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Peter Pan (DVD, 2004, Widescreen Edition...
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Created: 01/03/10

Peter Pan as it was always meant to be...

Review For: Peter Pan (DVD, 2004, Widescreen Edition)

Brilliant acting. Dramatic events. Spellbinding scenery. I originally bought this movie for my son who was 4 and lover all things Peter Pan. I scored with him, but never imagined how much my husband and I would enjoy the movie as well. Jason Isaacs, who most people know as Mr. Malfoy / Harry Potter fame, is glorious as Hook. No one will be able to resist the charm of Peter Pan in Jeremy Sumpter's performance. And Wendy (Rachel Hurd-Wood) is a character so much more developed than in other versions of the story. Absolutely WONDERFUL movie!

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Created: 06/02/08


This is a great handling of the wonderful story of Peter Pan. The actor who plays Peter has a great mixture of boyishness and puberty, which adds to the dilemna of Peter's secret desire to "have feelings." This film touches on Peter's struggle with his feelings for Wendy, and shows that his desire to remain a boy forever isn't necessarily true.

Wonderful actors, beautiful sets and costumes, and haunting music makes this version memorable. The Lost Boys are hysterical and mature beyond their years. Tinkerbell was not what I expected, but my children love this version of her. This movie definitely strikes a chord with me and reminds me of the great sadness that occurs when you grow up. You must leave so much wonder behind. This film shows us what we've been missing!

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Created: 08/05/08

A Peter Pan for the Ages

Review For: Peter Pan (DVD, 2004, Widescreen Edition)

I believe this is the best adaptation of the original story of Peter Pan in live or animated format. The poignant tension between Wendy's love of Peter and Peter's need to be completely free is exquisitely portrayed. Jason Issacs is deliciously evil as Hook and decidedly deadpan as Mr. Darling. This is a great family film that also plumbs the depths of the human psyche and what it means to grow up.

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Created: 08/05/06

Terrific Family Flick.

At first, I was cautious about this one because I've never been that big of a fan of Peter Pan..and then I saw this movie.
From the first scene of this dazzling film, I was hooked(no pun intended) The actors, effects, storyline, dialogue: all excellent.
This film probably wouldn't be great for younger kids because of the action and intense scenes, but older kids, teens, and adults will love this.

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Created: 08/04/07

Peter Pan does its play justice.

Review For: Peter Pan (DVD, 2004, Widescreen Edition)

This is personally my favorite movie of all time. Most of the movie is in bright vivid color, backed up by beautiful visuals and fun special effects. The actors are lively and suit their characters well. The movie is a little more mature than Disney's version, but I find that it makes suitable and pleasing for all ages. I would reccommend this for adults and children (the previews are decieving, children should be able to handle the "frightening" scenes). Two thumbs up!

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Created: 03/06/10

Blows the other Peter Pans away

Review For: Peter Pan (DVD, 2004, Widescreen Edition)

They finally got it right. A boy plays Peter Pan. And what an actor he is,. He may seem a tad old for the part, but just watch Jeremy Sumpter's eyes and mouth and you will see a great realization of a good but mischievous boy.Light years ahead of Mary Martin dangling from wires, with 21st century special effects.

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Created: 09/28/09

The Wonder that is Peter Pan

I bought Peter Pan on a whim, I didn't know they had redone it. Or if I heard about it I had forgotten. But, the movie was a delight. I was as good if not better than the orginal. I no the boy as Peter Pan was more to my liking than an girl playing a boy. I missed the ending where Peter came back and spoke to Wendy when she was all grown up and had kids of her own, I don't think that should have been cut, it was a very good part. Put by the whole it was a fab movie that I can watch over and over again.

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Created: 01/30/09

Peter Pan

This movie is great for the entire family. I liked it better than Hook! Peter Pan is very active and Wendy is a delight. Captain Hook is played well. Brings back the childhood memories of the story!

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Created: 04/01/11

A Must Have Movie

Review For: Peter Pan (DVD, 2004, Widescreen Edition)

I loved this movie! I cannot believe I never even heard of it before the other day! I can't imagine not seeing that when it came out because I love these kind of movies and oh my goodness that Jeremy Sumpter was incredible in this movie. Really all of the actors and actresses did a wonderful job. I don't know how many times I have seen it since I first saw it a couple of weeks ago and as soon as I watched it I went on Ebay to get a copy of this DVD and still not tired of watching it. Just a great movie with a little different spin on it!

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Created: 10/05/09

I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!

I first fell in love with this movie a few years ago. Now with kids, i love it even more, and so do the kids. It's great for boys, girls, and adults of any age, really it's great for the whole family. A very young at heart romantic story full of action, suspense, and of course love. A clean fun-loving family movie. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone.

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