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Pinocchio (DVD, 1999, Limited Issue)
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Created: 09/16/09

Pinocchio DvD

Review For: Pinocchio (DVD, 1999, Limited Issue)

Walt Disney's second full-length animated feature is a timeless, breathtakingly beautiful classic. Based on an 1800s story by Carlo Collodi, it stars Jiminy Cricket (voiced by Cliff Edwards) as a vagabond insect who spends a rainy night at the shop of toymaker Geppetto. The Blue Fairy brings a marionette to life after Geppetto wishes on a star for a son, and Jiminy Cricket is appointed the new boy's conscience. He has a devil of a time keeping up as Pinocchio is willingly lured through various forms of temptation, the most frightening of which leads him to Pleasure Island, where he drinks, smokes, and is almost turned into a jackass. This sequence, as well as Pinocchio's brave rescue of Geppetto from the belly of a whale, ranks among the most memorable in the history of animation. With such songs as "When You Wish Upon a Star," this is about as magical as cinema can get, a sublimely beautiful coming-of-age story for all to treasure.

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Created: 01/27/09

Pinocchio Limited Edition 1940

Review For: Pinocchio (DVD, 1999, Limited Issue)

Today's computer graphics produce animations that are crystal clear and three dimensional. But "Pinocchio," released in 1940, remains more beautiful to look at. It's the difference between science and art. Nothing before or since has matched Disney's second full-length animated feature for its style, refinement, detail, and texture. Add to its visual appeal a charming story, endearing characters, and memorable songs and you get one of the most beloved classics of all time. Its appearance on DVD was long overdue, but it was worth the wait; it is the best version of it we have ever had for home viewing.

Based on "The Adventures of Pinocchio," written in 1882 by Italian writer Carlo Collodi, the movie tells the story of an old toy maker, Geppetto, who wishes on the evening star that one of his marionettes might be made alive. That night the Blue Fairy appears to the puppet Pinocchio and brings him to life! But there's a catch: In order for him to become a real person, Pinocchio must prove he is brave, honest, and loyal. To help him choose the straight and narrow way, the fairy appoints Jiminy Cricket as his conscience and guide. The rest of the plot recounts Pinocchio's escapades as a live wooden doll in a very demanding world. Pinocchio's three major adventures concern his sale to an unscrupulous showman; then, his temptations on an island where bad little boys are turned into donkeys; and, finally, his rescue of Geppetto from the belly of a whale.

Chief among the film's eye-catching delights are Geppetto's village, gorgeously illustrated like a fine, detailed old painting; the inside of Geppetto's toy shop, with its elaborate clocks and fanciful inventions; and the bottom of the sea, imaginatively realized in the manner of Disney's much later film, "The Little Mermaid." Songs include everybody's favorite, the Academy Award-winning "When You Wish Upon a Star," plus "Little Wooden Head," "Give a Little Whistle," "Hi Diddle Dee Dee," and "I've Got No Strings." Supporting characters not easily forgotten are Figaro and Cleo; Honest John and Gideon; Stromboli; the evil Coachman; Lampwick; and Monstro the whale.

The THX-certified picture and sound are as good as they can be. The full-frame picture quality is excellent, regardless of age. Never mind that this film is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary; it's near perfect. Colors are brilliant. Definition is sharp. Depth is impressive, especially in street scenes. Digital artifacts are practically nonexistent. Imaging is solid. Horizontal lines are straight and true. Curved lines are smooth.

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Created: 09/03/08


Review For: Pinocchio (DVD, 1999, Limited Issue)

This movie is a classic. All about making good choices and what happens when you make bad choices. It is beautifully redone and looks great for being Walt Disney's second animated feature. The songs are so beautiful and heart warming as well. I love this movie and am so glad to have finally added to my movie collection. If you love DIsney, you must have this classic.
"Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish and someday you will be a real boy." -The BLue Fairy.

