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Philips GoGear
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    Created: 11/03/08

    Philips GoGear SA3245/37

    I've always been a fan of Philips gogear devices. I own 1 PMC7230 and 3 HDD6330. The PMC7230 is more of a sit and watch/listen device, the HDD6330 is a great portable device, but is still a chunk in the pocket when your walking around. ( and its not for the bump and bang type of use ) I got interested in the SA3245/37 mainly for its size and being a flash type of device. Its great to hide away when ur jogging or working out. Now on to the good stuff....

    The display is crisp and sharp

    Easy to load songs to it... more of a drag n drop, but still can use win media player to sync things. I was able to load almost 1100 songs in WMA/64 format to the device. Numbers will vary due to size !

    I did notice a lag after loading the last 400+ songs to the device, mostly when selecting artist or a large play list. Not a big lag, but it does take a moment. As long as u are in shuffle mode it delivers one song after another with no delay.

    Once u add "stuff" to the player, and disconnect from the usb, it goes thru a update cycle. Depending on how much you put onto the device will determine the time. The last 400 songs I added took about 4 minutes to complete the update.

    I don't care for the ear buds.. but I never have with any device... Its a nice touch to get a person started, but I'd recommend going out and buying something else.

    It has all the goodies such as, radio, view pics, or movies and includes a text reader ( i have not tried using that function yet )

    It is well built, as all Philips devices.. Metal on the back side, but still light weight.

    Navigation buttons are for the most part, the normal ones... left, right, up, down and play/select in the middle... there is a back up button on the uppper right corner that takes u up a level, which is nice.

    IMHO... Philips seems to have it together... Support is great when you have a problem and are quick to answer the phone and help you... no listening to elevator music for hours !

    All in all... for 4 GB and getting almost 1100 songs on the device it is great for what I want it for. As I said previously, the 7230 is more of a sit/listen device, the 6330 has big storage also, but the HD takes a toll on those who are ruff with them... The 3245 is compact, light, no HD and can stand up to the juggling around required by a good workout. Makes my jogging and running a whole bunch better knowing my other devices are there for relax time !

    Hope this review helps someone ! - Think it depends on jest what you want to use a device for.

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    Created: 11/08/11

    Very user friendly device. Installs easy and has excellent sound quality

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    Very useful item. Plays sound very well. Easy to load. User interface is intuitive and easy to read. I own 3 other mp3 players and this one combines all the features into a nice small package.

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    Created: 05/04/09

    Great little mp3 player.

    Had this mp3 about 6 weeks and love it. I have downloaded 21 cd's and still have half memory left. Battery life has been about 3-4 days with 4-6 hours use each day. Earphones are'nt the greatest or the worst. Dropped a few times and no problems. I have not tried the video function yet, but for the music I love it.

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    Feature ratings

    • Battery Life
    • Features
    • Design
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    Created: 12/05/11

    Amazing Battery Life

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    One of the best MP3 Players I have ever owned, which is A LOT. Battery life on it is amazing. Better than having to use up all my smart phone's battery and then risk being stranded without a phone!

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    Created: 10/13/10

    Great MP3

    I love this MP3 player i cant wait to go snowboarding so i wont have to waste the battery in my phone!

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    Created: 12/02/10

    I love it

    I love it, I decided to purchase it because I have always thougt Phillips had a good reputation and the price was good i liked the size and i have heard apple has a tendency to break easily etc...

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    Created: 03/24/10

    fair media player

    Simple media player, love the versatility and small design. Great to exercise and listen to most of you media file and good radio reception

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    Created: 08/04/09

    Wonderful product

    I love this Mp3 player! I bought one in Feb. and it got stolen, so I bought another one...it has a very easy to use interface, and alot of great features. plus it is way cheaper than buying an ipod.

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    Created: 06/03/09

    Philips GoGear SA3245 (4 GB) Digital Media Player

    Replacing a lost 2 gig Philips. My son loves the easy operation and loading. We tried a lesser no-name brand, and that wasn't worth the effort. The price of the refurbished unit was very good compared to a new, so it fit the budget. I'm told by those who use these that the Philips GoGear stuff is the thing to have.

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    Created: 09/11/08

    good seller and good product!

    Philips i have always trusted. better then sony or rca or any the competitors. lie my Philips GoGear!

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