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Nokia 6030
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    Created: 06/05/08

    specifications for the nokia 6030

    Nokia 6030

    Looking for an everyday phone that’s perfect for toting along? The Nokia 6030 fits the bill. At less just 3.2 ounces, the Nokia 6030 is small and easy to carry. But, the Nokia 6030 also delivers popular features like a vibrant color display and built-in speakerphone. Plus, you can send and receive both text and picture messages and personalize your phone with ringtones, wallpapers and games. So if you need compact quality, check out the Nokia 6030.

    Very thin and light candy bar phone
    Rich color display shows over 65,000 colors
    Built-in speakerphone
    Send and receive text and picture messages
    Personalize with ringtones, wallpapers and games
    Surf the mobile web
    What's In The Box With The Phone
    Additional Items Included - Battery, Wall Charger, User Guide
    Advanced Features
    FM Radio - Yes
    Messaging Features
    Mobile Web Browsing - Yes, WAP and XHTML Support
    Multimedia Messaging - Yes, Send and Receive Picture Messages
    Text Messaging (SMS) - Yes, Send and Receive Text Messages
    Personalization and Fun Features
    Polyphonic Ringtones - Yes, 16 Chords
    Custom Ringtones - Yes
    MP3 Ringtones - Yes, Group Ringers
    Multiple Languages - Yes
    Languages Supported - English, Spanish
    Games - Yes, Downloadable Java Titles
    Customizable Faceplates - Yes
    Customizable Graphics - Yes, Downloadable Wallpapers
    Core Features
    Color Main Display - 128 x 128 Pixels, Over 65,000 Colors Displayed
    Speakerphone - Yes
    Color - Black
    Style - Flip Phone
    Standard 2.5mm Headset Jack - Yes
    Alarm - Yes, Works When Phone Is Off
    Calculator - Yes
    Calendar - Yes
    Vibrate - Yes
    Phonebook Capacity - Up To 300 Contacts
    Multiple Numbers Per Name - Up To 5 Entries Per Contact, Plus Email Addresses
    Battery Life
    Battery Type - Li Ion
    Talk Time - Up to 180 Minutes
    Standby Time - Up to 300 Hours
    Technical Specifications
    Application Platform - Java
    Network Compatibility - GSM 850, 1900
    Data Download Speed - GPRS Class 10 (Up to 70 Kbps)
    Ringtone Types Supported - MIDI
    Predictive Text Entry - Yes, T9
    Dimensions - 4.1 in x 1.7 in x 0.7 in
    Weight - 3.25 oz
    Compatibility Features
    Device Supports Voice Plans - Yes
    Available For Purchase Without Service Plan - Yes
    Device Supports AT&T Messaging - Yes

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    Created: 07/04/06

    Nokia 6030. Pretty, small, good

    Love: Very small, elegant, handy. Very good signal reception (Nokia typical).No camera (I would rather keep my Canon handy). Can be set to very loud, so in very noisy envoronment no problem to communicate. One touch loudspeaker mode make easy to share conversation with others if needed. Long battery life. I wanted phone only for making calls and I found a perfect one. If somebody prefers other than black color, there are plenty of skins on Internet (just ask Google) for reasonable price. Easy to program SIM chip makes phone compatible with many services. I paid $25.00 for the new programmed SIM card in my Cingular store.
    Dislike: It's beyond me how they could in User Manual forget to include information about VOLUME CONTROL, the most important control in the whole phone. But this is not a phone fault. The phone can be actually too loud if is set loud.
    The following information I found on Internet : For VOLUME control use cursor keys LEFT for LOWER and RIGHT for HIGHER.
    Why I bought it: I purchased this phone as a replacement for the lost one in the middle of cotract and I could not made a better purchase. When my wife saw my new beauty, she immediately wanted one for her despite of fact, that her phone was just fine. Now we have two Nokia 6030 phones.

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    Created: 05/19/06

    Sleek design - practical little phone

    I had this phone for 6 weeks now, and I can tell it's a great phone. Looks and feels stylish, and it's features came so handy.
    The battery life is far better than what I expected. I dont need to recharge the phone for 5 days, with average talk time an hour a day.
    The To-do list option is very easy to use. Ringtones are not boring like motorola's or samsung's. The speakerphone is good, too.
    In short, I dont think I would need to change any time soon.

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    Created: 07/10/07

    It's a phone

    My old phone broke, so I needed a replacement. I chose this one because I don't need a bunch of extra features, love the hands-free and speaker-phone though. In comparison to my last 2 phones, battery life is fantastic. Seems a little flimsy, but no major problems yet - just some scratches. Sound quality is good, however people on the other end seem to have trouble hearing me when I use the speaker-phone.

