I have been playing Pokemon titles since Red and Blue first released on the orginal gameboy system back in 1998. I never get tired of them as each has such a high replay value and each trip through the game is different due to the massive selection of pokemon you can choose to keep in your party.

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Created: 01/15/15


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Great game for the advance systems.
Few minor flaws or annoyances in this game are a lot better moves to use start in the next Gen 4
Sp. Atk and Physical Atk works differently in these earlier games, what I mean is that each attack is decided either special or physical based on the actual type of the move. For instance if you have a Blaziken trying to learn Blaze kick, this move would automatically be considered special because it is a fire move, even though from gen 4 onwards it is known as a physical move. So this sucks because say your Blazikens physical attack is high but his special isn't all of his fighting type moves would be strong but all of his fire type moves would be nerfed. To find out which types are consider special or physical visit serebii or pokemondb. One other annoyance with this game is your item bag, it fills up very quickly so if you run across a great item or tm there's a good chance your bag won't even have room for it so you'll have to get to a center or shop to either sell off some stuff or store it in the pc, and go all the way back and find it again.

Some great points to this game is the storyline for the most part is pretty cool. If you like catching legendaries later on you'll be glad to know there's a s**t ton in this game, like 6 or 7. Berries were introduced in this game so you can have fun using and growing those for gym battles. And whats cool to me is you get access to the daycare pretty early on in this one unlike freakin Fire Red (rolls eyes) so you can breed to your hearts content at the git-go. All in all a great pokemon game that is plenty fun.

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Created: 04/20/12

A great way to catch em all.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Pokemon Ruby is in essence a reboot of the Pokemon series that features over 100 new monsters in a brand new location seperate from Johto and Kanto known as Hoenn. Finding a real version of Ruby on ebay without a dead battery for a good price is kinda rare these days so make sure you keep your eye out. An easy way to spot a real game is the holographic decal on the front of the cartridge. Unfortunately there is an abundance of fake GBA games on ebay so please be wary when a purchase looks too good. And remember this game can be used to send Hoenn exclusive pokemon to Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

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Created: 05/06/07

Great game. I dont like pokemon, but love this game.

First, i want to say that if you have a game boy, and you dont have this game, you are really missing out. This game is never-ending. The more you play, the better the game is and the more it is worth. You catch more pokemon all you want and evolve more. That is one thing that makes it good.

Another thing that makes this game good, is the fact that you can trade pokemon with a friend, even if they have saphire, not ruby. You can blend berrys with friends and do 2-on-2 battles. You can even battle your friends.

Another thing that makes this game good, is that you dont have to remember all those stupid passwords to save your game. You just press save, and turn the gameboy off, and you can turn it right back on and be right back where you saved. It's so great!

I also like how you can get rare pokemon at high levels. You can also get "SHINY" pokemon. The shiny pokemon are a different color than the regular pokemon like it. They are really rare. You can also collect berries.

If you dont have this game, you must get it. It will make the game boy experience so much better. See for yourself.

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Created: 09/26/08

Pokemon Ruby - digital crack if I ever saw it!

Yeah, Ruby is about 5 years old, but who cares? It's still a great RPG and the fact that it's still an important part of your enjoyment of Diamond, Pearl and the forthcoming Platinum makes it even better. For those who don't know, having it plugged into your DS while you play D/P/P unleashes new Pokemon to find in the wild that would not have been there without it, not to mention it's one of only two places you can get a legit Groudon and Latios. To sum up, Ruby is still fun to play, and it makes Diamond, Pearl and Platinum better. And to top it off, the one I bought here was already loaded with powerful Pokemon, including a shiny Steelix! Woo hoo!

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Created: 04/07/10

Pokemon Ruby

This game is most useful in the quest to fill your National Pokedex. However - remember that in normal gameplay you will NEVER be able to complete the National will need to go online or to an 'event' to get the uber-rare special event Pokemon required to complete your game. Some of these characters were Japan-only release, and nearly impossible to acquire.

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Created: 11/02/14

I leik Mudkip

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Featuring a brand new region to the Pokémon World, Hoenn offers the best sequel in the handheld Pokémon games. TEAM Magma and TEAM Aqua wage turf wars on land and sea; with one of their goals to gain control over the legendary Pokemon that rules the earth and waters. In Ruby Version, you face TEAM Magma as an ordinary trainer while on your journey to be Pokémon Champion. Save the World from Groudon's relentless wrath that threatens to plunge Hoenn into a wasteland and capture your companion Latios, the Eon Pokemon. Search far and wide for the legendary millenium Wishmaker Pokemon, Jirachi! BE THE VERY BEST!

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Created: 06/09/09

Pokemon Ruby Version (Game Boy Advance)

This is a very fun game in which provides many hours of entertainment. Battle as a miniature 'you' who you can name your name or any of your favorite names! After that, you are able to battle and catch new Pokemon! Once you establish an elite force of Pokemon, you are then able to go on and battle trainers and other Pokemon League Members which hold badges you need to continue into the Pokemon League and become the best Pokemon Trainer ever!
Throughout your voyage, you are able to play many other games and challenges that add a little extra to the game.
Altogether, I would highly recommend this game for anyone who has a Gameboy; another plus for purchasing this game is: these games never lose their value; they are always in demand! You can resell it fast if you decide you don't like the game for any reason!
Hope it helps! Good Luck!

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