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Nosferatu (DVD, 2001, Silent Film)
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Created: 08/08/08

Creepy, chilling, original

This movie, in my opinion, is far superior to Bela Lugosi's Dracula.
However, right off, I have to say, if you're not used to watching silent movies, which this is, it may take some getting used to before you can really get into this film. For example, the actors have to use very dramatic expressions to get their emotions across, in such a way that would be considered over-acting in today's movies. But back then, since it was silent, it was really the only way to express your character properly.
That is the main drawback. And expect alot of reading; cue cards are there to tell you dialog.

If you can get past these things, though, this film is genuinely creepy and fascinating. Based on Bram Stoker's book Dracula, the director was unable to get the rights to the book, but still wanted to do the movie. So, he changed the name from "Dracula" to "Nosferatu" and kept right on going.
However, the vampire in Nosferatu is infinately scarier then the one in Dracula. In Dracula, the vampire is meant to be Gothically romantic. There is no such romance in Nosferatu. The vampire in this movie is bald, bony, with sharp, rat-like incisors, green skin and a slight hunch. He is not meant to be handsome, or charming. He is meant to be creepy, and he pulls it off beautifully.
There's no gore in Nosferatu. Most of the chills come from slow, deliberate eerie shots, and a general atmosphere of something being wrong.
This movie is definately worth watching if you don't mind the lack of talking. But try to get the version distributed by Kino if you can; they have restored the original tinting (the film was tinted yellow for day shots, and blue for night ones), restored it using a beautifully clear print, and reconstructed the original creepy organ music, which plays in the background throughout. I'll stop rambling now. Buy it!

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Created: 01/30/10

The silent and frightening classic

You ever watch a film where it not just a film its an experience? Well this version of Nosferatu is something I will never forget. This version was made using a preserved version from France(the only known copy from the movie's period of origin). The picture quality is just excellent with no scan lines, jerky cuts, or scratches and is beautiful and lush. The music from the original version is reconstructed flawlessly and sound great. The film is based on Dracula, but the character's names and several key plot elements have been changed or altered. The actors and actresses do good jobs, but the one who stands out is Max Shreck. To begin with his name means "terror" or "fright" in german and he looks so creepy as the plague-spreading Count Orlok. One of the film's strongest points is its atmosphere. The eerie and creepy atmosphere gives the film a nightmare-like quality. Also included on the DVD is a documentary on the director and a scene comparison. Kino was also kind enough to include a version with german intertitles. This is the definitive version of Nosferatu and is a must-buy if you like these kind of films. Great Job Kino!

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Created: 07/17/09

Not The Ultimate Nosferatu...

The hardest part about finding DVDs of silent films isn't the visual quality - it's the AUDIO. A lot of silents are released, in 99¢ versions, with just a loop of some PD orchestral music that has no relationship to the images. I bought this edition of Nosferatu from Kino, in large part because their release of Lang's M was so well done, but while it has two different scores availale as options, niether one of them is the original and neither one has so much as a date on it. Forget about any other information; it's just the one by Sosin or the one by Hourbette and Zaboitzeff. Come to find out that Kino also has ANOTHER release of Nosferatu, called The Ultimate Nosferatu, that features a recreation of the original score by Erdmann. It looks like it also has some more supplemental material on it, but it's also another $25 + shipping. Seems like a lot to pay to get the same material again, only with the correct music on it. I'll be a LOT more careful before I order Kino's products in the future!

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Created: 12/11/08


Here we have a classic, the first ever Dracula movie, that almost never saw light because of copyright infringement. Many of the DVDs out today were taken from poor quality film reels that have not aged with time, resulting in horrible picture and sound and losing the original color tints to every scene. This is only of the only DVDs that grace your eyes with a copy as close as possible to how this film was meant to be seen. Not only to we receive a drastic change in picture quality, but also includes a reorchestrated soundtrack, and a bonus new 5.1 soundtrack, giving us a new delight. Packed with extras including a look at the locations of the film today, you receive a gem that out shines many other cheap copies of this film for sale today. Highly recommended. This is a film which still scares today through capturing an amazing performance of Nosferatu, the vampyre that is unlike anything else hollywood has seen. Great for any movie fanatic out there! Also recommend SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE, a comical look at the making of Nosferatu in the 1920s, with Willem Dafoe as THE VAMPYRE! Good for a scare and a laugh, these two go hand in hand!

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Created: 03/26/08

The Original Vampire Film

This is the classic vampire film (1922) that set the standard for modern vampire films. Unable to get the rights from Bram Stoker estate, F.W. Murnau tells the story of Count Orlock. Obiviously not very frightening by today's standards it's worth watching if you're a cinefile or a student film maker. What I like was that the vampire was not portrayed as a suave and sophisticated host as portrayed by Bela Lugosi in the Universal film of the 30's, but as a creepy monster and the makeup for that early film is great.
A great companion to this film is "Shadow of the Vampire." Starring Willem DeFoe and John Malkovich. It portrays the filming of Nosferatu and the mysterious Max Schreck as an actual vampire. Check it out.

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Created: 03/02/08

Nosferatu - The Original Vampire - Silent Movie

If you're a fan of "Dracula" or vampire movies in general, this is a movie you have to see.

This was the first vampire movie shot in 1922 and starring Max Schreck who some say, got into his role a little too deeply. By the way, in German, Schreck means, "to frighten" and this movie was made in Germany.

Herr Schreck is one of the scariest vampires ever. His makeup and movements are extremely eerie and dark. The scene where he rises vertically out of his coffin is still one of the scariest scenes in moviedom.

I can't give high enough praise for this movie. You really need to see it yourself.

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Created: 12/06/10

Best version of Nosferatu I've seen

Nosferatu was the original film version of Dracula, directed by German expressionist filmmaker F.W. Murnau. This version restores the film to beautiful condition and allows modern audiences to see it in the same way as the original audiences. Numerous scenes have been restored and the film is now tinted as black and white films were in the 1920s. Moreover, the original score -- which would have been played live at the theater -- has been reproduced. It's wonderful to see a version of the movie where the music actually fits the action on the screen. Likewise, having studied German for many years, I appreciate having a version of the film with the original German intertitles. Kino International did a beautiful job of presenting this outstanding, early film masterpiece. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for the original Nosferatu as it was meant to be seen.

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Created: 04/18/10


I bought this DVD because we are into horror films. I had heard about Nosferatu but had not seen the old version so when I saw this one in the sellers other listings, I checked it out. It is the silent version from 1919-20. The DVD played beautifully and the jist of the movie was described perfectly. Of course it was a silent film so we watched very closely which is a different way to enjoy movies. It was a blast. The 10 year old didn't think it was too cool at first but as we explained what was going on in the movie, he became more interested. I would buy it again and may buy the updated versions just to compare.

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Created: 02/08/07

The first and scariest vampire!

Nosferatu is without question the portrayal of the scariest image of a vampire ever caught on film. This movie definitely broke boundaries for future films, especially in the gothic/horror/vampire genre. This dvd captures the films essence very well and is complimented by a very eerie and interesting score. Something to consider getting if you like horror movies or filmmaking.

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Created: 01/05/10


Nosferatu has to be the all time gothic horror movie, and I've loved watching it for years, but this DVD turned my movie world upside down! I have NEVER seen a movie restored so well, no spots, dust, lines, nothing it's as clear as the movie will ever be. The producer of this restored version used the original piano/organ music used in the German Theaters in th 1920's. He also put back in the color cells, used to express mood in the film; some how lost over the years.
It also has the film with German titles.

Drac gives it 5 stakes.

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