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Pink Panther (DVD, 2006)
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Pink Pan...Pink Pan...
Shawn Levy, Steve Martin | Theatrical release: 2006 | Rating: PG (MPAA)

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Created: 07/05/06

No, You Are Zee Idiom!

Review For: Pink Panther (DVD, 2006)

Like almost all Steve Martin comedies, you really need to be in the right mood to watch them. Following in the slapstick tradition of earlier Pink Panther movies (as well as the wonderful cartoon shorts of ages past), this newest installment lived up to all of my expectations, both high and low.

Let me be clear: this movie is ridiculously stupid. Now, do with that gem what you will, for I particularly enjoy ridiculously stupid movies (think Slapshot, The Forty Year Old Virgin, or Spaceballs). Some people, however, are either not in the mood for low-brow or physical humor, or they are the sober type who would prefer something where they aren't expected to laugh.

The premise of the movie is pretty simple: the chief inspector forms a plan to put the stupidest policeman he can find on the case of the century, while he forms a team of real experts to work in the shadows, so that, when the stupid cop fails, the chief can swoop in to pick up the pieces and win the national award he had been elected for multiple times but never won.

Right. Nothing too original or complicated.

However, it's not the plot that drives a movie such as this; it's the fast-paced physical comedy, the hilarious one-liners, and the feeling that the audience (like everyone in the movie) is always two steps ahead of the film's protagonist.

Best of all, Steve Martin's "outrageous" French accent always seemed to me like a tip of the hat to a certain scene in Monty Python's The Holy Grail. I was just waiting for him to call someone an "English pig-dog kaniggit!"

One caveat, though: this type of movie is best rented first (probably shouldn't say that on eBay, huh?). It's just that this is the kind of film that people either love or hate - there's no middle ground. But, in the end, if you liked Steve Martin in The Jerk, or The Three Amigos, then this is probably the movie for you. It really reminds me of some of his older (and in many ways better) comedies.

Other well-known actors/actresses in the film are: Kevin Kline, Emily Mortimer, Beyonce Knowles, and Jean Reno. Beyonce, though physically attractive, gives the same performance she did in Goldmember (serviceable, but she seemed like she was just acting like Beyonce in a bad wig). Jean Reno always plays the same character, too, so it's hard to judge his performance. The others are their usual solid selves, though. I especially enjoyed Emily Mortimer's performance, juxtaposed with her more serious role in the recent release, Match Point. And Kevin Kline always manages to make his villain roles oddly charming.

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Created: 09/13/09

Pink Panther

Review For: Pink Panther (DVD, 2006)

It's not easy to fill Peter Sellers's shoes as zany French private eye Jacques Clouseau, but in this remake of the 1960s film series, Steve Martin steps up to the challenge. Here, Clouseau investigates the murder of a professional soccer coach whose famous "pink panther" diamond ring was stolen.

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Created: 05/22/06


Review For: Pink Panther (DVD, 2006)

Steve Martin co-wrote the screenplay, and is outstanding in the role that made Peter Sellers a household name, everyone's favorite inept inspector, Jacques Clouseau. Yes, he's once again on the case of the missing Pink Panther diamond. Kevin Kline assumes the role of Chief Inspector Dreyfus, made infamous in the original film series by the great Herbert Lom. In this outing there is no Kato, instead, Jean Reno is the ever-suffering sidekick. I must admit I miss Kato a bit, but Reno does a good job mixing it up, and is hilarious in the dance scene. Beyoncé Knowles also stars as the object of Clouseau's affections.

There will never be another Peter Sellers. He was simply brilliant in creating the bumbling detective that made us laugh til we hurt. Herbert Lom was also perfectly hilarious as Dreyfus. Do not watch the film and make comparisons. Simply watch it and enjoy it. Martin brings his own unique style and talents to the character, while staying true to the Clouseau we all love. We adore this film. It is a wonderful update to the classic film series. HAMBURR...HAMBURGUUUR... we can't stop laughing!

Steven Holt
Movie Magic USA

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Created: 01/02/07

Martin is Flawless

Review For: Pink Panther (DVD, 2006)

Many people have seen the classic Pink Panther movies and cartoons, but there is one thing that they are missing. Steve Martin. His performance in The Pink Panther will leave you rolling with laughter and wanting more. The story begins at the World Soccer Semifinal, where the French coach is murdered and the infamous pink panther diamond stolen from him. In order to stall for time, Chief Inspector Dryfus (Kevin Kline) hires a bumbling idiot to putter along and get no where until he is ready to take over. And that is exactly where Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin) comes in. The movie follows Clouseau as he attempts to recover the diamond with the help of his partner, Ponton (Jean Reno), and a world famous popstar (Beyoncé). Want to know more? See the movie. It is worth the price to rent it just for Steve Martins ridiculous "French" accent...

