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Created: 06/09/09

Pokemon Crystal Version (Game Boy Color)

This is a very fun game in which provides many hours of entertainment. Battle as a miniature 'you' who you can name your name or any of your favorite names! After that, you are able to battle and catch new Pokemon! Once you establish an elite force of Pokemon, you are then able to go on and battle trainers and other Pokemon League Members which hold badges you need to continue into the Pokemon League and become the best Pokemon Trainer ever!
Throughout your voyage, you are able to play many other games and challenges that add a little extra to the game.
Altogether, I would highly recommend this game for anyone who has a Gameboy; another plus for purchasing this game is: these games never lose their value; they are always in demand! You can resell it fast if you decide you don't like the game for any reason!
Hope it helps! Good Luck!

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Created: 05/30/13

One of the best Pokemon titles

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The last time I've played this was about 10 years ago. Although, I can clearly recall my experience with the game. As a sister sequel to Pokemon Gold & Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Crystal offers many great improvements such as animated sprites (front sprites), better cell-phone call functions with npc's, and even the choice to choose between male and female gender as the main character! I admire the fact how special Pokemon Crystal was because basically, it's a huge advancement at that time. What hasn't been mentioned yet is that players are able to travel back to Kanto after beating the eight gym leaders and Elite Four in Johto. The opportunity to travel back is a huge expansion in the game. Not only will players have more play time with the game, they'll also enjoy and love the game much more.

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Created: 09/06/10

Pokemon Crystal

In Japan, Pokemon Crystal was released as the main reason to pick up a Mobile Adapter, the interface between the Game Boy Color/Advance and a Japanese cell-phone. In Crystal, kids can dial up to Nintendo's game server and trade/battle Pokemon with other users in remote locations, as well as attend set events by dialing in at a specific time. The updated title's existence was justified because it incorporated these new elements on top of a slightly updated quest and engine.

To keep the Pokemon property going on the Game Boy Color, Nintendo has released Pokemon Crystal to US gamers, but without the element that Nintendo capitalized on in Japan. It's the last hurrah for the engine we've known and loved for almost three years in the US, and more than five years since its inception overseas. The final (hopefully) Game Boy Color edition is definitely the version to get if you aren't already one of the upteenth billion owners of Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Gold, or Pokemon Silver, with Crystal's slight updates to the design and graphics. But there's not much in this edition that makes it a "must buy" for folks who already own a copy or two of the previous editions.

I think it's time to say "enough's enough." Granted, there are very few games on the Game Boy Color as good as Nintendo's classic RPG, but it's time to pick up and move on. No, this isn't a knock on the Pokemon license, since the game is still a great one on the handheld. It's just that the mentality that the same game engine can be milked over and over and over, and we've been playing this game for almost three years now in English...and more than five years internationally. We're all ready for the Advance version, guys. And we're sure you are too.

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Created: 08/27/11

Good times, good game. Nostalgia for the win

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I remember being 11 and thinking i ruled the world with my pokemon silver and my entire collection of shiny pokemon/max stat pokemon with hundreds of hours into the save game. Then crystal came along and i said why not, lets do this, and though it is like the release of yellow (same game with a few tweeks) it kept me entertained with the side plot behind suicune and the battle tower was a blast as i didnt hqave to go through all the work of setting up my n64 and call my friends for hours to get a real challenge. I remember trying to do the clone pokemon trick the first time and was FURIOUS when I saw it was "taken out" days were spent trying to clone apokemon and finally i figured it out. I will not say that i am the first to clone a pokemon in crystal, definitely not. But i was thrilled none the less and told all my friends to wait for it to finish saying "Please don't turn off the power" wait a second then shut off.

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Created: 04/02/13

Pkmn is always worth iy.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Everyone who grew up in the '90s can think fondly back to this on-going series. As the first to feature a female protagonist option I find it invaluable to collect once more. Sadly, some of us lost our original games and, as prices can show, they're in high demand. Nostalgia is key in enjoying the older versions of the series. Not many people can take the non-HD graphics and need to play it on a GBC, GBA, or Gameboy Player (for NGC). For myself, I enjoy grabbing my GBC and spending my work breaks reliving fond memories from my childhood. Calming, enjoyable, and nothing beats a good old school Pkmn battle.

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Created: 02/28/11

Better than Gold and Silver

The second generation games (Gold silver and Crystal) have always been my favorite in the series just because of the sheer amount of content and effort it takes to complete it. Crystal only upgrades on its previous incarnations. One thing worth noting and I feel this is the case with a lot of Pokemon games is that it is a bit slow paced especially when you are just getting 1 random encounter after another. The graphics while decent for its time, pale in comparison to the GBA versions and are shameful when compared to the DS pokemon games.

I'd recommend Pokemon Crystal to any pokemon player out there who doesn't have the funds for Heartgold or Soulsilver.

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Created: 07/06/07

i loved it

i had this game when it first came out i have all of them.... i played over and over when i would beat it i would simply start over. i recently relized i had been lost for 3 years when i moved all my games i ws devestated. So i bought a used one on here i worked fine but wouldn't save so now im buying a New one from a better seller

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Created: 02/05/07

Pokemon crystal

I had this game before and I loved so I found two and bought both so my son and I could play and together and trade Pokemon... It is a fun and challenging game...

My only disappointment is that it will not work in my Gameboy doesn't have the little cut out like some of the other gameboy games...

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Created: 04/14/10

One Of The Best!

Pokemon Crystal is a great, classic Pokemon game.
Being the re-make of Gold & Silver, it has updated graphics, animated Pokemon sprites and a brand new trainer!
It has the same storyline as Gold and Silver, but an added "Suicune" storyline as well!

One of the best Pokemon games ever made and the best re-make of a Pokemon game.

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Created: 07/21/09

Pokemon Gold / Silver / Crystal

I've loved the pokemon games since they came out. They are by far the very best variety of RPG's you can get on a hand-held system. Ever since getting through long lectures in High School playing Pokemon Red under my desk, I've known these are the very best games for wasting time. The only problem that I've discovered is that, as the games get old, their memory is wearing out and it is hard to get a copy that will actually save your game.

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