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Oh by the Way [Box] [Limited] by Pink Fl...
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Oh by th...

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Created: 03/27/08

I give this Pink Floyd Box Set a score of 95%!

This Pink Floyd Box Set contains every studio album released by the band from "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" in 1967 to "The Division Bell" in 1994. Each CD is imprinted with a copy of the original LP label, and enclosed in a CD sleeve which in an exact copy of the orginal album cover and original artwork.

While this limited edition 16 disc box set contains all 14 studio albums released by Pink Floyd, I wish that they would have included some of the material by the band such as "See Emily Play" that never appeared on a studio album. It also would have been nice if there was some more live material (besides Disc 1 of "Ummagumma") included.

Unlike most box sets which I have purchased, this one does not contain a booklet or any literature on the history of the band. It does however, contain a nice Pink Floyd 40th Anniversary poster.

While the price of this box set is fairly expensive (Amazon.com sells it for $245.99), I was fortunate to have purchased it in an eBay auction, where I got it for $174.00 (including shipping).

If you're like me and never got around to updating your Pink Floyd library from LP or cassette to CD, this box set is the perfect opportunity to do so!

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Created: 04/17/09

Oh By The Way

My father had Dark Side of the Moon through The Division Bell and those albums ultimately molded my perspective of what good music should be. So one day I asked my dad why he didn't have any of the earlier Pink Floyd, and his reply was "To hippie for me" and he walked away. So I took his word for it, I was at the age of 14 mind you. When I turned 15 I began to expand more on music, and I looked up the earlier Pink Floyd, and it found it to be just as good as the later Pink Floyd and I immediatly knew I had to buy this box set, I wanted these treasures for myself. The box set is beautiful, physically. It has a sleek design and interesting set up in terms of the pictures and artwork. All the studio albums are here, remastered and presented to us in a mini-vinyl style, which is a rather unique way to do it. Really everything about this box set is excellent, the artwork, the music, the style, the only con about this whole thing is the fact that the albums do NOT come with the little booklets. Not a major problem just they would be nice to have. So whether you are a long time Floyd fan, and you want to remember all those times falling into a trance while hearing about a bike or if your a fan that has heard the wall being torn down, this box set is for you.

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Created: 05/13/10

OH,by the way.Floyds box set "Oh by the way " ROCKS!

This set,is the set.Every one who has ever wanted a Floyd collection and was sure that finding some of the first tracks is "well like beating your heart against some mad bugger's wall" Don't fret their in this set !From,PiPER AT THE GATES ,sound track from the film "PINK GLOYD" and yes "Ummagumma" all the way to "THE DIVISION BELL" and everyones fav. "The Wall" have been remastered in HD sound.You can almost hear the worms.With one slip you will fall in love with this set .It's a must have for any Floyd fan .

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Created: 11/16/10

Love the mini-LP cover format; great music too.

I have always loved Pink Floyd in all of its incarnations (e.g. with Syd Barrett, led by Roger Waters, post-Waters). This box set is great. It has all of their music with the exception of some of the later live albums. The mini-LP covers with all of the materials from the originals (albeit miniature versions) is a great addition to any Pink Floyd fan's collection (even if you have most of the albums in other formats). Love it.

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Created: 02/16/11

The sounds of real music!!!!!!!

This box set is something to dream about,what not to like with the pick of many CD's. You really need to put a lot of Pink in your ears.
With head phones on you can stay in your own world and not leave for hours.
What a way to spend part of the day or night.
I also got the Beatles CD box set......................Same.​..........
When you are 56 years old, you really know real music.

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Created: 12/04/10



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Created: 05/11/10

Great box set. All the discography for a true fan.

All the cd's just in one tiny box. Great music and quality. Don't need to search no more for the discs beacause with the 16 disc box set I've got them all. Really like it.

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Created: 05/25/08

Pink Floyd - "Oh By The Way" BOX SET

I am a big fan of the Mini-LP CD format releases - preferring the Japan issues. However, this great box set is just that - GREAT! All the details of the original vinyl released are accurately captured: the U.K. "fall apart" LP covers, the gatefold covers, the textured covers, as well as the black shrink wrap on WYWH. The CDs all have the original LP labels shown. All the original inserts are included as well.

The packaging is also very well done. Outer sleeve with the top opening box inside. Includes 2 thick cards to protect the CDs and also includes a large poster as stated.

A MUST fo all Pink Floyd Fans!

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Created: 06/30/10

oh by the way-pink floyd

a staggering and diffenitive overview of one of the most monumental groups in the annals of rock history all packaged neatly in one box. the lack of a booklet of some kind providing any sort of prospective is sorely lacking however but that is just a quibble against what otherwise is an excellent addition to any ones music collection.

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Created: 04/14/10

One awesome box set.

This is easily the coolest box set I own after the Beatles set. All the studio works are here and faithfully packaged in mini album sleeves. The sound quality is incredible!! Pink floyd fan or not this is reqiured in any respectable cd library.

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