    This phone was branded T-Mobile and I use AT&T, which seems to have caused some problems. It is probably a lack of knowledge on my part, but I get an error message whenever the phone is turned on and I can't send or receive picture messages. I also have trouble downloading ring-tones, games, etc...

    Overall, the Nokia 6300 a good, basic phone. I would buy again, but would choose one branded for the my carrier, since this seems to have led to some quirky behavior and a small loss of functionality.

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    Created: 07/09/06

    Nokia 6030..I Love this Phone!

    The Nokia 6030 may be a simple looking Bar styled phone and it may not have all the feature's that most of Nokia's higher priced phone's have.But for someone looking for a great working,easy to use,and very reliable cellphone you cannot beat this phone.The quality that i get out of this phone in signal and the speakerphone alone is worth more to me than a camera or bluetooth.I have went through over 20 phone's in the last year searching for one that gave me the consistent signal and a phone that had a great sounding speakerphone and sound quality that and true battery source and time that this phone offer's.This is a made for Cingular phone,but mine is unlocked and i use with T-Mobile and even T-Mobile phone's do not hold a dime to this phone.I'm glad i bought it.And i'm glad that i finally found a phone worthy of what it does and they say it can do.Which is hard to find these day's.So my last comment on the phone is simple.If your just looking for a reliable phone without all the feature's like a camera,bluetooth,Infra this is the phone for you.It was for me.

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    Created: 10/08/06

    perfect phone for just using about.

    This phone might not have the most flash or the latest cam or the latest complex OS but to just use for what a cell phone is meant for, to make and take calls, it works.

    This phone is very simple, there is nothing unique about this phone and is basically the modern day 5190 nokia from back in the days. The phone however does have a few things going for it, it has a color screen, it is light and looks great.

    If you are the type of person that is not very demanding from your mobile phones, then i highly reccommend this phone as this will serve its purpose well.

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    Created: 06/03/08

    nice little phone for sure

    I have been using a Blackberry 6110 for 2+ years via T-Mobile. It started to act up on me so I called about upgrading. While I was happy to hear I had a credit that afforded me most any phone, I was told that the 3G phones were being unveiled in the Fall and there would be a whole new generation of phones coming out at that time. I decided to peruse eBay for an "interim phone" that would cost be under $50. Luckily for me, there is all the research you could ask for and after a little of it, I came across the Nokia 6030. It was delivered to my door in just a few days for under $40 with shipping included.
    I was amazed at how small it was and yet how functional it remained. It also has a great speaker in it which blew my Blackberry out of the water for catching calls in loud places etc. It also contains a great deal of the functionality I need and most of the interface is logical and easy to follow. There is a radio feature that I thought would work with my hands free set but didn't which was a tad disappointing. All in all this phone is a great value and I understand a little better why worldwide Nokia enjoys the success it does as the maker of preeminent phones for Asian and European markets.

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    Created: 05/28/06

    Great phone but .....

    The Nokia 6030 is a great phone compaired to others I have used except for one thing, the volume level. I find that when I am outside and it is slightly windy or in the vehicle with the window cracked I have to use the loudspeaker option or ear bud attachment. If only the phone would go two bars louder it would be the best overall phone I have ever used. I was pleasantly surprized also at how long my phone last on a single battery charge. My brothers phone will be dead and mine will still be running strong with over half charge to go. If you do not mind using the loudspeaker or ear bud attachment alot of the time I highly recommend this phone.

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    Created: 07/03/06

    Great Phone, Powerful Signal, Everything You Would Want

    This phone has everything you can want in a cellular phone, except the camera. The volume is a little low, but it isn't like you can't hear anybody your talking to, its just fine. This phone gets a powerful signal, the screen is great for viewing outdoors you can actually see what you phone says, and it looks really cool... I got it for my 14 year old son who has broken 2 phones already... This one has been dropped, kicked, and chewed on by my dog, and there is not a scratch on it. It is like an army phone or something... LoL... Well if you want a great , easy to use phone, look no further... This phone does everything it needs to do and more. My sons friends adore his phone... I'll leave you with this: THIS IS AN AWESOME PHONE FOR THE PRICE! Also it ships in 3 days! No complaints here, it's a wonderful little phone...

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    Created: 06/02/06

    It does what you need it to!

    This phone does what you need it to, it doesn't drop calls! My last phone dropped calls constantly so this is fantastic! It's cute, people say nice phone when they see it, it has a great screen, good color and the buttons are raised so its easier to text message. No camera, but who needs a camera in your phone anyways. Easy to use and it gets the job done.

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