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Norbit (DVD, 2007, Full Frame)
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Norbit (...

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Created: 05/13/10

i love movie norbit

Norbit (Eddie Murphy, channeling Buckwheat and Woody Allen) is a shy, nebbishy fellow, raised by Mr. Wong (Eddie Murphy again) in a combination orphanage/Chinese restaurant in Boiling Springs, Tennessee. As a child, Norbit comes to love Kate, a fellow orphan, but the soulmates are separated when Kate is adopted. Enter Rasputia, an aggressive, plus-sized 10-year-old who protects him from bullies and demands his romantic loyalty, much like her thuggish older brothers demand "protection" money from all the merchants in Boiling Springs. Rasputia and Norbit eventually marry--and the peevish adult Rasputia is played to great comic effect by Eddie Murphy in a fat suit. Although Rasputia is controlling, unfaithful, hideous-looking, and always madder than a hornet, she and Norbit make a life together, albeit one based on inertia, fear, and complacency. The bubble bursts when the now-grown Kate (Thandie Newton) returns to Boiling Springs to buy Mr. Wong's orphanage. Norbit's love is rekindled, and he must find a way to end his loveless marriage, save Kate from marrying a crooked philanderer (Cuba Gooding Jr., in a rare villainous turn), and prevent Rasputia's brothers from carrying through with a big con job that would destroy the orphanage and Kate's life. Eddie Murphy, not surprisingly, carries the show, with broad, juvenile humor, fat jokes, and pratfalls, and while he never aims very high, he manages to inject some poignancy into Norbit's and Wong's characters, even as he plays Rasputia strictly for laughs. It's not Shakespeare--it's not even BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE--but the laughs are as big as Rasputia's muumuu.

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Created: 07/11/07

Classic Eddie Murphy - love him or hate him

Review For: Norbit (DVD, 2007, Full Frame)

My husband came home with this movie after his partner at work recommended it. Frankly, I was rather put out that he'd spent good money on a movie I'd never heard of - let alone a movie he could only describe as, "another one of those 'starring Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy, and Eddie Murphy' flicks." To say I was skeptical would be an understatement.

The first surprise was seeing that Eddie and Charlie Murphy wrote the script together. OK, that's promising ... and then the show got underway. I have to say, this is CLASSIC Eddie Murphy at his best. If you don't like his brand of humor, you won't like this movie; but if you love what made Eddie Murphy a star and a household name, you will LOVE Norbit!

I'm surprised to see the negative reviews of this movie. One thing I have always LOVED about Eddie Murphy is his ability to take us back to a simpler time when "politically correct" comedy was unimaginable. What was funny was funny. Period. I mean, please! If "Blazing Saddles" had edited itself for "racist" content, would it have been anywhere near the comedic classic it has become? So forget about all this "it's racist", "it's insulting to fat people", it's blah, blah, blah. It's just funny. It pokes fun of situations and personality types we ALL know. One of his greatest charms is that Eddie has always been very in touch with his inner child, and this movie reflects the best of his sense of humor.

If you can watch the entire public pool scene without laughing, you should probably seek professional help ... or hire a detective to help you find your sense of humor. "Ma'am? Are you wearing bottoms?" OMG, I was rolling on the floor on that one! I HIGHLY recommend this movie, and I'm saying that as one of the "converted" who had no interest in it whatsoever until I actually SAW IT.

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Created: 05/12/07


I saw this in the theater, twice, and can't wait for the DVD to come out. I realize you have to like this type of humor to appreciate the movie, but this is the funniest movie I've ever seen. I don't think I'd laughed as hard as when I saw Big Momma's House years ago. It really has a fairly simple plot, but I think good enough to hold your attention. Eddie Murphy once again does the multiple character roles and I swear he gets funnier all the time. There was talk that the movie had offended some heavy set women- well I am a plus size gal and I wasn't offended at all. I think too many of us like to sit back and whine about being offended by every thing under the sun instead of just relaxing and enjoying humor for what it is. It's meant to make you laugh, and this movie does just that. I'll probably watch it several more times once I get the DVD.

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Created: 08/04/10

Great hilarious movie!

Funny to the bone! If you need a good laugh this is the movie for you. I mean non-stop laughter. Rasputia Lattimore is something else. It is amazing how Eddie Murphy plays multiple roles in this film. A very talented man! By the way, this is my second copy of it. I don't know what happened to the first one that i had. I think i lost in my moving shuffle. After looking for it for two weeks, I HAD to purchase another one.

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Created: 01/29/08


Review For: Norbit (DVD, 2007, Full Frame)

in my opinion this ts one of eddie's best film full of laughter and it arrived to me just as described in mint condition no scratches plays wonderfully makes a great addition to any collection especially if you like comedies as much as i do

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Created: 05/12/08

Funnier than I expected

I never bothered to see the movie when it first came out. I don't think the trailer does it justice. Once I rented it though I knew I wanted to buy it. If you're a fan of all of the other Eddie Murphy characters then you'll probably find this movie funny.

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Created: 03/06/08


My family enjoyed this movie, greatly. My olderkids that were allowed to watch it, constantly repeat the catch phrases from the lead characters, which in turn has our younger kids repeating "Norbit, quit touching my car seat". It is a hilarious movie with some sexual content, but Eddie Murphy was hilarious (as usual) in his multiple role playing.

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Created: 02/13/08


I bought this after seeing it on a movie channel where I was not too impressed, but really liked certain parts. As I have seen it again, I have to say, Eddie Murphy is a brilliant actor, whether in disguise, or as himself. Not every little thing was great, but some parts made up for that. The acting was excellent from all cast members. Some small parts were absolutely histerical. The overall story was peppered with classic and some insulting humor, but that's what makes a movie of this kind entertaining. Murphy's Rasputia is just incredible. The overall quality makes up for the small insults.

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Created: 08/26/10



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Created: 02/10/10

Funny movie

Review For: Norbit (DVD, 2007, Full Frame)

I decided to purchase this movie because i got it at a good price and also it is a funny movie. This is by far one of Eddie Murphy's best movies. The names that the came up with for the characters are so funny and each person that he tranformed into was funny. I give it 5 stars.

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