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Octomania (Nintendo Wii, 2008)
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Created: 03/21/09

Octomania (Wii)

very cute game, a little like DR Mario or tetris, but overall its a very original style of game. its a simple but fun game,there's not too much to it as far as graphics and story go, but its addictive. in all honesty this is a pretty average game, but for the price its great. i got it brand new from gamestop for $9.99 (elsewhere it retails for $19.99, which is still a good deal) and its much better than most wii games that start off with that low of a retail price (NEVER buy anubis 2 or ninjabread man)

its much easier to use the D-pad classic controller than a wiimote with this one, and its a great multiplayer game. good for all ages. one complaint i have is that if you pause the game too long it just starts over. first time i played it, i got pretty far, took a break to get something to eat, then came back to see that it had started me over at level one.

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Created: 05/24/08

Octomaniac? Possibly

For a first time player of a puzzle game on the Wii, I couldn't 'not' see what this was all about. Due to a bad translation of the tutorials, I scored this game low. After figuring out which tutorial actually gave you the rules of th game, I found that the game was quite delightful. Graphics look much as it would have been on the SNES/Famicon system, but that doesn't bother me much. I do recomment not using your Wii-mote to play, but play old-school style witht the D pad and the A and B buttons. Wii-mote style is near impossible after level 1.

I can't wait to play people online. We'll see how that goes!

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