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Created: 07/23/08

The finest animated feature ever made. Period

Review For: Pinocchio (DVD, 1999, Limited Issue)

The one-two whammy of audience and critical indifference to "Pinocchio" and "Fantasia" killed Walt Disney's desire to experiment with the limits of animation in the 1940s. From then on, play it safe was his motto. This may be one of the greatest tragedies to beset popular American culture in the 20th century; despite the depths of pretension and kitch in "Fantasia," it was at least evidence of a spirited mind in pursuit of the unattained -- but "Pinocchio" must have broken old Walt's heart. There are visual effects in this movie that remained unchallenged until the digital age, and it's worth recalling that every single one of them was drawn by hand. It has one of the most beautiful and exciting musical scores in the history of the movies (I can't hear Cliff Edwards' high, pure falsetto holding that final note of "When You Wish Upon a Star" without chills), a deeply plangent sense of emotion that never tips over into bathos, and a wealth of detail that is still staggering after 65 years. But it may be too dark a movie to attain the popularity of more cheerful Disney cartoons like "Snow White" -- although even that one can frighten the tots. Now: where is the double-disc Special Platinum Edition???

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Created: 10/17/08

"Knock on Wood"

Review For: Pinocchio (DVD, 1999, Limited Issue)

Pinocchio gets his nose caught in the pencil sharpener of life. A charming
cast of characters take turns fining the point: Gepetto, the Blue Fairy, and Jiminy Cricket among others. But then the sinister Royal Coachman and Stromboli in cahoots with the comic duo Gideon and Goodfellow take a turn. Our hero and his buddy Lampwick win their ears and tail on Pleasure Island by making asses out of themselves. Pinocchio cuts those strings by taking on Monstro to save Gepetto along with Cleo and Figaro. This story ends in the best Disney bedtime story manner--"When You Wish Upon a Star."

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Created: 05/04/07


Review For: Pinocchio (DVD, 1999, Limited Issue)

I have a new appreciation for this movie since I discovered that Pinochhio is not really a little boy, but a TEENAGER! He goes through all the typical teenage crises: lying to get his own way, skipping school, seeking to live life for pleasure, and wanting to be a famous star (all 3 of my teenagers have gone through ALL these stages). He argues with his conscience (Jiminey Crickett) through all his crises. He doesn't become a "real boy" (man) until he does something selfLESS, risking his own life to save his own father. It is a BRILLIANT analogy of the journey of a teenager from childhood to adulthood! I recommend it for all families. I plan to show it to my grandchildren when they are young so I can draw analogies with them when they are going through these stages themselves. It will help them get perspective and understanding.

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Created: 08/09/06

Pinocchio is a timeless classic

Review For: Pinocchio (DVD, 1999, Limited Issue)

Who doesn't love Pinocchio from the beautiful music of "when you wish apon on star" to the wonderful characters of Pinocchio and the of course Pleasure Island..

The Story is about a Woodcarver who makes a puppet that looks like a boy and when he makes a wish on a star he wishes that his puppet would become a real boy.. And so the fairy godmother grands jepedo his wish and makes Pinocchio
a real boy..

Its a story that has been delighting families for generations after Generations.

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Created: 02/28/08

A Guy Movie

Review For: Pinocchio (DVD, 1999, Limited Issue)

The animation that drives this film is excellent, but, once one views it several times, one realizes that the film is almost devoid of female characters -- except for the sugery Blue Fairy. All in all, too, some of the most disturbing elements of Pinocchio, the book, have gone missing: the violence, mayhem, and underlying theme of mortality are all played down. Perhaps this was done to make the work more suitable for children -- but the book IS for children, and to sanitize it so completely (and downplay any female element) shows a lack of respect for the sophisticated ways children can approach literature. Sure, Pinocchio learns a moral lesson and becomes, not a wooden puppet, but a real boy, but does this really have to be such a GUY movie?

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Created: 07/17/08

A cricket can't be too careful you know!

Review For: Pinocchio (DVD, 1999, Limited Issue)

This is about the magical power of believing in your dreams and also will teach children to be moral and choose the good in life. I have to wonder if some politicians forgot to watch this movie as children. It teaches that lying is wrong and that a lie keeps growing and growing once it is told.One of my favorite quotes by Jiminy Cricket is: "A cricket can't be too careful you know." It is laugh out loud funny when he says it. The first part of the movie is hilarious, the middle is a big adventure and the ending is a wonderful surprise for children. If you have ever wished upon a star, or a falling star, this is for you!

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Created: 07/30/06

When You Wish Upona Star

Review For: Pinocchio (DVD, 1999, Limited Issue)

This movie about a puppet that wants to be a real boy is a great movie for young kids. It teaches the moral of not lying (or else your nose will grow). It also shows what trouble can happen if you run away from your parents and how you parents really care, but have to set rules. And then there's Jimminee Cricket, his conscience. Also, there are some great songs.

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