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Created: 06/24/06

Clean fun for the entire Family

Review For: Pink Panther (DVD, 2006)

Martin's Clouseau is perfect: more homey, less weird than Peter Sellers...but definitely a successful interpretation.
The story involves the Pink Panther diamond, a pop singer (bombshell Beyonce' Knowles), a soccer manager's murder (Jason Stratham) and around once again to use and abuse Clouseau, Chief Inspector Dreyfus (a muted Kevin Kline).
Some of the racy double entendres were thankfully left intact and Clouseau's relationship with his assistant Nicole (a funny, sexy Emily Mortimer) is warm and witty....something that Sellers's Clouseau could never quite attain.
"The Pink Panther" 2006 is a barrel of laughs and yet its comedy is thankfully rooted in the things that make us human: it's a major change from the previous incarnation but a welcome one and an artistic success nonetheless.
Clean fun for the whole family

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Created: 07/03/06

Another ripoff remake betrays the original...

Review For: Pink Panther (DVD, 2006)

This movie is a perfect example of how Hollywood's movie making assembly line churns out movies for the sole purpose of hording the almighty dollar rather than entertaining the hard-working movie goer masses with creative, original and/or just plain good material!

I've always liked Steve Matin and have especially liked Kevin Kline in "Fish Called Wanda" and "Dave" but this lame, wooden script and charmless story doesn't give either of these guys a chance. Throw in an acting-challenged and ultra low-cut dressed Beyonce in the mix and you've succeeded in getting people in the theatres with a trendy, familiar cast rather than drawing them in with an intriguing, clever, alternative approach to an obvious classic. I never REALLY realized how genius Peter Sellers and Blake Edwards were until I suffered through this train wreck of a movie. Aside from a few physical humor grins and mostly futile references to the original, this isn't even worthy of rental.

I'm going to search eBay for the Peter Sellers set of original Pink Panther movies. My new, enriched appreciation of the original was absolutely fueled by my loathing of this latest ripoff.

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Created: 09/22/06

Silly, Stupid & Funny !

Review For: Pink Panther (DVD, 2006)

Even though Steve Martin is not the same as Peter Sellers was, he is still very funny ! Once again the inspector bubbles his way through a case which includes murder and the recovery of the elusive Pink Pather diamond ! Fans of the series will definately be pleased ! Martin pulls off quite a few stunts in a way no one else could get away with them ! His tactics are unusual and silly as always although, you find yourself glued to see what he'll do next. I was quite surprised to see how funny this movie was with great actors at the helm ! The murder mystery is interesting as well cause, you really don't know " who done it ", til the very end ! I truely recommend this comedy just for the laughs ~ cause my sides hurt everytime I've watched it ! I hope there are more with Martin cause, he is absolutely fabulous !

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Created: 08/09/06

The Pink Panther

Review For: Pink Panther (DVD, 2006)

I loved this movie do the simple fact Steve Martin was perfect for the role of Inspector Jacques Closeau. He has always been able to play the roles to make us laugh and you will not be dissapointed with this movie.
Kevin Kline plays the role of Chief Inspector Drefus whoms believes that Inspector Closeau is a complete idot.
Steve Martins side kick is played by none other then Jean Reno and he does a great job playing the role of the old Kato.
The pink panther dimond has come up missing and Beyonce Knowles in in the mix.
So don't miss out on being able to watch this movie with some hot buttered popcorn and sit back and enjoy.

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Created: 04/14/11

The Pink Panther lives on!

Review For: Pink Panther (DVD, 2006)

Ever since I saw the first Pink Panther movie with Peter Sellers, I've been a Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau fan. At first I wondered if Steve Martin could keep up the Peter Sellers tradition, but after I saw this DVD, all doubts were removed. He kept me howling with laughter.
Inspector Clouseau did not let me down. He used unconventional methods of finding the killer and the Pink Panther diamond. I absolutely loved the DVD!

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Created: 10/10/10

bumbling detective

Review For: Pink Panther (DVD, 2006)

I bought this DVD with the anticipation of seeing a Peter Sellers type movie.
What a disappoint! Two of my favorite stars, Kline and Reno almost carried the
whole thing on their backs, and Emily Mortimer gave a very good performance also, but Steve Martin obviously was controlling Shawn Levy. The out come was horrible. Sorry folks but this one stinks. I would not recomend buying it.

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