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The Panic in Needle Park (DVD, 2007, Dua...
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Created: 08/08/10

It was a wonderful purchase.

I like the fact that the DVD includes wide and full screen versions, and both have a perfect image. Another thing that I rely enjoy is that the movie has subtitles in Spanish and English, and is copy protected.

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Created: 10/15/08

A Panic in Needle Park

One of the best movies ever made; on my Top Ten List. Unflinching and heartbreaking in its realism, but told in a semidocumentary way that I don't think most grandmothers would object to. Proof positive even the grittiest movies don't have to be . Too bad most filmmakers don't seem to know the difference. If you wonder why this one has such high quality, just look at the writers and director. Not to mention the star: Al Pacino can eat crackers in my bed anytime!

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Created: 03/03/08

The Old New York

If you love New York in the 70's..This is the movie for you.Gritty-real-not a Hollywood type film.You really feel what it was like being an addict in New York back then...Great film...

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Created: 02/07/08

My opinion

For a long time I've had a fascination with Al Pacino films. The first movie I had every seen with him was the Godfather. Since then I've been hooked. I'd like to collect all of Al Pacino's films and this was one that I didn't have. The movie was awesome. Al's performance was amazing. He plays a crackhead and his performance had me thinking he was a crackhead. I'm very happy I bought it and I plan on continuing using ebay to do my purchases.

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Created: 08/01/07

The Panic in Needle Park

I wanted to buy this because I love Al Pacino. I had read that this is the movie that launched his career. I can see why. The acting is excellent. I was really drawn into the characters lives. I would recommend this movie. It is excellent.

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