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Pokémon: LeafGreen Version (Nintendo Gam...
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Created: 09/05/09


I bought a copy of Pokemon Leaf Green and although everything seemed legitimate after it arrived, when I went to start up the game a second time, it told me the save file was deleted. I tried several things, and the save file would always be deleted.

I began researching this online, and saw this is a huge red flag for bootlegged games. I began researching further, and sure enough, all the telltale signs of a fake game came up confirmed. The cartridge should be slightly translucent green, the game I received is completely transparent green, as can be seen in the product picture. The label is glossy paper instead of foil, the cartridge is slightly larger than a legit copy, the circuit board doesn't contain a nintendo stamp with serial number, and the circuit board itself looks entirely different. I wish I was more educated on the issue of bootlegged GBA games before I purchased this one, but I suppose I'll just chalk it up as a loss, and hope this helps some people before they decide to buy from this scam artist.

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Created: 12/13/09


This copy of Pokemon Leaf Green is a fake, and decides to delete a save file after several hours of play. I would recommend that everyone check all games that they are buying before paying, make sure that what you are getting is the real thing.

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Created: 01/08/10


ok so i started playing for about an hour, and all of a sudden i get a random message on the screen that says "the save file is ok". now i knew something was wrong. i never received random messages saying that in fire red version. so i saved, turned it off, and tried turning it back on. and then when i tried to choose "continue" on the start screen, i started going through oaks speech about himself and pokemon. and i did this multiple times, starting a new game, saving, and having the file deleted. i looked this up online and it states that this is not supposed to happen on any game of pokemon, and that this game is a bootleg!

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Created: 07/05/08

Pokemon LeafGreen Version (GBA) Very Bad Condition

The game was damaged and was in very bad condition. It couldn't save the data. The game had no sense without the saving. I was very disappointed.

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Created: 07/08/09

Great Game, Poor Seller

I've always loved the Pokemon series, and this is a great and faithful remake of the original. In fact, when the copy I purchased here turned out to be broken and/or counterfeit, I went to an actual store to buy it.

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Created: 12/06/05


Ok, ok, ok, we get the picture, enough with all the darn pokemon games, there are too many of them and they need to stop. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Created: 10/10/09

Pokemon LeafGreen Version (Game Boy Advance)

More than three weeeks to receive. Not original version.The item dos not save the information to play later. My son got this item from the trash.

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Created: 01/08/11

poor product

i bought 2 of these for my kids for christmas. it was 2 weeks away i gave this guy a good feeback not trying the product since i had to wait a few weeks. when the boys recieved them. they would only work for 5 minutes and would lock up. not one but both games. i even tried on mine and it done the same thing. It was my loss for leaving feedback to soon. I tried to find him and he was not a registered user anymore. imagine that.

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Created: 06/04/12

Won't buy from this user again.

No, I would not recommend this product.

FAKE GAME!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS USER! It stopped working after a few days, and I decided to take it to gamestop to have it looked at. I also checked online. It turned out that the game is fake, not original.

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Created: 12/04/10

Wasnt able 2 play it

Not able to play the game it was cracked in half by shipper. wish i could play the game but nope!!!!!!

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